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	Rudolph Bassett, an insane person   10 Jan
	John Manthy   14 Jan
	William Bremner   14 Jan
	August Luken   14 Jan
	Patrick Reardon   14 Jan
	John Naughton   14 Feb
	Garrett Mason   28 Mar
	Wright Newhall   18 Apr
	David Berg   18 Apr
	Thomas Daley   18 Apr
	Henry Boehmer   18 Apr
	George H Dartt   2 May
	Michael Smith   2 May
	Jabez Cornish   2 May
	F M Weeks   14 May

	Mrs. Mack vs. Mr. Mack   10 Jan
	R W Parker vs. Ernestina Luhm   24 Jan

Civil Calendar:
	J J Eckert vs. Miller H Hodge
	Sarah Jane Tarr vs. John H Worden
	Robert Page vs. Loa Kennan
	Edward McCaffrey vs. John Sweeney
	Edward McCaffrey vs. B F Whitney
	John Nugent vs. Charles McIntyre et al
	Henry Boelting vs. Barney Brogan
	Emma Baum vs. Julius Baum
	Edson McMillen vs. Horatio Thomas et al
	Loa Kennan vs. Robert Page   30 May 1874

The number of marriages recorded in this county for the year 1873 was fifty six.
31 Jan. 1874  Montello Express

Thompson - Round - At the residence of the bride's father, Jan 1st, 1874, by Rev. Almon L 
Round, Mr. Andrew Thompson, to Miss Carrie Round, all of Buffalo.

Sutfin - Quarns - At the residence of the bride's father, Dec 31st, 1873, by Rev. A. L. 
Round, Mr. Winfield Sutfin to Miss Sarah Quarns, all of Buffalo.

Mahaffy - Allen - On New Years day, by Rev. J H Ritchey, Mr. Geo. E. Mahaffy to Miss Susan 
J Allen, both of Buffalo, Marquette Co., Wis.

Nodine - Burke - At the residence of the bride's father, in this city, by Rev G W Case, Mr. 
Wm. Nodine to Miss Mary Burke.  Portage City.

Haynes - Walsh - At Portage City, Jan 1st, 1874, by the Rev. Father Koenan, Mr. T J Haynes 
of Montello, and Miss Lizzie Walsh of Kingston.   10 Jan.

On the 21st day of Mar, 1874, at the residence of Rev. A L Round and by the same, Mr. 
Charles Kempley of the town of Buffalo and Miss Maggie McLaughlin of Packwaukee.  
31 Mar Marquette Independent

Wellington - Howard - In this village, at the residence of J F Lowe, on the 24th inst, 
by C W Hall, Esq., Mr G D Wellington to Mrs. Catharine Howard, both of Montello.  31 Jan.

Hallmann - Otto - At the Lutheran Church in the town of Mecan, by Rev. Mr. Holer, Jan 28th, 
1874, Mr. Ludwig Hallmann to Miss Emilie Otto, both of Mecan.

Wahl - Bremel -  In the town of Shields, Jan 28th, 1874, by Rev Mr. Holer, Mr. Gustaph 
Wahl to Miss Caroline Bremel.   7 Feb.

Chamberlain - Remington - In Oxford, Jan 18th, 1874, by A T Conger, Esq., Mr. L E 
Chamberlain to Mrs. Sarah Remington, both of Oxford.  14 Feb

Hartson - Morgan - In Oxford, Wis., March 20, by Rev A J Pierson, Mr. Frederick Hartson, 
of New Chester, and Miss Caroline Morgan, of Oxford.   4 Apr.

Parker - Lytle - At the residence of the bride's father, April 4th, by Rev A L Round, Mr. 
James H Parker, of Albert Lea, Minn, and Miss Mary J Lytle, of the town of Buffalo.    18 Apr.

At the M.E. Parsonage, April 14th, 1874, by Eld. Wm. Thomas, Jans C Christensen and Kirstan 
Marie Jacobsen.  14 Apr Marquette Independent.

Frazer-Ward - In Oxford, May 31st, 1874, by D P White, Esq., Mr. Lorenzo Frazer, of Oxford, 
to Miss Emmogene Ward.   20 Jun

Taylor - Crawford - In the town of Oxford, on the 22nd of Aug 1874, at the residence of 
the bride's father, by the Rev. A J Pierson, Mr. Chas. S Taylor, to Miss Libbye Crawford, 
all of Oxford.   29 Aug

Estee - Robinson - At the residence of the bride's mother, in this village on Sunday, 
Sept 13th, 1874, by the Rev. H H Crandall, Mr. Wm. Henry Estee and Miss Carrie E Robinson, 
all of Montello.

Southward - Higgs - At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. John Higgs, in Berlin, on 
Sunday, Sept 13th, 1874, by the Rev. E H Page, Mr. James W Southward, of Montello, to Miss 
Annie Higgs, of Berlin.   19 September

Griffin - Shibeley - At the residence of the bride's parents in this village, on Sunday 
evening, Sept 20th, by H S Griffin, Esq., Mr H S Griffin, Jr, and Miss Margaret Shibeley, 
all of Montello.   26 Sept.

Murphy - Tiffany - In Portage City, on Thursday, Oct 1st, 1874, by Rev. Father Keenan, Mr. 
James W Murphy, of Briggsville, Marquette county, and Miss Nellie M Tiffany, of the town of 
Scott, Columbia county.   10 Oct

Merkley - Lovell - In Montello, on Sunday, Oct 4th, 1874, by C W Hall, Esq., Mr. William H 
Merkley of this village, and Miss Frances A Lovell, of Marcellon, Columbia county.  10 Oct

O'Connell - Murphy - At the Catholic Church in Montello, on Wednesday, Oct 21st, by Rev. 
Father DeWilt, Mr Wm F O'Connell, of Fox Lake and Miss Anna M Murphy, of the town of Montello. 
In the evening relatives and friends of the young couple, to the number of 85 or 90, 
assembled at the house of the bride's grandparents, and had a jolly good time.  The elderly 
people talked up old times, the light of foot joined in the dance, the boys and girls 
troubled with "affection of the heart" did a little courting on the sly, and all did justice 
to the excellent wedding repast served.  The bride is one of the fairest and best of our 
young ladies, and possesses all those qualities that go to make up a loving and faithful 
wife; and we are pleased to know that her "lord and master" is a most worthy young man.  
The hearty good wishes of numerous friends, for their happiness and prosperity, go with them 
in their new start on the journey of life.   24 Oct.

Corning - Towne - In Briggsville, on the 15th day of Oct, 1874, by the Rev. J F Bacon, Mr. 
George A Corning, of Marseilles, Ill, and Miss Josephine Towne, of Briggsville, Wis.   24 Oct.

Johnston - Farrington - At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Joseph Farrington, in 
Harrisville, Nov. 12,1874, by Rev. William Phillips, Mr. John W Johnston and Miss Frankie 
Farrington, both of Harrisville.  21 Nov

Muzzy - Haney - In Montello, Nov. 15th, 1874, by Rev. Father DeWilt, Mr. William Muzzy, of 
Westfield, and Miss Mary Haney, of Harris.   21 Nov.

Goodell - Holmes - At Dartford, on Thanksgiving evening, by the Rev. L D Olin, Mr. Sanford 
D Goodell, to Miss Lydia A Holmes, all of Princeton.  6 Dec.

Stalker - Wohlfort - At Oxford, Nov. 8th, 1874, by D P White, Esq., Mr. Horace Stalker to 
Miss Wilhelmena Wohlfort, both of Oxford, Wis.  12 Dec.

Murkley - Stone - In this village, on the 13th of Dec, 1874, by C W Hall, Esq., Mr. J A 
Murkley, of Montello, to Miss Nellie Stone, of the town of Scott, Columbia county.  John, 
here's to your good health.   19 Dec.

An aged man by the name of John Norton, in the town of Shields, who has been sick for 
several months, died last week.  His age has not been reported.  10 Jan.

Entered into rest, Thursday, Dec 18th, 1873, Mrs. Richard Jessimer, of Appleton, formerly 
Miss Kate O'Connor, of Randolph, WI.  The deceased was a daughter of Thos. O'Conner, of this 
town.  The corpse was brought home, and interred in the Catholic cemetery at this place. 24 Jan

Bremner - In the town of Buffalo, on the 29th day of Dec 1873, of Pleuro pneumonia, William 
Bremner, aged 45 years.  William Bremner died in the town of Buffalo, Dec 29th, 1873.  William 
was born on the 13th day of Nov, 1828, and 45 years of age when he died.  Mr. Bremner came to 
this county in 1847, one of the first settlers, and poor; but with extreme industry he had 
acquired a full competency, which he now leaves to his afflicted wife and four children, 
between the ages of six and ten years.  Ten weeks before he died he was taken sick, with a 
fever, which was soon followed with pereostetis of one foot.  The disease of the foot went on 
to superation, which came to the surface in about two weeks.  The discharge from the foot was 
such an enormous drain upon the system that he became poor and emaciated; still, he finally 
got in a good way and commenced recruiting.  Eight days before he died, he was attacked very 
suddenly with pleuro pneumonia, which was too much for his condition, and he finally died of 
that disease.  Mr. Bremner, was one of the choice men of that town, and no man in that 
neighborhood could have died and been missed more than he.  William was one of our best 
friends; and he was a friend to everybody worthy of a good man's friendship.  He was honest 
to the fullest extent; and his word was never doubted in the least degree.  He was prize among 
his neighbors, active and influential, even without making enemies, for he had none.  But a 
good and noble hearted man has gone not to return again.  His generous and attentive wife is 
left without a protector, and his four young children are left without his guide and council.
It will be dreary in that household, and amongst all of this relatives, and especially with 
that aged mother; and the same feelings in a less degree perhaps will pervade the whole 
neighborhood.  It is a sad experience to witness the sickness and death of a friend and good 
man, especially in the prime of life.  A man so useful, full of manly traits as was William 
Bremner.  And how often is it the case, that a man's virtues begin to shine the brightest as 
he is about to pass away. It would be otherwise was there less selfishness in the world. 10 Jan.

Sudden Death - Mrs. Mary Fox, wife of John Fox, residing in the town of Harris, died very 
suddenly on Wed morning, from apoplexy.  Mrs. Fox, was in town on Tues afternoon at a funeral,
and returned home and retired in the evening, in apparently, good health. Mr. Fox awoke about 
five o'clock in the morning, and noticing that his wife was breathing heavily, attempted to 
arouse her.  Not succeeding in this he got up and procured a light and returned to the bedside,
only in time to see her pass into the sleep that knows no waking on earth.  Mrs. Fox was the 
mother of a large family of children, who, with the husband, have the sympathies of a large 
circle of acquaintances, in their sudden bereavement.   21 Feb.

Collins - In the town of Montello, Sunday night Feb 15th, Mr. James Collins, aged 76 years.

Fox -  In the town of Harris, Wed. morning, the 18th inst., of apoplexy, Mrs. Mary, wife of 
Mr. John Fox, aged about 40 years.   21 Feb

Last Tuesday, Mar 24th, the wife of Mr. Robert Hume.  She was buried on Thursday.  Also 
on Thursday, the 26th ult, the wife of Mr. Daivd Horton.  She was buried on Friday.   Mr. 
Wright Newhall, one of the partners in the woolen factory died on Tuesday. A hearse was 
procured from Portage, and his remains were escorted out of the village by a large crowd 
of friends; the band playing the Death March.  He was taken to Praire du Sac for burial.  
He was a fine, sociable and friendly man and a firm, earnest friend of temperance.  His 
remains were followed by a large number of temperance men in procession, through the village, 
attesting their great respect and deep earnest regret. 31 Mar  Marquette Independent.

Killed by his team running away - A very sad and fatal accident occurred on last Sat. 
afternoon, in the Sheldon neighborhood, in the town of Harris, some 4 or 5 miles southeast 
of this village, which resulted in the instant death of Fred Roskie, and the serious - and 
as rumer has it while this is being written (Mon noon) fatal - injury of a little girl, an 
adopted child of Roskie.  The young man, Roskie, was on that fatal day in the wagon, 
accompanied by his father and the little girl, returning from the field, whither he was 
hauling manure.  Near the house as he was about to turn into the yard, the little girl 
wanted to get off from the wagon, and while he was helping her down the team got unmanageable,
somehow and began to kick and run.  The girl fell and got under the wheel, which ran over 
and broke her leg about the knee. After the team had ran quite a distance getting wilder and 
wilder the more obstructions they overcame - the father having been already thrown out, as 
the scene was cleared - they came to a rough marsh, where the "reach" gave way, leaving the 
forward wheels only fastened to the horses.  It appears that Mr. Roskie also in falling got 
fast to either lines, the whiffle trees, or the wagon gear, so that he was dragged along for 
quite a distance and striking his head against something his skull was broken causing instant 
death to all appearances.  Mr. Roskie was about twenty six years of age.  He was a young man 
of good sound and exemplary moral character commanding the respect of all and the love of many 
who knew him.  He had been married but a few months; and his sudden death is a severe blow 
to those nearest and dearest to him.   31 Mar Marquette Independent.

A Serious Accident, Resulting in Death
On the 4th inst, in the town of Harris; Fred Roskie, was killed by the running away of a 
young team of horses.  . . . long article . . 11 Apr

Death of Wright Newhall - a Pioneer of Wisconsin Gone
Wright Newhall, whose death is noticed elsewhere in this issue of the Express, was truly 
one of the pioneers of Wisconsin, having been a resident of this State for 37 years.  He 
was born in the State of New York, in June, 1816.  At an early age he emigrated with his 
parents, farmers by occupation, to the State of Ohio; and afterwards to Indiana and Michigan. 
 In May, 1837, they removed to the then Territory of Wisconsin, and settled in Rock county, 
taking up a tract of land in the town of Johnstown.   . . . . . . . .In Oct, 1870, Wright 
married Mrs. Elizabeth T Perkins, mother of L A  & S D Perkins, of this village. . . . very 
much interested in the Montello Woolen Mills, purchased an interest in same., . . . took up 
his permanent residence here. . . . . . . 4 Apr

Briggsville Fatal Accident, Suicide, etc.
Last Sunday in the town of New Haven, a young man named Lu Ellis, aged about 17, being 
instantly killed by the accidental discharge of his gun.  It seems he was climbing into 
the hind end of a wagon, having a gun in his hand, and in some way the hammer of the gun 
caught on the end board, discharging the piece, the contents of which were lodged in his 
breast, killing him almost instantly..

On Monday evening another horrible affair occurred in the same town, near the village of 
Big Spring.  Amos Lout, an old resident of that place, committed suicide by cutting his 
throat with a razor.  He cut himself four times, nearly severing the head from the body.  
He had been unwell for some time, and it is thought he did the terrible deed while laboring 
under a fit of temporary insanity.  He leaves a wife and four small children.   4 Apr.

Newhall - In this village, after a long and protracted illness, Wright Newhall, aged 57 
years and 10 months.   4 Apr.

Death of Emmons Taylor - The many friends of Emmons Taylor will be pained to hear of his 
death, which occurred in Portage last Monday evening, the 13th inst.  His disease was called 
fatty degeneration of the heart.  Mr. Taylor was for the past six years District Attorney 
for Columbia County, and was a prominent lawyer.  His funeral took place last Thursday, and 
was conducted by the Masonic fraternity, of which order he was a prominent and active member 
at the time of his death, holding the office of Right Eminent Grand Commander of the Knights 
Templar of the State of Wisconsin. 18 Apr.

Hanks - In Montello, April 20th, at 6 o'clock pm of scarlet fever, Ada, aged three years and 
twenty days, and on April 21st at 9 o'clock am, James Worthy, aged one year six months and 
three days, only children of David A and Helen Hanks.   18 Apr.

A Sad Bereavement - Mr. D A Hanks' children - a bright little girl of three summers and a 
boy eighteen months old - died this week from scarlet fever.  They were taken down with the 
disease on Monday night of last week, and on Monday evening of this week the girl was called 
home to be followed next morning by her little brother.  None of our citizens will soon 
forget the touching sight presented on Wed forenoon as the coffins containing the remains of 
the little ones were borne up the street to the M E church, where the funeral services were 
held, and the sympathy then felt and expressed for the grief stricken parents in their 
terrible affliction will remain warm in the bosoms for many a year.   
28 April  Marquette Independent, & 18 Apr Montello Express.

Death of Mr. H Finegan, announced elsewhere, deprives this county of one of its pioneers and 
a good citizen.  Mr. F. was born in Sligo, Ireland, in the year 1798.  Upon emigrating to 
this country he settled on land in what is now the town of Harris, this county, locating 
there twenty three years ago, and continued to carry on the business of farming until a few 
years since, when he moved into the village to live with his son.  He was noted for his 
industry and integrity, and leaves many old time friends to mourn his loss and sympathize 
with his relatives.  14 May

Man Drowned in Puckaway Lake - Was it a case of Suicide
A German named Ernst Varner was drowned in one of the bayous at the head of Puckaway Lake, 
last Monday night, while out fishing with a torch light, and under circumstances which lead 
us to believe that it was a case of suicide while laboring under temporary aberration of 
mind.  Etc.. . . . The deceased resided in the town of Mecan, and leaves a wife and 
several children to mourn his tragic end.. . . .23 May

Body Found - The body of Ernst Varner, whose drowning in Puckaway Lake was noticed at length 
in our last issue, was found last Tuesday afternoon, on the shore of the lake near Larsen's 
Point, where it had floated.  30 May

Lost in the Flood - Among those swept away in the terrible deluge at Leeds, Mass., on Sat, 
were Mrs. Jane Cogan and two of her daughters, Grace and Annie.  Mrs. Cogan was sister-in-law 
of William and John Cogan and sister to Mrs. Wm. Cogan, of this village, and resided here for 
a short time a number of years ago, after the death of her husband, who was drowned in the 
St. Peter River in MN.  There were three daughters in the family; and as two only are 
reported missing the hope is cherished by friends here that the third, and youngest, escaped 
the fate of her mother and sisters, whose sudden and terribly tragic death renders the shock 
doubly severe to their relatives and friends.  23 May

A Little Girl Burned to Death -  We learn some of the particulars of a sad accident which 
happened in the town of Harris, last Wed. afternoon, resulting in the death of a little girl 
three years old, daughter of William Zelmer. Their father was plowing, and the girl and a 
little brother were in the field with him.  There had been some brush burned in the field 
during the day, but the fire was nearly out, when the children carried some straw and 
replenished it, causing the fire to blaze up anew, and they were playing around it. 
The father was in another part of the field, when he heard the children cry, and looking 
in their direction, saw the little girl's clothes were on fire.  He hastened with all speed 
to her rescue, but when he reached her, the child's clothes were entirely burned off from 
the body, and she was unable to stand. The little sufferer was immediately taken to the house, 
and a physician sent for, but she died early Thurs. morning, about twelve hours after the 
accident, in the most excruciating agony.   23 May

Ballentine - In the town of Buffalo, May 25th, James Ballentine, aged 62 years.

Graham - In the town of Bufflo, June 2nd, Louden Graham, aged 64 years. 27 Jun.

Walsh - In the town of Montello, Monday, June 29th, of bronchial consumption, Mr. Michael 
Walsh, aged 72 years.   4 July

Another Pioneer Gone - Mr Michael Walsh, whose death was announced last week, was, with 
but two or three exceptions the first white settler in this section.  He was born in Queens 
county, Ireland, in the year 1803.  Emigrating to this country in 1849, he came nearly 
directly to this county, and erected a small cabin on a "claim" about five miles south of 
here, for the shelter of his family, who joined him shortly afterward.  At the time he 
located there were but two families living in what is now the village of Montello, and but 
few in the county.. . . . . He was the father of a large family of children.  Death came 
upon the family, and after losing three sons, a daughter and his wife, his own health gave 
way.   Etc. . . .. . 11 July

Haynes - In this village, Aug 18th, 1874, Miranda, wife of M B Haynes, aged 62 years and 
three months.   15 Aug

Kendall - In Princeton, on the 31st of Aug, 1874, Neemar Kendall, daughter of Mrs. J H 
Hubbard, aged 13 years and 2 months.  The remains were brought to this village on Wed last, 
and interred in the cemetery here, beside those of her father.   5 Sept.

Roskie - In this village, Sept 7th, 1874, of consumption, Charles F Roskie, aged 71 years, 
8 months and 10 days.  The deceased was the father of C F and F W Roskie, of this village.  
The funeral was largely attended at the M E Church last Wed, and was conducted by Rev. Mr. 
Hoyer, Lutheran minister of Princeton, who preached an excellent sermon in the German 
Potts - In the town of Harris, Sept 10th, 1874, Margaret, wife of Alex Potts, Sen., aged 
about 64 years.   12 Sept.

Kane - In the town of Shields, Wed night, Sept 23rd, of typhoid fever, Miss Mary Kane, aged 
about 27 years.   26 Sept.

Lowe - At Princeton, on Monday morning, Sept 23, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Norman Lowe, aged 
about 20 years.  Mrs. Lowe was well known and highly esteemed here under her maiden name of 
Maggie Fallon, and had numerous friends, who will sincerely sympathize with the bereaved 
husband in his terrible affliction.  The remains of Mrs. Lowe were brought to this village 
and interred in the Catholic Cemetery on Tues. afternoon.   3 Oct.

Kendall - At Princeton, Sept 29, 1874, of typhoid fever, Frederick Grant Kendall, son of Mrs. 
J H Hubbard, aged 9 years and 2 months.  Only four short weeks ago the sadly bereaved parent 
was called to stand by the deathbed of a dearly loved daughter, just blossoming into 
womanhood, and now Freddy, for whom such fond hopes had been cherished, has gone to his 
long home in the realms above.  Oh, the anguish of a grief-stricken mother!  It was terrible 
to behold.  The heartfelt sympathies of our entire community are tendered her in this hour 
of sore affliction.  Freddy Kendall was an unusually bright and interesting little boy, and 
was a general favorite among his play- fellows, and with all who knew him, young and old.  
The remains were brought to this village on Wed, and interred in the cemetery here.   3 Oct.

Leonard - In Montello, on Monday evening, Sept 28, the infant son of Martin and Margaret J 
Leonard, aged 10 days.    3 Oct.

Neef - In the town of Mecan, on Monday morning, Dec 21, 1874, of cerebro-spinal meningitis. 
Henry, sone of William and Mary E Neef, aged 2 years and 8 months.

Delano - In Ripon, on Wed. morning, Dec. 16, 1874, after a long illness, Mrs. Jane K, wife 
of Mr. J L Delano.  Mrs. Delano was a resident of this village for a number of years and 
was highly esteemed by all acquainted with her, as a most worthy lady. 19 Dec.

Attempted Murder and Suicide at Princeton -
Sat. noon this village was startled by a report that a young man in Princeton had murdered 
his wife's parents - winding up the old man's career on earth by cutting his throat across 
and disposing of the old lady by crushing in her skull with a club, and that the assassin had 
been arrested, and finally lynched by a mob.  Now it is reported that the case is entirely 
different, there being no truth in the above.  It seems that a German named Andreas S 
Walters had some difficulty with a female of doubtful character, and knocked her down with a 
stick of wood, or something else of equally pursuasive power.  Fearing he had killed her, he 
undertook to take his own life by cutting his throat, in which laudable attempt he very nearly 
succeeded, as it is said when he was found be could not breathe through his mouth or nostrils, 
there being a slit in his windpipe.  He was conscious, however, and intimated that  a man 
named John Kiefer did the deed.  Kiefer was arrested, but, we understand, established his 
innocence and was released.  The old man's throat was sewed up, and he will recover.  The 
woman is around on her taps again.  As the above is written from hearsay and conficting 
reports, we do not vouch for its correctness, but give it for what it is worth.  19 Dec

Westfield Grange No 309 officers
	Robert Cochran . . .Master
	E A Smith . . .Overseer
	Samuel Tanner . . . Lecturer
	David Sands . . .Treasurer
	Thomas Newell .  . . Chaplain
	J A Rundlett . . .Steward
	W N Bliss . . .Assist. Steward
	Griff O Jones . . . Sec.
	John Douglass . . . Gate Keeper
	Mrs. L. Cochran . . . Cereg.
	Mrs. M. Jones .  . Pomona
	Mrs. A. E Booth . . .Flora
	Mrs. B. Bliss . . .Lady Asst. Steward     3 Feb Marquette Independent

Oxford Grange No 336 officers
	C C Drake . . .Master
	Wm. C. Morgan . . .Overseer
	Mrs. D A Drake . . .Lecturer
	Wm. H Lambert . . .Steward
	Oliver W Stalker . . .Asst. Steward
	Noah W Allen . . .Chaplain
	A T Conger . . .Treasurer
	E G Reeves . . .Secretary
	Dorsey Taylor . . .GateKeeper
	Miss Helena L Allen . . .Ceres
	Miss Fannie Barber . . . Pomona
	Mrs. Jane K. Conger . . .Flora
	Miss Melissa C Reeves  . . . Lady Asst. Steward    17 Feb Marquette Independent

Moundville Grange, No 261 officers
	Master - Stephen Hill
	Overseer - Christopher Ellison
	Lecturer - Benjamin Whitehead
	Treas - George Cocker
	Chaplain - Rev Isaac Smith
	Steward - Ransom Hudson
	Asst Steward - William Shaw
	Sec - Robert W Hume
	Gatekeeper - Joseph Smith
	Ceres - Miss Mary Perkins
	Pomona - Mrs. Joseph Smith
	Flora - Mrs. Eliza Peak   21 Feb.

Montello Grange No. 383 Officers:
	Master - Wm. H Peters
	Overseer - William Farr
	Lecturer - J N Dartt
	Steward - John O'Connell
	Asst Steward - D McDougal
	Chaplain - Wm. Griffith
	Treas - Jason Daniels
	Sec.- Richard Drew
	Gatekeeper - John O'Donnell
	Ceres - Mrs. Eliza Daniels
	Pomona - Mrs. Harriet Peters
	Flora - Mrs. Margaret McDonald
	Lady Asst Steward - Miss Mary A Griffith   21 Mar

Transfers of Real Estate
The following is a list of transfers of real estate in this county for the month of Feb, 
1874, as appears from the records in the office of the Register of Deeds.  The list does 
not embrace all transfers, as undoubtedly many sales have been made and the deeds not yet 
	Chas. Knobloch to Mark Derham, lot 16, block 6, in the village of Montello, $400
	Christoph Otto to August Leek, 10 acres of land in Mecan $150
	Michael Lowe to Andrew Wiesjohn 104 acres in Newton
	Valentine Polinske to J Shareprt, 80 acres in the town of Neshkoro
	Louis F Frazer to C Lloyd, 40 acres in the town of Oxford
	John A Woodell to Adam Day, 40 acres in Newton
	Samuel Barter to F Meinke, 43 acres in Harris
	Phineas Bowley to Mary Hill, 101 acres in the town of Buffalo $600
	Dougal McDougal to Mary A McLane, 120 acres in Neshkoro
	Gawn Hamilton to John Ogle, 120 acres in Oxford $960
	Wm. Krause to Christopher Krause, 20 acres in Neshkoro
	August Leek to August Keick, 40 acres in the town of Mecan $400
	Martin Klugbell to O A and F P Crown, 94 acres in Mecan
	C K Tenney to Geo. L and H C Squire, 120 acres in Newton
	F J Jones to James A Mahaffy, 40 acres in Packwaukee.    7 Mar

Packwaukee Roll of Honor of School Dist No 3 for month ending March 6
	Edith Sweeney		Lottie Hart		Minnie Sweeney
	Ada Gifford		Mattie Kelsey		Frank Hart
	Lizzie Hart		Frank Johnson		M E Lewis, Teacher  14 Mar

Teachers Enrolled at Institute at Packwaukee last week:
	Agnes Rodger		Minnie Rodger		Carrie A Chapman
	Libbie A Miller		Helena Allen		Mary Wessing
	Margaret Jane Kelly	Eva Adella Luce		Hannah Stead
	Alma Neale		Josephine Towne		Alice Towne
	Alice Schultz		Hattie B Simons		Mary Ogle
	Olive Fisher		Isabel Lowe		Ida Ingraham
	Addie M Lewis		Louise Lackey		Jennie A Williams
	Sarah M Chapman		Emily S Barber		Fannie E Barber
	Ella M Chapman		Mary Borinson		Sarah Dilbell
	Merritt W Phillips		Ed A Fisher		S D Forbes
	James S Gay     2 May

Town Elections:
Montello:  Supervisors, Mark Derham (Chairman), Thos. McLaughlin, D McDougal; Clerk, 
John Barry; Treas, John Cogan; Assessors, M Campion, S R Rood, Timothy Vaughn; Justices 
of the Peace, John Barry, A Turner, C W Hall; Constables, S W Stimson, Jason Daniels, A H 

Buffalo:  Supervisors, Neil Dimond (Chairman); Clerk, George Reed; Treas, James Kearns.

Douglas:  Supervisors, P Mason (Chairman), J G Dunn, Justin Morgan; Clerk, James W Murphy; 
Treas, Wm. Slowey,; Assessor, M Kelly; Justices, Joseph Cheadler, Thos. Larkin; Constables, 
Wm. H Moore, B. Broughan, John Smith; Sealer of Weights and Measures, B Broughan.
Mecan: Supervisors, Wm. Reeves (Chairman), Wm. Gobel, Aug. Bethke; Clerk, Titus Jepson; 
Treas, Aug. Leek; Assessor, John Otto; Justices, Carl Lambert, Alanson Crown; Constable, 
Orren Crown.

Moundville: Supervisors, Isaac Smith, Sr.,(Chairman), Henry Bartells, Geo. Skinner; 
Clerk, M G Ellison; Treas, Stephen Hill; Assessor, R W Hume; Justices, B Whitehead, 
Geo. Denetz; Constables, Wm. Elliott, George Hill.

Oxford: Supervisors, James Dunn (Chairman), John Coon, Adam Strain; Clerk, Frank Abbott; 
Treas, Edward Hall; Assessor, A T Conger; Justices, D P White, B Johnson; Constables, 
R L Nickerson, Isaac Chamberlain.

Packwaukee: Supervisors, E McCaffrey (Chairman), Chester Frink, Jr., A Booth; Clerk, 
J K Miller; Treas, W H Neale; Assessor, John Daily; Justices, E Wessing, John Daily, 
J G Clark; Constables, John Jones, Robert Neale.

Harris:  Supervisors, Henry L Sheldon (Chairman), Julius Wentzel, Henry Thallaker; 
Clerk, C F Fuller; Treas, A Watterston; Assessor, Fred Swark; Justices, E Thallaker, 
S Mortenson; Constables, C Slagle, John Zodro, Daniel Kilbride.

Shields:  Supervisor, D'k Devany (Chairman), James Calnin, Gustave Wilke; Clerk, 
Hugh Kane; Treas, Robert Kensel; Assessor, John Witt; Justices, R W Parker, 
L E Leighton, Constables, Gustave Smith, Byron Straight.

Springfield:  Supervisors, Russell Porter (Chairman), John Lawton, J S Olin; Clerk, 
Michael Smith; Assessor, John Crawford; Treas, J B Crawford; Justices, Wm. Pond, 
A B Hilton; Constables, S Olin, John Douglas.

Westfield:  Supervisors, J B Campbell (Chairman), Ferdinand Meinke, Ludwig Kruger; 
Clerk, Griff O. Jones; Treas, Robert Alexander; Assessors, Thomas Hamilton, A G Aldrich, 
Philo Lackey; Justices, James Alexander, J F Peck, Thomas Black; Constables, Hugh Long, 
Henry Crippen, Andrew Wing.   11 Apr.

Buffalo: Supervisors, Neil Dimond, Chairman, Wm. G. Mitchell, Jacob Staley, Clerk George Reid;
Treas, James Kearns; Assessor, William Ennis; Justice of the Peace, William Owen, P C Brookins;
Constables, Samuel Ennis, John Atkinson, Edward McGee.

Neskhoro: Supervisors, Michael Powers, chairman Julius Retz, Ferdinand Galbart, Clerk, 
Richard Gernon; Treas, Ludwig Kruger; Assessor, Nicholas Gernon; Justices; Nicholas Gernon, 
Andrew Scobie; Constables, Harvey Tuttle, Henry Stevenson  18 Apr.

Board of Supervisors for this County
	Buffalo - Neil Dimond
	Crystal Lake - Christoph Tagatz
	Douglas - Patrick Mason
	Harris - Henry L Sheldon
	Montello - Mark Derham
	Mecan - William Reeves
	Moundville - Isaac Smith, Sen.
	Newton - Louis Wandrey
	Neshkoro -
	Oxford - James Dunn
	Packwaukee - Edward McCaffrey
	Shields - D'K Devany
	Springfield - Russell Porter
	Westfield - J B Campbell          11 Apr
	Village of Montello - S R Rood  14 Nov

Petit Jury
The following is a list of Petit Jurors drawn for the May Term of the Circuit Court for Marquette County:

	John Nugent		A T Conger		F P Smith
	John McDonnell		Thomas Jones		James G Dunn
	Julius Breitenfeldt	Michael Powers		John H Worden
	Patrick Clark		James A Mahaffy		Ranson Hudson
	Frederick Krintz		A D Pierce		Alexnader Potts, Jr
	August Mittlestadt		George Reid		Ales Laing, Sen.
	Oscar Chapin		Chester Frink, Jr.		William Zabel
	Ferdinand Tagatz		Cyrus Dibble		Exra Scovel
	Charles E King		Justin Morgan		David Horton
	Robert Williams		Edward Swankee		Henry Westlake
	August Schauer		William Zabel		Geo. McKay
	Titus Jepson		John Cadagan		Joseph Farrington   14 May

Petit Jurors 
to serve at the Jan 1875 term of the Marquette County Circuit Court
	Raa B Brown		E B Guptil		James Osborn
	John Swankee		Louis Wandry		Edward E Clark
	Geroge Needham		Peter Dunn		Adelbert Pitts
	Michael Nolan		A B Carvey		Julius Weckworth
	James Foley		James Graham		T B Axford
	John Daily		August Bohn		F A Hotchkiss
	John K Miller		H M Older			Thomas Nutt
	A W Burwell		Sylvester Craig		John Swannell
	Orson Wells		John Otto			James Mair
	Ernst Warner		S D Perkins		August Platt
	Chauncey Strong		Ole Mortenson		William Fierke
	James A Briggs		Frederick Smith		W S Stowe     31 Oct.

Grand Celebration in Montello on July 4th,   large article   27 Jun & 11 July

Removal of Rev. James O'Malley

At the conclusion of services at the Catholic Church in this village, last Sunday, Rev. 
James O'Malley, the pastor, surprised and grieved his parishioners by announcing to them 
that he had been removed by the administrator of the Diocese of Green Bay, from the 
pastorals of this Church and ordered to Oskhosh.  Father O'Malley has been pastor of 
the Montello Church for about three years, and during that short time has accomplished 
a world of good, endearing himself to his people by his unceasing efforts for their 
welfare, and gaining the highest regard of all classes, without respect to denomination. 

Montello can ill afford to lose the valuable services of Rev. James O'Malley; but what 
is our loss is Oshkosh's gain.  He goes to St. Peter's Church of Oshkosh, where we trust 
he may become as deservedly popular as he is here. The place mad vacant here by Father 
O'Malley's removal will be filled by Rev. Mr. DeWilt, from Little Schute.  1 Aug

Candidate for Sheriff - I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of 
Sheriff of Marquette County, and respectfully solicit the nomination for that office by 
the Reform Convention, to be held at Montello on the 10th of October.  If nominated and 
elected, I pledge myself to discharge the duties of the office to the best of my ability, 
and with a due regard for economy and reform.  Mecan, Sept 14, 1874 August Leek   26 Sept

Reform County Convention - Eight towns were represented as follows:
	Buffalo - Neil Dimond and James Graham
	Douglas - Harvey Briggs, H S Thomas and Jas W Murphy
	Harris - Wm. Stebbins and Adam Smith
	Montello - M Derham, John Barry and Wm. H Peters
	Mecan - Aug. Leek, Robt Williams and Wm. Zabel
	Oxford - C W Briggs, G W Westfall and C Houslett
	Packwaukee - Ed McCaffrey, S A Phoenix and C Frink
	Shields - K'k Devany     3 Oct

Masonic Lodge, No 141 Officers elected for 1875:
	W M  - John Lewis
	S W - L A Perkins
	J W - John Ritchie
	Sec - S R Rood
	Treas - A H German   19 Dec

Notice:  Notice is hereby given that my wife  Caroline, has left by bed and board, 
without cause. . .etc.   Mecan 3 Jun 1874   John Judas

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