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I've finished looking at your complete web site and all the information that you have made available. Where do you get the time and where does all that energy come from. I'm amazed. The thought and compassion you have put into this project is something else. I've seen other county web sites thru out the country but, nothing like yours can be found. I'm amazed. I can not speak for the others who use your site but ,I for one owe you a debt of gratitude for your work. I hope GENWEB appreciates you. Bill in Georgia
I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful the Easton cemetery transcriptions are. I began my genealogical pursuits (primarily on my wife's side) at Christmas time 2004 with about 50 names. I soon discovered that my wife's great-great grandmother was Sarah Jane Pishon, and her brother was Thomas Jefferson Pishion, who is buried in this cemetery. These records, along with some LDS records and census records, have enabled me to get countless amounts of information on the descendents of Thomas and his wife Sarah Ann Brown, primarily the Pishion and van Wie families, but also some of the Gibbens, DeLap, Bullington, Richardson, Smith, Wines, and Woodard families. I now have a database of over 3000 names (although only a fraction of these are actually on this line). Mark in Beavercreek, OH
Hi, I am really enjoying this site. I have found many relatives that I have been looking for sometime. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to genealogy, I truly appreciate the time you have taken to make my research so simple. Nancy S.
I just had to e-mail you and THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for the work you did on my ggg grandfather!!!!!!!! Chebar Forbush.....THANK YOU THANK YOU.. Jan H.
I have really enjoyed this site, it has given me so much information! I have sent the Adams County site to many people and they all just can't believe how much work you have put into this site, I hope they are writing you thank you notes!!! Nancy in WI
First of all I want to thank you for putting headstone pictures on the Internet for people buried in East Arkdale cemetery. My relative in Norway who I met working on genealogy is involved with a group of researchers out there. She has asked me for help on a couple of people here in the US to see if I can find anything. She wrote to me over the weekend and asked if I could see if I could find anything on a Nils Jul Hansen Wallebek. He lived either in Minnesota or Wisconsin. So I did a "google" search and up pops your listing at East Arkdale Cemetery and there is the year (1879) that this person is looking for. No doubt that Nils Jul Hansen Wallebek is indeed the same Nels Jul Wallebek (1879 - 1965) who is buried at this cemetery and they are one in the same. I have sent your link on to this person. He is the great grandson of Nels. Thanks again and I just wanted to let you know how your putting this information the Internet has helped answer a question or two for this family in Norway. Faith W. in Minnesota
Your site has made it possible for me to find out tons about the Olson and related families. Thanks so much! Dawn Bundy
I just found your web page of Adams County obituaries, and I found my ggg-grandfather's obituary on there!! There is so much info that I've been looking for in my genealogy research that is right there in the obituary!! Thank you for your work in helping with genealogy. You have helped me tons!!! Sincerely, Colleen in Colorado
Hi Joan, you folks are doing an absolutely fantastic job in inventorying your early settlers! Great job! Erika P Muskegon, MI
I must add my accolades re: this web site. I have found out so much about the Adams/Friendship, the area my great grand parents (Polivka') pioneered. How exciting to recapture the lives and times of our ancestors. Thank you for all the work you are doing to help us genealogy buffs. And all for FREE!! Gerry G in CA
I have to agree with all the rest of the writers This is one of the most productive sites I visit. I have tracked a huge branch of my Buchanans to Adams Co and fallen in to Obituaries and burials and marriages. It is a treasure trove thanks to you and your volunteers! I wish the counties my direct ancestors lived in were so good Elizabeth H in Oxford PA
Just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into this section (cemeteries) of the Adams County website. I had the info on my great-grandmother Sarah Jane but Jesse seemed to have slipped under the radar! Thank you again for a job well done! Nancy F in Salem, OR
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