Marquette County Pensioners on the Roll in 1883

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List of Pensioners on the Roll 1883, Vol. IV

U.S. Government Document Serial No. 2078-2082, Senate Executive Doc. parts 1-5, U.S. Pension Bureau Washington 1883

Name of PensionerPost office
Cause for which
Monthly rateDate of original
Allen, HiramOxfordsunstroke and

Brown, Asahel L.Briggsvillech. diarr.$6.00Oct. 1880
Brown, Edward R.Briggsvillech. diarr.$6.00Jan., 1882
Buchanan, HenryWestfieldwd. R. thigh
and L. leg
$4.00Mar., 1879
Bundy, SquireMontellodis. of lungs$8.00

Butler, CynthiaOxfordwidow$8.00

Campbell, Daniel D.Oxfordwd. L. leg$4.00

Conger, Henry A.Oxfordrheumatism$2.00beg. June, 1880
Cook, NathanielPackwaukeesurv. 1812$8.00

Crawford, James B.Westfieldinjury to abdomen$8.00beg. May, 1880
Crawford, JohnWestfieldinjury to abdomen$8.00beg. Mar., 1880
Croft, HannahHarrisvillemother$8.00

Culbertson, Daniel B.Packwaukeedis. of lungs
inj. to back and
resulting paralysis
$50.00beg. Nov. 1882
Daniels, JasonMontellowd.L. arm$4.25

Dennis, Geo. E.Montellogunshot wound L. leg$4.00

Deyo, Levi C.Westfielddis. of kidneys$2.00beg. May 1880
Dibble, LeonardMontellowd. L. leg$6.00

Ellis, JohnMoundvillech. diarr.$8.00beg. July 1878
Ellison, Martin G.Montelloasthma$6.00beg. June 1881
Fay, Simon D.Oxfordsunstroke, resul. debility$6.00beg. May 1881
Fellows, OliverBriggsvilledis. of heart and bowels$6.00beg. Aug. 1882
Fish, Sarah JaneOxfordwidow$12.00beg. May, 1880
Flook, Abner H.Oxfordwd. L. hand$2.67

Frazer, Lewis F.Oxfordch. diarr.$4.00beg. July 1881
Fuller, Leafy H.Westfieldmother$8.00

Gibson, HenryWestfieldwd. both index finger$5.00

Hotchkiss, FlorentineMontelloch. diarrhea$4.00beg. Mar. 1881
Hull, Henry W.Montellodis. of throat and lungs$5.33

Johnson, WilliamOxfordvaricose veins L. leg$8.00beg. Dec.1882
Kilbride, MichaelMontellodis. of spine,
debility resulting
total blindness

Kilmer, WilsonWestfieldchr. diarr.$6.00

Lanbu, AgustusWestfielddis. of chest$6.00beg. Apr. 1881
Landt, FrederickPackwaukeesurv. 1812$8.00

Maloney, CorneliusMontellodis. of lungs$6.00beg. Mar. 1880
Marshall, HarrietWestfieldmother$8.00beg. Feb. 1881
Mason, Mathew T.Moundvilleasthma$12.00beg. Dec. 1880
Messenger, BetsyOxfordwidow 1812$8.00beg. Apr. 1879
Mills, Sally M.Merritts Landingwidow$10.00

Moss, FannyMoundvillewidow$8.00

Mussey, IraWestfieldfather$8.00

Nelson, John N.Packwaukeewd. L. shoulder$3.00

O' Donald, JohnMontelloch. rheumatism$4.00beg. June, 1881
O' Hare, ThomasBriggsvilledis. lungs$6.00beg. May, 1881
Ohm, FrederickWestfieldloss L. leg$18.00

Parker, RhodolphoGermaniawd. lower jaw$12.00

Peake, ElizaMoundvillewidow$8.00

Pettyes, Margaret R.Merritt's Landingwidow$8.00beg. June 1882
Pond, SimeonWestfielddebil. result of fever$2.00beg. Feb. 1882
Preston, Luther M.Westfieldwd. L. breast$4.00

Reeves, AnsonOxfordminor$12.00

Richard, Solon, jrWestfieldminor$10.00

Russell, AbigailMoundvillewidow$10.00

Seavey, MariaDouglas Centrewidow$8.00

Sharpe, EmilyWestfieldwidow$8.00

Slader, Eliza V.Harrisvillewidow$8.00

Smith, MargaretMontellomother$8.00

Solomon, James M.Packwaukeesciatia(sic), res. of
fever and gen debility

Spencer, MichaelOxfordwd. L. hand, causing
loss of thumb,
wd L. temple

Stalker, HannahOxfordmother$8.00beg. June, 1880
Stalker, Horace E.Oxfordbronchitis and
$2.00beg. Aug. 1881
Stowe, James W.Westfieldwd. R. hand$18.00

Stowe, Samuel E.Oxfordch. rheumatism$8.00beg. June 1880
Taylor, JosephPackwaukeech. diarr. and res.
dis. of abd. viscera
$6.00beg. Mar. 1881
Thalacker, Henry C.Montellowd. L. arm and hand$10.00

Vanhauten, ElizabethBriggsvillewidow 1812$8.00

Wade, SilvesterMoundvillech. diarr.$4.00beg. Oct. 1882
Waldo, George A.Westfielddis. of heart$4.00beg. Mar. 1881
Wessing, EdwardPackwaukeech. rheumatism$5.00

West, Mary A.Westfieldwidow$8.00

Westlake, HenryHarrisvilledis. L. lung$4.00

Wincell, PeterMontelloloss L. leg$18.00

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