Marquette County Wisconsin

Pre-1907 Marriages Index

Transcribed by Joan Benner

NOTE: The index contained within these Marquette Co. pages is being created by transcribing 
the names, date, page and certificate number from the original marriage certificates 
on LDS Family History Library microfilm numbers 1292023 and 1292024. Please remember, 
prior to Oct 1st 1907,  vital record registration was voluntary in most cases and vital 
events could be registered in any WI county. It is meant to be of help to the researcher 
as another means of locating vital record information, and careful researchers will verify 
information presented by comparing it to the originals. If you find a record that you 
would like to have, contact the Marquette County Coordinator, Joan, or the Marquette 
County Register of Deeds. If you have access to an LDS Family History Center and can help
proofread, please contact Joan, your help will be appreciated. 

The transcribing is my best effort, and old handwriting can be hard to interpret, so 
look carefully and if you think you have found an error on these pages, let Joan know 
about it, so it can be corrected. Keep in mind that the officials wrote what they thought
they heard, and often had limited education. For example, Semrau might be written as
Semro, etc. I have transcribed what the clerk wrote, to the best of my ability to decipher.

Some common errors in transcribing are: u and n are hard to tell apart; t's are 
sometimes not crossed and are mistaken for an l; i and e can be transposed because 
the dot is over the e instead of the i; o and a; s and c; e and c; h and k; g and q. 
Also a double s was written with what looked like a p or f. If the surname you are 
looking for has these letters, try spelling it with the alternate letter. Some of the 
J's may have been misread as I's, and some of the S's as L's, and some of the P's could
be misread as B's...the capitals sometimes are hard to decipher if you aren't familiar 
with the surnames. T's and F's can look alike too. 

Each entry in these index pages are arranged as follows:
LASTNAME--FirstName--Date of Marriage--Volume--Page--Certificate Number


[ A - K ] and [ L - Z ]


[ A - K ] and [ L - Z ]

Copyright 2002 - 2008 Transcribed by Joan Benner
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