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Thanks for the excellent Marquette County web site!  I discovered or rediscovered it yesterday, April 12th.
For a number of years I have researched the family of Gottlieb and Caroline Schwanke who came to Marquette 
County in 1863. I am also interested in the Eichmann and Wachholz families, who are related to the Schwankes, 
and immigrated with them from Prussia. The 1870 Census of the Town of Newton was especially helpful as another 
source of information about the above mentioned families. The Schwankes, Eichmanns and the Wachholz families 
were active in the life of St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church, Town of Newton. Some of the census material on Pastors 
Strieter and Allwardt from the Town of Crystal Lake was helpful.

ERS, in Texas

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My third Great Grandparents had always been a mystery until I found your website. We knew my Great Great Grandmother's maiden name was Preston. By tracing Sylvanus using, I was able to track the Cottrell family (Sarah Jane Preston had married Sylvanus Cottrell). I found them in Buffalo, Marquette Co., then I went to your website and looked up Marquette County, I not only found my Great Great Grandmother, but her parents as well! I also found out who Sarah's brothers and sister were. I was thrilled.! Thank you for putting together such a nice, easy to use website. Linda S., Spokane
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With all my heart, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! My Mother's family has been my biggest brick wall for so many years now. You are the best genealogy ' fairy-god-mother' of all! Bless you!!!!!!! Connie
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I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the transcriptions you have placed on the Internet. This evening I was surfing the Internet in search of my ancestors and came across your transcription of a newspaper article published on February 6, 1891-- which included the name of my great-aunt Anna Ellickson. Best regards, Jim E.
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Thanks to one of the volunteers, Dan Nickolie back in March 2003, a big mystery was solved. Who did Elizabeth Dent remarry when her husband was killed in an accident....(see the family tree page for the rest of the story) Your site is much appreciated!! Sandra B. in WA
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I want to tell you how much I appreciate the Marquette Co. site. It has really been useful to me in my Ennis research and is by far the best county site I've come across. Kate C., in Ecuador
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Thank you so much for you webpage I have found some of my ancestors (Trakel) came from Mecklenburg, Prussia, in the 1850s and settled in Waukesha, and later to Kewaunee. They appear to have been Lutheran. Your webpage was very informative and gave me some possiblilies as to why they emigrated. Thanks! Lori B, in IL
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I think you are doing a fabulous job with the Marquette County website. My maternal grandparents and great-grandparents moved to Montello in the latter part of the 19th century. I have found the newspaper transcriptions particularly helpful as I now know the dates of my great great grandfather’s death, as well as marriages of other relatives...Thank you again for your very well maintained website—you even had census info I couldn’t find on (My family names are Quantius, McLaughlin, and Baumbach, by the way). Mary P, Washington DC
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You have the best county genweb site in Wisconsin! I worked extensively on a family tree (Wilkins) in 2004 and gleaned much of the data at this site. Now, you have added lots and lots more info. It's great. Thanks so much. Meanwhile, Milwaukee has nothing of use online. One must physically go to the county to do any research. That's tough for us folks who are living far away! Keep up the good work. I hope to contribute some data for you in the future. Geraldine W. in TX
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