Settlement of

Marquette County

Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of Green Lake, Marquette and 
Waushara Counties, Wisconsin. Acme Publishing Co., Chicago, 1890, P288 - 289

A great deal that is of interest in connection with the history of 
Marquette County will be found in the chapter on settlement of Green 
Lake County. The first settlement within the current county limits was 
made in the town of Buffalo in the spring of 1848 by H. F. Owen and 
J. I. O'Blainis. A schoolhouse was built shortly afterward, and the 
first term of school was taught by a man named Birdsall. The lands 
south of the lake were placed in the market by the Government several 
years prior to the offering of those lands situated north of that body 
of water.

The first religious services were conducted by a Catholic priest, who 
officiated at a mission on an island in Spring Lake, in the town of 
Shields. This was as early as 1848. The first Protestant clergyman was 
Isaac Smith, a Primitive Methodist, who held meetings in the different 
settlements in the fall of 1848.

S. A. Pease came to this county in 1850, and was its first practicing 
physician. The first entry of Government land was May 11, 1836, by John 
Noyes, in the present town of Packwaukee. This name is given in honor of 
a friendly Winnebago chief.

Early in the history of this county, before actual settlement had 
advanced or was well begun, foreign speculators, charmed by the 
beautiful scenery which here abounds, and encouraged by the presence 
of the Fox River and Buffalo Lake and other bodies of water, located 
and platted several town sites, which they advertised thorughout the 
East, without accomplishing much in the inducement of settlement, 
however. The first deed of land in Marquette County (then Brown County) 
was dated August 22, 1836.

The western towns are peopled mostly by Americans, while in the eastern 
and northern parts of the county the foreign element is well represented. 
James Daniels was the first settler upon the site of Montello, locating 
in 1849. About the same time the Darts, J. M. and Joseph R., came. 
Between 1850 and 1852 came John Lewis, Dr. H. S. Pratt, the Kelleys and 
others, including Phillips & Giddings, merchants, and E. K. Smith; 
hotel keeper. Among other pioneers in various parts of the county were 
the following: William Morgan, George Reed, Robert Lytle, James Foley, 
John Bremner, George, Robert and William McKay, John Madden, John 
Campion, James Graham, James Mair, David Taylor, David Eggleston, 
John Annis, Neil Diamond, Stephen and William Maynard, in Buffalo; 
William Murphy, H. S. Thomas, Patrick Clark, P. Mason, John Cleary, 
James Slowey, William McGinnis, James Briggs, H. H. Parrott, in Douglas; 
Christian Togats, in Crystal Lake; Alexander Potts, James Dyas, F. M. 
Wicks, Michael Barry, John Barry, William A. Stebbins, James Harris, 
Joseph Farrington, W. H. Peters, in Harris; the Darts, Patrick McDonald,
James Barry, L. O. Evans, Richard Giddings, Bonaparte Baker, Joseph 
Lake, Elkanah Smith, Solon Davis, William and John Cogan, John Stinson, 
Timothy Hayes, Edward Murray in Montello; Stephen and William Fallis, 
in Mecan; William Boyden, the Slades, in Newton; Robert Hume, M. G. 
Ellison, Rev. Isaac Smith. Thomas Mills, Isaac Brown, W. L. Gaylord, H. 
Brown, L. Felton, R. Wells, D. Coon, George Skinner, William Walson, 
George Denby, George Bain, in Moundville; Michael Powers, Nicholas 
Gernon, L. D. Ralph, Benjamin Hayes, William Clay, Andrew Scobey, J. A. 
Wells, in Neshkoro; E. Pettingill, E. T. Older, C. G. Barker, Jesse 
Older, William Ewen, David Phelps, S. A. Pease, John Chapman, E. King, 
Samuel Wayman, E. McCoffrey, Robert Page, William Peet, Charles Metcalf, 
Chester Frink, Town Whitson, in Packwaukee; D. K. Deveney, James Clavin, 
P. Curley, James Croarken, in Shields; David Sands, William Stiles, in 
Springfield; Robert Cochran, Samuel Crockett, Frank and Samuel Russell, 
Thomas Hamilton, Thomas Block, Charles Crantz, Philo Lackey, in Westfield;
William Alford, the Ormsby's, H. H. Taylor, William Johnson, Eli McNutt, 
in Oxford.

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