Adams County World War I Veterans Flag

From the Adams County Times, Wed Sept 19, 2001

Roster of Soldiers of the World War whose names are on the Davis Corners Sewing Club Memorial Flag

NOTE: For more information on Wisconsin Veterans of the Civil War and World
Wars I and II, check the Wisconsin Veterans Museum They have a database of
all WI Civil War Veterans and will do look-ups. If you are able, please send
a small donation with your look-up request and SASE to: Wisconsin Veterans
Museum, 30 West Mifflin Street, Madison, WI 53703

During World War I, a group of young ladies of a Davis Corners community sewing club, called the Golden Treasures Club, created a service flag (wall hanging) to honor their brothers and neighbors who were in military service. Each star is embroidered with the name of a serviceman, and it is believed those stars decorated with gold braid represent a soldier who was wounded, while a gold star indicated a soldier killed in action. The names on the flag are: BAGLEY A. BECKER L. BYERS Roy CHRISTENSEN W. COON W. ENDTHOFF W. ENDTHOFF H. ENDTHOFF E. EVANS T. FOREMAN F. GERTSEN H. GILLIAND P. HASKINS E. JUNKENBERG Theo. KAROW F. LARKIN H. NEMITZ J. NEWELL C. NIGH G. OHMS E. PAULSON C. PAULSON T. PAULSON A. PETERSON S. PETERSON W. SOCHNLEIN F. STAFFORD H. STROEDE E. THORNE C. WARD C. The Bement-Helm family was the custodian of the flag for many years, and in 1969 it was presented to the American Legion Auxiliary with the request that they care for it. With the formation and growth of the Adams County Historical Society, Dale Helm requested the flag be presented to the Adams County Historical Society, where it will be preserved and displayed appropriately. Genevieve Stone Foss, past president of the Harold B. Larkin American Legion Post 187 Auxiliary, and Dale Helm presented the flag to Michael Goc, president of the Adams County Historical Society, at the August meeting.
The WWI Memorial Flag is Proudly Displayed at the Adams County Historical Society's McGowan House.

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