Marquette County Wisconsin

Ev. Lutheran Church Records

Donated by Dave Marotz with help from Tammy Kohnke and Joan Benner

A Note From the File Contributor

In the process of doing my own genealogical research, I (Dave Marotz) have accumulated a number or records from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Marquette County. These are only a partial listing of the records and I do hope to be able to obtain more to complete them. I have tried to copy the records as carefully as possible. However, there may be some mistakes. Some may be as a result of my errors and some may be as a result of errors in the original records. Some of the records are very difficult to read as a result of age and also because of the hand-written script. They were written by people who were more familiar with German than English. All records contained on this site remain the sole property of David Marotz and may not be used or reproduced for any purpose other than personal genealogy research without permission. 1874 Baptisms

1875 Baptisms

1876 Baptisms

1878 Baptisms

1880 Baptisms

1887 Baptisms

1888 Baptisms

1889 Baptisms

1890 Baptisms

1891 Baptisms

1892 Baptisms

1893 Baptisms

1894 Baptisms

1895 Baptisms

1896 Baptisms

1898 Baptisms

1899 Baptisms

1900 Baptisms

1901 Baptisms

1902 Baptisms

1904 Baptisms

1905 Baptisms

1868 Marriages

1869 Marriages

1870 Marriages

1897 Burials

Thank you to Tammy Kohnke and Dave Marotz for their help with these pages.
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