Shelley has "rescued" an old photograph of John BORSACK taken at the Fenner & Son Studio in Westfield, Wisconsin. The photograph was taken 22 November 1903 and John appears to be in his late teens at the time, in fact, this may be a graduation photo. Someone has written the name as BROJACK on the back of the photo, though based on limited research Shelley believes the family name was BORSACK. This photo is now held by the Marquette Co Historical Society.

Funeral Card for Richard Clark, a surgeon.
Sent by Nate W. in September 2006. This was in the belongings of my relatives, he died in 1873. This Richard Clark is not related to me. He apparently was a doctor for my relatives, or a neighbor/friend.

Elizabeth Dent Elizabeth Emerson Dent, wife of Joseph H. Dent. Source: Sandra Boudrou, added January 2005.

Wedding Photo, Mr. and Mrs. Deutschbein ca. 1912
Sent by Nathan Weber, October 2006, Left to right: Alma Platz, Elizabeth Platz the bride, Archie Deutschbein groom and Walter Platz.

Archie and Elizabeth Deutschbein
Contributed by Nate Weber, Octpber 2006. Packwaukee residents. Photo is circa 1912. Elizabeth died in 1914 from appendicitis. Both buried Underhill cemetery, Packwaukee.

Enoch Dewsnap and Annis Ellison wedding picture, 1876
Sent by Nathan Weber in Oct 2006, Enoch and Annis Ellison were married 2-22-1876 at Moundville, Marquette Co., WI

James and Harriet Goodsell Ellison
Sent by Nate W. in October 2006, they are Nate's great great grandparents, James and Harriet Goodsell Ellison. They were Marquette county early settlers 1849. They came with family, father, Martin G Ellison Sr and Alice Houlker Ellison.

Martin G Ellison Jr., Civil War Photo
Sent by Nate Weber in October 2006, a tintype photo of Martin who was in Co E. 2nd WI Cavalry and resided in and buried in Moundville. Another image of Martin G is available here. Martin was in the 2nd WI Cavalry, Company E. a Moundville citizen, later owned a hardware store in Montello and was the Marquette Co Clerk in the 1870's. Note his uniform, Notice the E on his hat and crossed sabres, E indicating his company. I have donated all the original letters of his from his service in the War (about 20 letters) to the Wisconsin Veterans Memorial located on the Square in Madison

Martin G. Ellison Jr. and Wife, nee Jane Bower Mills
Sent by Nate W. in October 2006. Martin G. Ellison Jr and wife Jane Bower Mills Ellison. Date of photo unknown, but they were married in Moundville, WI 9-11-1867.

Martin Greenhalgh Ellison Sr.
Sent by Nathan Weber in October 2006, Mr. Ellison was an early Moundville settler, Sept. 1849. He is buried at Moundville Cemetery.

George and Mary (nee Jennings) Fuller
Source: Kevin Dier-Zimmel, Grandson of Ruth Van Norman and Ella Porter my great-grandmother Ella Porter Van Norman, Ella Porters mother is the late Agnes Jennings Porter. I believe if my pictures and information are accurate John & Mary Jennings are my late great-great-great- grandparents. His daughter Agnes Married Henry Porter of Shawano County Henry and Agnes had three daughters lla, Agnes and Clara. Ella is the mother of my grandmother Ruth Van Norman Henkel (Ella Married Niles Van Norman). I have a picture of a Mary Jennings Fuller and husband (most likely George husband and Mary is the daughter of John & Mary Jennings). I believe I have a picture of John and Mary Jennings at their farm house late years.

Bertha Hill - Norman Webber wedding added December 2002
This picture was labeled "Bertha Hills' wedding party - Sept. 23, 1944". Angie Nowland (Carrie Phillips Kelm's daughter; Vera Phillips Hill was Angie's aunt) believes the people in this picture are (left to right): Norman L. Webber, Sr.; probably Mrs. Norman L. Webber, Sr.; Norman Webber; Bertha Vera Hill Webber; Vera Phillips Hill and Floyd Hill. Vera was b. Nov. 20, 1890; she married Floyd Wallace Hill on Oct. 28, 1916; Floyd was b. Dec. 17, 1893 in Moundville, Marquette County; Bertha Vera Hill was b. Sept. 19, 1918 and married Norman L. Webber in Cazenovia, NY (Norman was a farmer); Vera and Floyd Hill had two other children including George John Hill, b. July 23, 1921 (he died in an auto accident in NY on March 21, 1948; George John Hill was a BAR gunner and one of the first to land at Quadacanal and awarded special honor by Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt for the Quadacanal campaign in the South Pacific) and Wesley Floyd Hill -- anyone wanting more information about the Phillips family (including Vera's siblings and some ancestors) can contain Jean B. (find her contact info on the contributor's page)

Elda Hume in 1911
Contributed by Nathan Weber. Elda Hume, 1911 photo, later married Fred Quaden. Elda was a Moundville Resident at this time.

Rose and Ora Kohler and Roland Kohler
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006. Picture postcard dated 1916, on the back is written "Dear Friend Eliza and Ellen (Russell), Read your letters which we will try and answer soon. Thanks ever so much for Xmas gift Eliza. It certainly will come in handy. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. From Rose and Ora Kohler." The 1916 picture postcard sent to Miss Eliza Russell of Roland Kohler reads "Dear Friend, I send you my picture and best wishes for a Merry Xmas. From Roland Kohler.

Adolph Lyon
Sent by Nedra, added October 2003

Samantha and James Kelly circa 1891. Samantha Ann Hilyer Robinson married a second time, to James Kelly. Sent by Nedra, added October 2003

Rufus Magee Family Circa 1926, Briggsville
Rufus Magee, son of Henry and Edna (Sawyer)(Thwing) Magee, married Lucy Sutfin, daughter of Winfield and Sarah (Querns) Sutfin, who was born in Marquette County (the oldest of 15). Son Chester was born in 1913 in Marquette County. He was not expected to live, and the doctor laid him aside. He was born early and had physical deformities. Before leaving, the doctor told Rufus to prepare for a burial - the child would not live a week. "Chet" not only survived the week, but he passed away in 1983 at the age of 70. Daughter Genevieve was born 1911 in Marquette County. She later married Clement Champney of Briggsville. "Clem" and "Gen" had no children, mostly because Gen was afraid of having a child with the same deformity as her father and brother... and she had seen how they had suffered. Clem passed away in the late 1990's, and Gen passed away in April of 2000. This photo donated by Melissa J Peltier.

Marquette County Ladies
Sent by Nate Weber. Organization ? Front Row sitting on ground: Lucy Wilber, Elsie Connelly, Eliza Platz (Nate Webers grandmother), Middle row on chairs: Helen Jones, ?,?, Julia Rockefeller. Fourth Row: Gertrude Mansfield, Jessie Jones, Carroll Bamber, Claudia Whaley, ?, Mrs Schatzke, _ Kilmer.

Mr and Mrs Mountford of Moundville
Sent by Nate Weber. Written on back: "We Wish you many happy return's of the day. Signed Mr and Mrs Mountford." The Mountford's lived in Moundville.

Mrs Peak of Endeavor, WI Way back in the 1890's I would imagine by looks of the photo and the age of the photo album I received. She is a neighbor to a relative of mine that lived in Endeavor. She is not related to me. This photo donated by Nate W.

Lloyd Powell, an early Moundville resident. Contributed by Nate Weber, October 2006.

Is this George W. Robinson? who is listed in the Montello Express 1871 as the Clerk of Circuit Court under the business directory? Another possible photo of GW Can you help to identify this man? Sent by Nedra, added October 2003

Eliza and James Merton Russell This is a photo of Nathan Weber's grandmother, Eliza and her brother James Merton Russell. By the ages of the children, I would judge the photo to be dated about 1898. They are children of George H. and Fannie L. Ellison Russell. Incidently, the children were born in the current home Merton WM Russell who is the grandson of Geo. H. Russell. Added Oct. 2006.

Eliza Russell's Graduation Picture circa 1916
Contributed by Nathan Weber, Eliza Luella Russell graduated from Montello High School about 1916.

Fannie Russell's 1906 funeral memorial card
Nathan Weber sent the funeral card of his great grandmother, Fannie Ellison Russell. She was married to George Herbert Russell. Fannie (nee Ellison) died in Moundville and is buried in Moundville cemetery.

George and Fannie Russell
Contributed by Nate Weber, October 2006. This couple are Nate Weber's great grandparents George and Fannie Ellison Russell. Married Nov 23, 1893 St. John's Portage, Wisconsin, and resided at Moundville, WI until their deaths and buried at Moundville.

James and Eliza (nee Munn) Russell
Sent by Nathan Weber, October 2006. They were early Moundville settlers, 1863. Nate Weber's great great grandparents, both buried in Moundville Cemetery.

John and James Russell Moundville Civil War soldiers
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006. John and James Russell were both in the First WI Heavy Artillery Co. I in the Civil War. They were brothers, both lived in Moundville, and are both buried at the Moundville Cemetery. John is on the left, James on the right.

Louis and Irving Russell circa 1915
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006. Louis and Irving were children of Alfred C. and Mary A. Smith Russell of Moundville.

The Christof Schrank Family taken before WWI. Christof Schrank immigrated from Posen in the 1860's. I am seeking information on the area in Posen he immigrated from. I would also like to find that bible that is contained in his hand in the photograph to try to obtain clues as to his history. Sent by Fredrick Schrank and added November 2003

Gottlieb and Caroline Schwanke sent by Edwin Schwanke, May 2006 Gottlieb Ludwig Schwanke 1814-1889 and Caroline Probrock Schwanke 1823-1909. Emigrated from Saaben, West Prussia in June 1863. Settled in the Town of Newton, Marquette County.

Isaac Smith of Endeavor.
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006, Isaac is on the left with the long white beard.

Mary and Alice Smith of Moundville. Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006.

This is a picture of my Great Grandmother Margaret (Maggie) Black Vaughn. Picture lists studio as Fenner and Son, Westfield, WI. Maggie Black, daughter of Thomas Black and Jane (Russell) (Lowe) Black, was born abt. 1870. She married Timothy Vaughn, Jr. November 26, 1890. (This appears to be a wedding picture.) She died October 22, 1891, complications of childbirth. Sent by Colleen Schroepfer and added May 2005.

Endevaor School, District No. 1 Circa 1900
Sent by Nate W. in October 2006, a photo of District school #1 Endeavor. My grandmother Eliza Russell is in here somewhere. A cousin Muril Watson of Endeavor (she) is 14th from left in white apron. The teachers are: Miss Mielke-principal, Miss Block and Miss Jessie Coon.

Another District No. 1 School Class at Endeavor
Sent by Nate W in October 2006. Early photo of another Endeavor District #1 School. No one identified in photo, but teachers-Nellie McLeine (?spelling) and Miss Edith Parrot.

Endeavor District No. 1 Class Picture
Sent by Nate W in October 2006, a picture of the Endeavor District No. 1 Class of 1911. Eliza Russell 4th from left, grandmother of Nathan Weber.

Endeavor Class Picture, May 10, 1916
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006. Students identified as follows: Irving Russell front row 3rd from right. Behind Irving in all white is Esther Russell who married Sam Skinner. All are buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, Endeavor, Wisconsin. In back row, 5th standing girl from the left in stripes, appears to be Grace Fortune. I am guessing on that one.

Cooking Class at the Christian Endeavor Academy ca 1915
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006: CEA (Christian Endeavor Acedemy) Endeavor, WI. Irma Montier, Eliza Russell (Nate Webers grandmother), Florabell Woodcock, Mary Solterman, Miss Roberts-Teacher, and Beulah Montier. Picture date must be about 1915 as Eliza is still a Russell. She married Walter Platz in 1917.

Endeavor Marching Band in the 1940's
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006. In the 1940's Donna Platz was in this band as tuba player.

Mecan Bridge, Germania added December 2002
Mecan River Bridge, Germania [age of picture unknown; looks like it may be in the 1910's or 1920's], contributed by Jean B.

Germania School mid-to-late 1910's added December 2002
See Key to photo This one includes my grandfather Fred Phillips who lived in Germania, Wisconsin, so this is whatever school the Germania children attended in the mid-to-late 1910's, contributed by Jean B. in December 2002

Germania School circa 1914-1915 added December 2002
See Key to photo Germania School picture. Jean is not sure of the name of the school, but Fred Phillips attended, and he lived in Germania, Wisconsin; it's definitely a Marquette County school) -- Fred was born in 1904, and I'm assuming he is about 10 years old in this picture

Germania Flouring Mill added December 2002
Germania Flouring Mill -- built 1860-65; burned down July 16, 1899; it was 40 x 60 feet (as per notes on back of photo), contributed by Jean B. via the Marquette County Historical Society

Germania Creamery in Germania, added December 2002
Germania Creamery, this photo came from the Marquette County Historical Society when Jean B. visited there in the early 1990's.

Hartwell Hardware Store in Germania, added December 2002
A.E. Hartwell Hardware Store (Albert Elihu Hartwell was the son of Samuel Noah Hartwell and Angelina Ellis Phillips Hartwell), contributed by Jean B.

S.N. Hartwell's barn and livery in Germania, added December 2002
Samuel Noah Hartwell's barn and livery in Germania; labeled as having having Allie Hartwell's family is in the buggy (probably Albert Elihu Hartwell, son of Samuel and Angelina Hartwell -- this too came from the Marquette County Historical Society -- S.N. Hartwell was the second husband to Jean B's ancestor, Angelina Maria Ellis Phillips

Markesan Main Street Circa 1940
The newest car in the bunch is about 1936-39. The 7th bldg from the left is a corner bldg and a tavern on groundfloor as having those awnings till just after WW2. This photo donated from the collection of Eugene R Gerbitz.

Moundville Cemetery circa 1922
Contributed October 2006 by Nate Weber.

Westfield's South Cemetery June 2002
Marquette Co Fairgrounds at Westfield, June 2002
Westfield's Immanuel Lutheran Church June 2002
Recent Westfield WI points of interest, donated by Joan Benner.

Neshkoro Band added October 2002
Dan N bought this old postcard at an antique store. On the back is written "Neshkoro Band .... Fred Dreger is third from right". Dan says "I am hoping this IS the Neshkoro band and then am curious who the folks are and about when this was taken."

Nickolai - Henke Brothers? added June 2003
Dan N sent this image. "It has been suggested these are the NICKOLAI and/or the HENKE brothers. Andrew HENKE (1865-1930) and spouse Louise POLINSKE (1870-1926) had 10 children with the males being Theodore, Julius, Albert and John Paul. Sister Ida HENKE (1895-1981) married Albert NICKOLAI (1894-1960). Albert's brothers were Herbert Henry (1903-1952) and my grandfather Albert Arthur(1899-1928) Can you identify any of these men ?

Neshkoro Zion Lutheran Bird's Eye View, added October 2002
Vicki S sent a scan of this old postcard of part of Neshkoro WI with the Zion Lutheran church in foreground.

Buffalo Lake Turntable Railroad Bridgeat Packwaukee Added October 2006, sent by Nathan Weber. This is the turn-table over the Buffalo Lake, Packwaukee. Taken by my grandfather, Walter Platz who worked for the Northwestern RR for 20+ years and retired there. He lived right next to the rr on Lakeshore drive and walked across the bridge to the Buffalo station everyday, until they closed the station.

Building the Railroad Bridge at Buffalo Lake and a few of the laborers
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006. This picture is of the Chicago northwestern building the Bridge over the Buffalo Lake. The bridge was built in 1911. The photo of the crew building the bridge of Chicago northwestern over Buffalo Lake was addressed to LP (maybe Lena Platz) from Bob.

Postcard of the Chicago Northwestern RR Bridge over Buffalo Lake, Packwaukee WI in 1915
Sent by Nate Weber October 2006. On the back of this picture postcard dated March 23, 1915 is written "Hello Eliza, Arrived home fine. Cousin Alma Platz was still here, and Walter to Endeavor this a.m. Another stormy week again. W.W.P. (Walter William Platz)

The Buffalo train station and the station agent, Archie Deutschbein
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006. Woman pictured is Clara Herman. Written (in jest?) on the back of the station agent's picture is "He is just as foolish as he looks"

Business Street in Princeton, Wisconsin. An old postcard image contributed by Jean B, December 2002

Farmer Street in Princeton, Wisconsin
Jean B sent this old postcard of Farmer Street in Princeton, a lovely street scene from days gone by, circa 1918. Contributed in December 2002.

Water Street, Princeton, Wis. a Princeton Wisconsin postcard, added December 2002 from Jean B's collection.

"Nymph", a boat on the Fox River Princeton Wisconsin postcard, added December 2002 from Jean B's collection.

American House an old hotel in Princeton Wisconsin, added December 2002 from Jean B's collection.

Oxford WI, Working on the railroad circa 1915, from an old postcard. From the collection of Joan B, added January 2003

Oxford WI, Presbyterian Church circa 1940, from an old postcard. From the collection of Sharon, added January 2003

Building the C & NW Railroad at Templeton, in 1912
Contributed by Nate Weber, October 2006.

Westfield High School in Westfield, date unknown from the collection of Jean B., and added Dec 2002.

Zion Lutheran Church at Neshkoro. Two of the photos are also in the 75th Anniversary pamphlet published in 1956. The following information is from that pamphlet. The original wood frame church was constructed in 1881 on land donated by Christoph Dahlke on what is now the "old" cemetery east of highway 73. On Sept 21, 1912 the cornerstone was laid in the present day church and the original was torn down.
From the collection of Dan N, added Dec 2002

Montello Catholic Church circa 1908, from an old postcard.
From the collection of Joan B, added Jan 2003

Montello Court House circa 1920 from an old postcard, and circa 2005.
From the collection of Eugene Gerbitz, added June 2006

Montello's Nebraska Street circa 1913, from an old postcard.
From the collection of Joan B, added January 2003

Workers at the Montello Quarry in 1910 and the front of the postcard
Another image, of a single laborer in the quarry. The man in the single foto is probably Linda (Wilde)Krenz's father and he appears to be in the group foto on the other card. Linda Krenz was a close friend of my mother, Edna D Fenske. Linda was related to the David Wilde family of Ripon in Fond Du Lac Co. Sent by Eugene Gerbitz, from his mother's collection.

Montello's Daggett Park in mid-October 2004.
Taken by Joan Benner. This was the old granite quarry in Montello, now a beautiful park. Added November 2004

Daggett Park Sign about Montello's granite.
Taken by Joan Benner, added November 2004

Montello WI the cottages at Menge's Resort, from an old postcard. Sent by L. John Ribar, added January 2003

Montello WI the cottages at Menge's Resort, from an old postcard. Sent by L. John Ribar, added January 2003

Montello WI another view of Menge's Resort, from an old postcard, and Water Lilies at the Resort in Bloom. Sent by L. John Ribar, added January 2003

Montello WI Main Street, from an old postcard. Sent by L. John Ribar, added January 2003

Montello WI City Hall, from an old postcard. Sent by L. John Ribar, added January 2003

Montello WI Buffalo Lake, from an old postcard. Sent by L. John Ribar, added January 2003

Fox River Lock at Montello Wisconsin, ca 1922, from an old postcard. The message on the back of the card discusses the following people: Momma in Linda Robinson Castle; Sister is her daughter Anna Castle Hill; Neenah is Neenah Castle Carver and Grandma is Samantha Hilyer Robinson Kelly [see Samantha's obit]. The postcard message reads "June 27,1922, Dear Sister and all, I tho't I'd get a letter this morning. Momma is not feeling very well this morning. She had cramps all night and is not up yet at 9'30. How did the incubator hatch? Grandma asked me questions about you and Joseph. She does not talk very plain nor loud. I like Aunt Ida just fine. With love Neenah. Sent by the great-great granddaugther of Samantha, Nedra Bennett, added October 2003

Downtown in Westfield WI circa 1960, from an old postcard. Added January 2003, sent by Sharon.

Moundville Methodist Episcopal Church circa 1915
Sent by Nate Weber, October 2006.

Early Moundville Dairy Herd circa 1910
Sent by Nate Weber. This is a postcard photo, on the back is written: Have not go a Birthday postal so send you this. Alice Hume. P.S. A few of our cows picture. Addressed to her father Mr Isaac Smith.

Haying on a Moundville Farm early 20th century
Sent by Nate Weber, unknown person turning the hay on a Moundville farm.

Horse-Drawn Hay Ride in the Moundville area
Sent by Nate Weber. The old man with the hat has resemblence to Mr Mountford (see photo of Mr/Mrs Mountford above), but may be Isaac Smith Jr since all these picture's I am sending you came from his daughters collection. I have a picture of Isaac with a white beard too.

Westfield WI, the west side of Main Street circa 1910, from an old postcard. From the collection of Joan B, added January 2003


Green Lake County was formed from Marquette County March 5, 1858, so a few photos will be included on this site since our ancestors may have visited these nearby places.

Mackford Prairie School District 5 about 1910
This picture post card had no message however my best guess is the 3rd student from the left and in back would be my mother Edna D Fenske who would have been 10 yrs old
in 1910 and her name was on the backside of the card. Sent by Eugene Gerbitz, added November 2005

Markesan Park at Little Green Lake circa late 1920's/early 30's
Sent by Eugene Gerbitz, added November 2005

Northwest corner of Main Street in Markesanpostmarked 1916
Sent by Eugene Gerbitz, November 2005

Main Street, Markesan WI postmarked 1918
Sent by Eugene Gerbitz, November 2005. Eugene says his father sent this postcard from Markesan in March 1918 to his brother's in Milwaukee as he was awaiting his army draft notice.

Mystery Grandstand Can you help us by identifying where this was located in the Green Lake County area?
Sent by Eugene Gerbitz, from his family's collection of photos and postcards of the Green Lake county area. Can anyone identify that grandstand? There were some musicians with
German style clothing front row slightly to the right.

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