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Contributed by Ed Schwanke

Gottlieb and Caroline Schwanke Family

Town Newton - Marquette County

The 1870 Marquette County census, items 94-97, lists my great grandparents Gottlieb and Caroline 
Probrock Schwanke (spelled Swanke in the census) and six of their nine children, including my 
grandfather, Conrad Johann.  

Gottlieb Ludwig, was born 01 December, 1814 in Pantau, Province of Pozen, Kingdom of Prussia.  He 
and his family moved to Saaben, West Prussia in 1817.  Caroline was born 26 October, 1823.  They 
were married May 26, 1840.  They immigrated to Town Newton, Marquette County in June 1863, and 
lived there the rest of their lives. Gottlieb and Caroline Schwanke's Picture 

Carl, born 03 March, 1841.  Carl remained in Danzig, Prussia.
Eduard, born 18 December 1843.  Married Anna Lange in 1868.  Moved to Oregon in 1882.
Julius, born 28 September 1845.  Married Pauline Schwachenwald.  Lived all his life on the family farm 
in Town of Newton, Marqette County.
Adolph, born 29 Jan 1847.  A Lutheran teacher in Wisconsin and Illinois.
Ludwig, born 25 Jan 1850.  Married Ida Eichmann.  Moved to Oregon in 1882.
Laura, born 24 December 1856.  Married Emil Wachholz.  Lived all her life in Marquette County.
Agatha, born 03 June 1859.  Married Gustav Eichmann.  Moved to Dubuque, Iowa.
Hulda, born 19 May 1862.  Married William Schwachenwald.  Moved to Cleveland, Ohio.
Conrad, born 20 February 1865.  Born in Marquette County.  Became a Lutheran teacher in IL.

Gottlieb died 22 September 1889.  Caroline died March 19, 1909.  They are buried in St. Paul Lutheran 
cemetery, Town of Newton, Marquette County.

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