Letter From Old Settler P. S. MOTT

From the Oxford Times, Thursday September 28, 1916, Page 1

The Oxford Times [Oxford, Marquette Co., WI], Thursday September 28, 1916, Page 1

Letter From Old Settler P. S. MOTT

P. S. MOTT, of Spirit Lake, Iowa, who drove stage(coach) from Portage to Stevens 
Point over a half century ago, was an interesting visitor in Oxford Friday, and 
purchased a number of purebred Holsteins from HOUSLET & McNUTT for his grandson's 
farm in Iowa.

Although Mr. MOTT did not meet any of his old-time acquaintances here, he had 
interesting chats with our native sons.

"Oxford was a noon stop on the way to Portage," he said. I recall the village as 
being small, and the prominent places were SMITH's Hotel, REINHART's Saloon and 
ORMSBY Bros. distillery near the creek." 

"At that time J. C. ROWLAND had the mail contract, and I recall vividly the bringing 
of mail and papers to many of the post offices of the towns on the route Oxford 
included, during the civil war, and how the people anxiously awaited the papers to 
learn if the name of their husband, father, son, brother and other dear ones appeared 
in the dead or missing column. Some moved away with hats bowed."

"As most of the men in this locality were away to war, I did most of the trading for
the people from Burr Oak to Portage."

"The winters then were quite severe. Many times I had to go ahead of the horses to 
trample down the snow. I recall one winter that every day, except the first, in March 
there was a severe blizzard."

Mr. MOTT went to Iowa 52 years ago, conducting a livery business. He travelled much by 
team in that state in early days with settlers, and gained the reputation of having 
sleeped more under a wagon box there than anyone else. Later he turned his attention to
farming, and was sheriff of his county.

He is a pleasant man to meet and to talk with. Built of the old "pinery" character, 
with plenty of energy and grit, his advancing years have not made him look and feel as 
though he had passed the ordinary period of usefulness alloted to man. He is 76 years 

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