Commercial Hotel circa 1910 Bill Henry sent this photo postcard of the Commercial Hotel in Adams, bought by George and Cora Henry circa 1910. The couple in the doorway are Bill's grandparents and the boy on the left is my father and the other boy his brother. The two women are my aunts with their husbands. Main Street, Adams Wisconsin, circa 1913 Source & Description: A real photo postcard submitted by an anonymous donor, postmarked 1913. Looking south on Main Street about 1913, in Adams, Wisconsin. Note the horses and wagon, and unpaved street. State Hwy 13 near Adams WI circa 1927 Source & Description: A real photo postcard from my personal collection, postmarked 1927, photo by Robert Allyn. Would like to learn more about this location, is this on Highway 13 at the north edge of Adams, or ?? Main Street, Adams Wisconsin, circa 1946 Source & Description: Robert Schieber sent this postcard image, a picture of Main Street. It is on a postcard that was postmarked May 14, 1946. It appears to be looking away from Friendship. Adams WI street scene Downtown in Adams WI, about 1960, anonymous donor Rabbit Rock north of Adams and south of the Wood Co. line Source & Description: A real photo postcard, the old car in the picture dates this at about 1965? Friendship WI circa 1910 A postcard view of Friendship Wisconsin, circa 1910 Friendship WI, birdseye photo, circa 1912 Source & Description: A real photo postcard from my personal collection, postmarked 1912. It is a birdseye view of the village of Friendship. Friendship WI, Railroad Station circa 1912 Source & Description: A real photo postcard submitted by an anonymous donor, postmarked 1912. Friendship High School, 1908 Source & Description: From Nancy Maas' collection, postmarked 1908. Friendship Hotel Source & Description: An antique postcard from my collection, of the Friendship Hotel within a short time after it was built in 1912. This building is now being restored by new owners Ed & Gail Carlson, who have plans for a bed & breakfast theme inn with a family-style restaurant and old-fashioned saloon. It's still called the Hotel Friendship [(608) 339 2899]. It's on main street right across from the courthouse. Friendship Hospital, unknown date Source & Description: From Nancy Maas' collection. Miller's Resort, Friendship WI circa 1949 Source & Description: A postcard from my personal collection. Would like to learn more about this resort, when it began, location, memories, etc. Island Resort, Friendship WI date unknown Source & Description: Island Resort, Friendship Wisconsin, sent in by Shannon. On the back of the photo the following words appear: Island Resort, R.R. 1, Friendship, Wis. 53934, Dortha Vondrak. Photo contributed by Shannon W. Grand Marsh Oxen An old postcard of some oxen at Grand Marsh, was postmarked in 1939, anonymous donor Monroe Center Store, 1908 Source & Description: Contributed by Sally Traver from her husband's grandmother's (Ethel Viola Burr) scrapbook from an unknown newspaper, possibly the Adams/Friendship paper, of the Rufus R Roberts Monroe Center Store in 1908. Those identified in the photo are: Glen Jefferson, Jim Young, Leon Taylor, Joe Young, Leslie Goffe, Rufus Roberts, Earl Crook, George Ault, Oscar Olson, Chris Olson, William Crook, George Brodt, William Ault, George Boughton, Jess Wade & Lester Wade, William Hall, Bert Smith, George Ault Jr., William Smith, Andrew Ault and Harry Roberts.


Diamond School Source & Description: Contributed by Delores Cherveny, Diamond School House which was located in Lincoln Township, Adams County, Wi. circa 1900. If you would like to see a larger and more detailed view of the photo, go to Delores' son's website: An even larger and more detailed version can be seen at: Note that they are large images and may take a while to download if you have a dial-up modem. Friendship High School, class of 1909

Source & Description: Contributed by Sally Traver from her husband's grandmother's (Ethel Viola Burr) scrapbook from an unknown newspaper, possibly the Adams/Friendship newspaper, of the Friendship High School Class of 1909. Those identified in the photo: Teacher Oren Stiehl, Henrietta Frilling, Josephine Moshure, Homer Stowell, Katherine McGowan, Evelyn Thorsen, Ruby Moshure, Nina Wrchota, Lillian Paulson, Clifford Hurley, Violet Cole, Minnie Stevens, Rose Lambert, Mildred Bingham, ? Marshall, Bessie Stowe, Rose Lysy or Lyay, Guy Howard, Laura Hesler, Ethel Greenwood, Elsie Kanneman, Wilbur Greenwood, Nora Lewis, Jennie Brozek, ? Levin, Grace George and Laura or Dora Dittburner. Monroe Center School, about 1910

Source & Description: Contributed by Willes Traver from his grandmother's (Ethel Viola Burr) scrapbook from an unknown newspaper, possibly the Adams/Friendship paper, of the Monroe Center School, about 1910. Ethel Viola Burr was the daughter of Elmer Burr & Mabel Freiday (Friday, Freday, Frieday). She lived most of her life in Adams County, in the Grand Marsh, New Chester, and Big Flats Areas. She was married to Robert J Cleland Nov 11, 1919 in Adams County. They had three children, Katherine Mae( My mother), Tressa, and May Cleland who died during childbirth. She separated from Robert J Cleland and later developed a relationship with Lester Wade and stayed together for over 30 yrs until his death. Those identified in the photo are Teacher Elizabeth Billings, Ila Russell, Lena Vantassel, Harry Roberts, Francis Stone, Miss Billings, Raymond Russell, Dora Roberts, Minnie Olson, George Dawes, Jasper Hammond, Orvil Stone, Nellie Roberts, William Stone, George Ault, Ross Bixby, Bird Gardner, Andrew Ault, Ona Dawes, Nina Roberts, Dasy Sargent and Chris ? Plainville School 1915 Source & Description: Contributed by an anonymous donor, Plainville School Class of 1915. Point Bluff School picture, 1891. Contributed by PJ Burnsky, the photo identifies Art and Blanche Shipway. (their heads are circled) Regarding the Point Bluff School photo (circa 1891) here are names of most of the people in the photo. Unfortunately, I do not know the corresponding positions with the names. Presented here is the list of names in the order written on the photo. some are missing for there are 36 people in the photo and only 21 names on the photo. D. Cummings, E. Gahan, Dottie Cummings, D. Averchouser, Geo Gahan, Yertie C., M. Evans, Bertha Bonnell, Sam Zentner, Two Maxeys, May Douglas, Blanche Shipway (circled), Maud Evans, Rudy Colbin, Lillie Douglas, Bert C., John Zentner, Two Maxeys, Geo Schuff (Schoff?), Lola Hamilton, Will Z., Sam C., Will Brinner, Louis Bonnell, Art C., Art Shipway ( Circled), Ralph Schuff, Leo Gahan and A. Ketchum. White Pine School ca 1933 Source & Description: Marilyn Scott sent this photo. Charles W. Scott donated an acre of his land for the school to be built. They almost named the school "Scott School", but the big white pine tree in the corner was the deciding factor for the name "White Pine School". Charles W. Scott's family, with six children, attended the school and his son Warren A. Scott family, with eight children, attended the school too. The teacher on the picture is Orin Strand ( the tall one in the middle) and Charles Daniel Scott is the second from the left. His father Clarence Ray Scott attended this school too. I believe that the person that took the photo was named "Taylor", as this is written on the photo. The White Pine School is located in Colburn Adams Co. WI. I have been told that now there are potatoes planted there for the Jays Potato Chips. When the farm was sold, a canning company tore down all the buildings and removed the trees on the old Scott farm too for the planting of vegetables. Orin Strand taught at this school. He was born in 1912 and completed Normal School before his 18th B'day--they could skip grades then--he started teaching in 1930, and he bought that Model-A then, and then bought a new 1936 Ford, so--would guess that picture is about 1933--the White Pine was his first school. (the preceding paragraph sent by Orin's son) Grand Marsh School, circa 1922-1923

Source & Description: Donated by Sally Traver from an unknown source in a scrapbook; possibly the Adams newspaper. Sally's husband's relatives pictured here are Rexford McChesney, Allie Traver, Elsie Traver, James McChesney and Beatrice Traver. Others identified in the picture are: Claire CASEY, Orville BIRD, Chester COLBURN, Verna CAVANAUGH, Eva MORGAN, Eliza KETCHUM, Fern KETCHUM, Albert MAYNARD, Lyndon LAMPHERE, Ruby MILLER, Inez DONOVAN, Ila MORGAN, Maybelle COLBURN, Ronald RATHBUN, Roland FOAT, Jesse LAMPHERE, Walter MAYNARD, Owen COLBURN, Mildred FOAT, Inez HEINTZ, Mabel DOYLE, Eva ATKINS, Lawrence WINCHESTER, Lester NEFF, Allie TRAVER, Ivan MILLER, Rexford McCHESNEY, Lillian FOAT, Gertrude LAMPHERE, Elsie TRAVER, Agnes LOBBY, Mary McCHESNEY, Merlin KETCHUM, Albert MARVIN, Kenneth FOAT, Donald HEINTZ, Dorothy HUNT, Nettie MILLER, Hollis BAGLEY, Gilbert MILLER, Beatrice TRAVER, Laverne DOYLE, James McCHESNEY, Kenneth JOHNSON, James LOBBY, Clayton CAVANAUGH, Clyde LAMPHERE, Lorene DONOVAN, Jessie RATHBUN, Glen MARVIN. Adams County School Class, circa 1927-28 Source & Description: Sally Traver donated this photo from her mother's collection for the album. Some of the people pictured are Tressa CLELAND, Katherine CLELAND, Acie TRAVER, Lorriane NEWELL & Lorraine MORGAN. Can you identify any of the others in the photo? Adams Grade School Graduates, Class of 1932 Class Picture Source: Photo contributed by Floyd Roberts. Adams-Friendship High School Graduates, Class of 1939 Class Pictures Source: Photo contributed by J. Elderkin, from her mother's collection. 1952 8th Grade Graduating Class of Adams Grade School and text from the county wide graduation program with graduating students' names. Sources: Photo and program contributed by Robert Schieber. The Girl that is in the 2nd row from the bottom and the 4th in from the right is Arlene Mae Vogt daugher of Edward John Vogt and Teresa (Bakazan) Vogt. Can anyone supply names of more of the students? With regards to the program, Bob says "Here is the 1952 Graduation class of Adams Grade School. They graduated on May 27th, 1952. Back then all the grade schools in Adams County held a combined ceremony and received their diplomas at the Friendship Fairgrounds. The diplomas did not have their school names on them. They all say that they were given in Friendship, Wisconsin. Names of more of the students in the photo contributed by Bob, above, were supplied by Donna Fallos Johnson and Floyd Roberts: R.1: Mariam Moore Cleary; Velna Dye Waite; Marilyn Sponable; Pat Russell (deceased); Martha Witcraft Marti; Betty Boer; Eileen Gerard (d.); IdaMae Williams Bacon; Donna Terry; Robert Krakora R.2: Mr. Gayle Wanless (Principal); Shirley Gibbons Johnson (d.); Julaine Stavlo Salamone; Janet Johnson Winter; Doris Sponable; Carol Colburn Smith; RuthAnn Solchenberger Waite; Arlene Vogt; Jane A'Lee Gilberts Heyerdahl; Donna Fallos Johnson; Audrey Gulrud Beck R.3: Lynn VanTassel; Harold Schmidt (d.); Don Wohlfert; Harry Wormet; Joe Baumel; Pete Cavanaugh (d.); Raymond Buck; Albert Schneider (d.); Don Schonasky R.4: Dick Davis; Harry Spinner (d.); Jerry Buck; Richard Moran; Floyd Fairfield; Roger Boer (d.); Robert Walders (Walters?) Friendship Grade School Class of 1952 Source: Photo contributed by Floyd Roberts. Rear Row: Principal Elmer Grassman, Gordon W. Paulson, Russell Nichols, Floyd E. Roberts, Harold Ashworth, Russell O. Nelson, Harry J.Hays Front Row: Unknown, Sondra Bidar, Unknown, Marjorie Pohl, Sandra Bailey (d), Jeanne Lamphear, Faye Banovec (d) Adams-Friendship High School, 1953 Postcard Source: Photo contributed by Robert Schieber. Adams-Friendship High School Class of 1956 Source: Photo contributed by Floyd Roberts.


George and Mathilda Atchey in 1915 Source & Description: George and Matilda Alzina (Smith) Atchey who lived in Quincy, Adams County, Wisconsin from when they married in May 1874 to April 1936 when they both died. He played the fiddle and this picture is a postcard they sent to their son, George Henry Atchey who lived in North Platte, Nebraska. The postcard is dated "October 10, 1915 from Quincy, Wis." George Atchey was born George Ethier and was the son of Joseph and Rose (Delima) Ethier who later, while living in Rudolph, Wood Co., Wisconsin, changed their last name to Akey while their son George changed his to Atchey. Photo contributed by Shannon W. George and Mathilda Atchey's Three Sons ca. 1882 Source & Description: Picture of George and Matilda Alzina (Smith) Atchey's 3 sons- George Henry, William Russel, and Louis Richard all of whom were born in Quincy, Adams County, Wisconsin. Left to right: William Russel (born March 2, 1878), Louis Richard (born May 6, 1880), and George Henry Atchey (born October 15, 1875). This is a tintype picture taken around 1882. Contributed by Shannon W. George Atchey (aka Ethier) date unknown Source & Description: Tintype picture of George Atchey (formerly known as George Ethier). The date the picture was taken is unknown. Contributed by Shannon W. George and Matilda Atchey's Descendants ca. 1930 Source & Description: This picture is of 4 of the 5 children (and their spouses )of George and Matilda Alzina (Smith) Atchey of Quincy, Adams Co., Wisconsin. This is probably taken in the 1930s. Left to right (back row): Louis Atchey, John Vogt, and Grace (Atchey) Wehner; front row: Helen (Linkowski) Atchey (Louis' wife), Laura (Atchey) Vogt, Emma (Tanger) Atchey (George's wife), and George Henry Atchey. I believe this picture was taken in Adams Co. Contributed by Shannon W. George and Matilda Atchey's Descendants ca. 1930's Attached is another picture of 4 of 5 of George and Matilda Alzina (Smith) Atchey's children. Left to right: Louis Atchey, Laura (Atchey) Vogt, Grace (Atchey) Wehner, and George Henry Atchey. Laura and Grace lived in Adams County for the rest of their lives while George lived in Nebraska and Oklahoma and Louis lived in Illinois. I believe this picture was taken in the 1930s in Adams Co. Contributed by Shannon W. Ethan Burdick Source & Description: Ethan Burdick, born 9 March 1822, died 3 December 1890, son of Peleg and Thankful (Hall) Burdick, husband of Margaret Traver. Photo contributed by J.T. Elderkin. Burr Family Source & Description: Contributed by Willes and Sally Traver of Willes' great grandparents: Elmer Eugene Burr & his wife Mabel May Freday, and Edmond Eugene Burr (Edmond was Elmer's brother). They were the sons of Charles Edmund Burr & Julia Ann Powell. Elmer Eugene Burr born July 16, 1877, Mabel May Freday born Sept 8, 1882, and Edmond Eugene Burr, born May 23,1905, all were born in Adams Co. Edith Burr and Edmond and Doris Burr Source & Description: Contributed by Willes and Sally Traver. Edith Burr born Dec 6, 1902 in Richfield Township, Adams County. Daughter of Elmer Burr & Mable Friedy. Edmond Burr & Wife Doris Burr nee Divine. Edmond was the son of Elmer and Mable (Friedy) Burr. Edwin and Sarah Philips Clapp Family Source & Description: Contributed by Peter and Sylvia (nee Clapp) Hemmes. Edwin O Clapp (b. 1840/1) and his wife Sarah S. Philips Clapp (b. 1845) and three of their boys, Frank E. (1868), Lester (1871) and William M (1878). Lester Clapp is my wife's (Sylvia Clapp Hemmes b. 1946 in Cranbrook, BC) grandfather. Lester, as best as we know, was a stage coach driver between Spokane Washington and Fort Steele BC in the 1890's. He settled in Cranbrook and at one time was the mayor of that city. Frank owned a soft-drink bottling factory in Cranbrook and later moved to Prince Rupert, BC. We learned recently that Edwin Clapp was with Company K, 25th Wisconsin under General Sherman and accompanied him on his march to the sea and participated in the Grand Review in Washington. His father Edwin H. Clapp (b. 1814 Northampton, Mass.) was also with the 25th. We have only recently learned about William "Billy" Clapp. He was an attorney in Ephrata, Washington who in 1917 conceived the idea of building the Grand Coulee dam for irrigation of the central Washington area. He formed a group who lobbied for the dam which was build in the early 1930's (for generation of electricity, the irrigation of the Columbia Basin was secondary but never the less Billy got his dam). His gravestone in Ephrata is marked, "The Grandfather of the Grand Coulee Dam"; a lake north-east of Ephrata is named Billy Clapp Lake. John & Isabel Douglas John S. and Isabel A. Douglas. John Smart Douglas born 11 September 1828 in Maine, died 30 January 1917 Adams Co., WI, son of Jeremiah and Margaret (Smart) Douglas. Married 23 March 1856 Isabel Amanda Oakes, who was born 1 May 1839 in Maine, died 1 May 1912 Adams Co., WI, daughter of Edward and Nancy (Lawrence) Oakes. Photo contributed by J.T. Elderkin Jeremiah Douglas Jeremiah Douglas, born 1785 in Maine, died after 1860, married Margaret Smart. Resided in Adams Co., WI from mid-1850's. Photo contributed by J.T. Elderkin. Joseph C. & Sarah D. Edmonds Joseph C. & Sarah D. Edmonds. Joseph Cleveland Edmonds, born about 1823 probably in NY, died 30 August 1863 Natchez, MS (Civil War, Wisconsin Volunteers, Company E, 12th Regiment), son of Joseph and Sally Edmonds. Married 30 May 1847 Sarah D. Hutchinson, born 20 October 1829, Columbia Co., NY, died 6 October 1904 Adams Co., WI, daughter of Benjamin and Laura (Ticknor) Hutchinson. Photo contributed by J.T. Elderkin. Ezra Frost Family of Easton The Ezra Frost Family of Easton left to right Phoebe born 1885, Ezra born 11 July 1853 Sugar Creek Walworth Co WI., Elsie (nee Olmstead) born 9 Aug 1861 Easton WI., Blanche born 20 Mar 1900 Easton WI. Ezra was the son of Alonzo and Elvira (nee DeWolf) Frost who came from Ontario Co NY. They settled in Easton about 1858. Elsie was the daughter of Darius and Adeliza (nee Sheldon) Olmstead. Phoebe was a teacher who never married. Blanche married William Walter Wilson of Springville. They moved to a farm in Easton when a tornado destroyed the farm in Springville about 1928. All are buried in the Easton Cemetery. Photo contributed by Donna Wilson. George Green Source & Description: Jaimee Hedlund's third great grandfather. George Bernard Green was born April 1, 1822 in Buffalo, New York to Wells Green and Abigail Ballard. He married Electa Pease Hutchinson on July 20, 1851 in Adams Co. Wis. Electa was born June 24, 1831 in Collins, New York, died June 10, 1901 in Connersville, Dunn Co., Wis. They had 5 children: Charles Melvin Feb. 13 1852, Marietta Jane Dec. 9 1855, Henry Chester Oct. 26 1858, Wells Sept. 1860, Jessie Fremont Nov. 3, 1861. All were born in Plainville, Adams Co., Wisconsin. Hans and Karen Henriksen, their family and Walter Henriksen Family Source & Description: Annastena (1859-1949), is Marlene Hintz's great-great grandmother. She was married to Jorgen P. Johansen first. They had 3 children: Jorgen Johnson, Hannah (JENSEN) and Matea (Thea JOHNSON). After Jorgen's death, she married my great-great grandfather Walter Henriksen (1865-1954). (see 50th anniversary article) They had 5 children: William (buried in East Arkdale Cemetery with his wife Clara nee Swenson; (my great-grandparents), Marie (Steen; buried in Racine County, WI), Ida (Ellis; buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Racine Co, WI); Ethel (Koenecke; buried in Adams County?), Esther (Warshaeur; unknown burial place at this time). The first picture was Hans Mikkel & Karen Henriksen, taken in Cedar Rapids, IA. The 2nd picture is of their children that survived to adulthood (L to R back: Hans, Walter, Ramsey, Harvey. Seated in Front: Hannah (Madsen) & Christine (Weylandt). The 3rd picture is Walter Henriksen's family circa 1905. Pictured (L to R back): Marie & William Henriksen, Hannah, Jorgen & Matea Johnson, (L to R front) Ida, Walter, Esther, Annastena, and Ethel Henriksen. The 4th picture is WS Henriksen Family ca 1934 Pictured on this photo are (Top L to R): Helen Henriksen (later Stoller), Harold Henriksen, J.C. Ellis, Rev. Joe Steen, Herbert Koenecke, Arthur Warshauer, Wallace Henriksen; (2nd row L to R): Irene (Jensen) Zellmer, Selma (nee ?) Johnson, John Jensen, Ida (Henriksen) Ellis, Marie (Henriksen) Steen, Ethel (Henriksen Thorson) Keonecke, Esther (Henriksen) Warshauer, Walter Johnson, Clara (Swenson) Henriksen; (3rd row L to R, seated): Jorgen Johnson, Hannah (Johnson) Jensen, Walter Henriksen, Annastena (Larson-Johnson) Henriksen, Jens Jensen, Mathea (Johnson) Johnson, William Henriksen; (Front row, seated): Mildred Henriksen (later Hood), Robert Warshauer, Lowell Steen, Donald Warshauer, Gerald Thorson, Kenneth Henriksen, John Ellis, Rodger Warshauer, Ruth Ann Steen (later Costin), Phyllis Steen (later Sancya). George Henry and wife Cora Louk Source & Description: Bill Henry's grandparents, George Wellington Henry and Cora Ann Louk. Resided in Friendship Village, Adams County. Date and place of photo unknown, probably early 1900's. Electa Hutchinson Source & Description: Jaimee Hedlund's third great grandmother, Electa Hutchinson Green. Logging on the Jefferson farm near Monroe Center, circa 1910 Source & Description: Contributed by Sally Traver from her husband's grandmother's (Ethel Viola Burr) scrapbook from an unknown newspaper, possibly the Adams/Friendship newspaper, of logging on the Jefferson farm near Monroe Center, circa 1910. People within the photo from the left are Bob Sergeant, Bert Jefferson, Jim Brown. Katherine Webster Johnston Source & Description: Contributed by Jaimee Hedlund. Katherine Webster Johnston. Katherine was born Nov. 20,1862 to Almon Webster and his wife Rosella Ruth Lathrop. She married Silas Johnston July 4, 1879 in Dunn Co. and they had 11 children. She was my 2nd great grandmother. Clement Jones family Source & Description: Contributed by Dawn Olson. Photo probably taken in 1870's, of Chester Jones, Clement Jones and Norman M. Jones. Chester and Clement are sons of Asa K. Jones and Mercy Streeter. Asa K. Jones is buried in Jackson, Adams, Wisconsin as is his wife Mercy. Chester Jones was born March 21, 1823 in Rockingham, Windham Co., VT. He married (1) Olive E. Williams March 11, 1848. Their son (shown in the photo) is: Normon M. Jones b. May 26, 1849, Wisconsin. The woman called Aunt Mary is Chester's second wife. Chester Jones married Mary Elizabeth Spaulding, March 15, 1853 in New Hampshire. She was born February 08, 1830. Their child is: Cora Elizabeth Jones, b. March 14, 1865, Wisconsin. Clement Jones was born July 29, 1826 in Rockingham, Windham Co., VT. He married Mary A. Calkins June 17, 1867 in Adams County, Wisconsin. [See Adams Co Pre-1907 Marriages on this site, Vol. 1, P 114]. Clement Jones lived in New Chester, Adams Co., Wisconsin in the 1860 census. Chester in lived in Jackson, Adams Co. Wisconsin as of the 1870 census (post office was Friendship). Norman M. Jones lived in Jackson, Adams Co. Wisconsin as of the 1880 census. Keller Relatives in 1956 Can You Identify any of the People or help this photo to be returned to it's family? Source: Bob Schieber rescued this photo, he would like to return it to the relatives or descendants of the Keller's. Rosella "Ruth" and Susan Lathrop Source: Jaimee Hedlund. (Left)Rosella Ruth born May 1840, married Almon Webster Oct.7, 1859. When he died April 26, 1862, she married Frank Foote Oct.1,1870 (Right)Susan Lathrop, born April 20, 1845 and was married to Erwin Rider Nov. 1, 1861. After he died April 6, 1862 in the Civil War, she re-married to Wm Sleppy Feb. 2, 1863. Wm. Sleppy died before 1870 in Dunn Co. She later died in a house fire all alone in Menomonie, Dunn Co., Dec. 18, 1925. She never had children or re-married. Harriet Woolsey and husband William Niles Source & Description: Jackie Cairns' gr grandmother Harriet Woolsey Niles and Mary Angeline Clapp Woolsey, wife of William H. Woolsey. Harriet is on the right. Probably Easton Adams County, WI, early 20th century. Jane Hadlock Niles Source & Description: Mark (Niles) Newstrom sent this picture of Jane Hadlock. I believe this was taken around 1885, when Royal Stilwell Niles had just married or was about to marry Mary Louise Moshure (on the left?). Jane's presence is certain, as is Royal's. One line of my ancestry leads back to Jane Hadlock Niles and William Dodge Niles, Sr. My great-great grandfather is Royal Stilwell Niles, my great grandfather Victor Hartman Niles (of Necedah and eventually Minneapolis). Four-generations of Niles Source & Description: Mark (Niles) Newstrom sent this 4-generation photo featuring Jane Hadlock Niles. She is the wife of William D. Sr. Clockwise from her are Jane, Royal Stilwell, Victor Hartman and RB. Judging from RB's age, the photo is from 1903 to 1905. Niles Homestead 1 Source & Description: Mark (Niles) Newstrom sent pictures of the Niles homestead taken July 10, 1926. I believe four of the accompanying photos are taken at the old Niles homestead in Quincy. This is from the notations on the back of the photos, which I believe are from distant relative Royal Abbe Niles. Homestead 1: "Daisy and Uncle Levi at east end of house - all changed around since we got stung by Grandpa's bees near there. Recollect the two rows of flowers Grandma used to have from there to the gate? I do. R" Niles Homestead 2 Source & Description: Mark (Niles) Newstrom sent pictures of the Niles homestead taken July 10, 1926. Homestead 2: "House from the barn. Our old Dodge in the distance with uncle Royal [note - that would be my Royal S] and Doris. Uncle Levi and I over at the house. Roel [sic?] Old cottonwood trees are there, where Grandma used to have the onion bed. Old well is gone. Niles Homestead 3 Source & Description: Mark (Niles) Newstrom sent pictures of the Niles homestead taken July 10, 1926. Homestead 3: "South view of house. Miss the old wood shed and kitchen, and cannot recall a door being on that side of the house." Niles Homestead 4 Source & Description: Mark (Niles) Newstrom sent pictures of the Niles homestead taken July 10, 1926. Homestead 4: "What is left of the old barn. And what fun we used to have in that barn. Gosh it does not seem possible. Levi's Joe is up on top." Parasol Girls 1 and Parasol Girls 2 Source & Description: Mark (Niles) Newstrom sent pictures of Parasol Girls 01 and Parasol Girls 02, taken around 1916, apparently near a family fruit orchard (apples?) which makes me think Adams County. In picture 01, my grandfather RB Niles is third from left. In picture 02 he is clowning on the far right. Gertrude Paulson Sullivan 1901 graduation photo and 1901 Friendship High School graduation announcement Source & Description: Karen Schiferl sent this photo of her maternal grandmother, Gertrude Paulson Sullivan. She graduated from Friendship High School in 1901. Gertie was the daughter of Paul and Magdalena Paulson, and the grand-daughter of Andreas and Karen Paulson (Niebull, WI). Paulson's General Store Friendship, Wisconsin Source & Description: Karen Schiferl's Great Grandfather, Paul Paulson owned this General Store in Friendship. Interior of Paulson's General Store The older man in the photo is Paul Paulson. Susan and Angie Phelps Source & Description: Contributed by Cathy Kuhl, photo of Susan and Angie Phelps. Susan & Angie E. Phelps -probably taken about early 1890's (after Angie married and before Susan moved to MN in 1893). Susan J. Phelps, born 15 Sept. 1851, Dodge Co., WI, married 15 June 1874 at New Chester, Adams Co., to Darius Scott Boyd, a farmer. She died 1 Nov 1931 at Rochester, Olmsted Co., MN and is buried at Pleasant Prairie Cemetery. This family moved to Olmsted Co., MN about 1893. Angie E. Phelps, born June 1861, WI, married Riley Kellogg, a farmer on 7 July 1889 Lincoln, Adams Co., WI. They resided in Lincoln in 1900, with no children. Willis Phelps Source & Description: Contributed by Cathy Kuhl, photo of Willis Phelps. Willis Phelps born 3 Dec. 1842 Hastings, Oswego Co., NY, married 1st Florilla Palmer who died between 1873 and 1880. Married 2nd Mrs. Nannie Hartson Jackson on 12 April 1894. Willis was a farmer and served in the Civil War in the 8 Bat. WI Vol, enlisting Feb. 1863 and serving 1 year 6 months. He is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery. The picture was probably taken the late 1870's - early 1880's. Rudolph Phelps, Ernest & Ervin Boyd Source & Description: Contributed by Cathy Kuhl, Rudolph Phelps and Ernest & Ervin (Jack) Boyd probably from the early 1900's. Rudolph (Dolph) Phelps (back row), born Feb. 1857 Adams Co., died about 1941, son of Edmund & Sarah (Keeler) Phelps, seated with his two nephews-Ernest Boyd (middle), born 29 May 1883 Adams Co., son of Darius Scott & Susan (Phelps) Boyd and Ervin (Jack) Boyd (first row), born 10 Feb. 1885 Adams Co., also the son of Darius Scott & Susan (Phelps) Boyd. Rudolph lived in WI while the Boyd family moved to Olmsted Co., MN. Poppe's Store circa 1908 An old postcard of Poppe's Store in Arkdale Wisconsin Company D of the 4th Regiment of the Wisconsin volunteers Source & Description: Contributed by J.T. Elderkin. The man in the front row who is indicated with an "x" on the photograph is George W. Oakes (1842-1906) of Adams Co., who served in Company D of the 4th Regiment of the Wisconsin volunteers in the Civil War. Anson Reeves Anson Reeves, born 24 May 1830 Jefferson Co., NY, son of Asahel and Alzina (Avery) Reeves, died 4 March 1875, Adams Co., WI. Married Julia Hakes 30 September 1851. Served in the Civil War from Wisconsin, Co. K of the 38th Regiment. Photo contributed by J.T. Elderkin. Mr & Mrs Rufus Roberts, on a winter drive Source & Description: Contributed by Sally Traver from her husband's grandmother's (Ethel Viola Burr) scrapbook from an unknown newspaper, possibly the Adams/Friendship paper. This couple started the Monroe Center store in 1898, and the photo is of their drive on a snowy day in 1913 via horse and cutter sleigh. Horace Sheldon Horace Sheldon born 1844. Son of Talmadge and Betsy (nee Tefft) Sheldon. Served in the Civil War in the Wisconsin 11th Infantry Co. H. Killed in the War, 31 May 1863 at Grand Gulf Mississippi. Horace has a stone in Easton Cemetery. Photo contributed by Donna Wilson. Sheldon Family of Easton The Sheldon family of Easton from left to right: Lydia Margaret Sheldon (nee Becker) born 28 Apr 1837 Pillar Point NY, Altha May Sheldon born 7 May 1874, Talmadge Sheldon born 29 Dec 1814 Warren Co NY. Talmadge was the son of Seneca Sheldon. He migrated from New York to Adams County, Wisconsin. His first wife was Betsy Tefft. Lydia was the daughter of Adam and Hannah (nee Van Patten) Becker. She married first David Spencer., second Cephas Brown 30 May 1858 and lastly Talmadge Sheldon 12 Sept 1871 in Adams County. Talmadge and Lydia settled in Emerson, Michigan in the 1870's. They are buried in Ridgelawn Cemetery, Breckenridge, Gratiot County Michigan. Photo contributed by Donna Wilson. Shipway/Wintersteen 1890's farm scene Source & Description: Picture of presumably the Shipway or Wintersteen farm ca 1890's. The man holding the hand of the little girl (Ina, my grandmother) is my great grandfather- Charles Shipway. The children are his. From right to left: Ina, Art, Blanche, Dick, Rollins (?) The children's mother's maiden name was Ella Wintersteen, daughter of Jacob and Ann (Moore) Wintersteen. I believe the photographer was George Oakes. Photo contributed by PJ Burnsky. PJ also shared a picture taken at the Dells of the Shipway's and Wintersteens and the Plainview School picture, 1891, with Art and Blanche Shipway. Archie Traver Source & Description: Contributed by Willes and Sally Traver, of Archie David Traver. He was Chief Of Police for Adams & Friendship, 1951-1954. (This is my father.) Son of Willis Albert Traver & Hattie Anna Dye. They lived in Grand Marsh. The photo was taken in 1952 at the Cafe 13 in Adams. We believe that there is now a laundromat at that location. Same building we think, and we believe the Cafe 13 was owned by Mr & Mrs Harry Spinner. John Edward and Laura Delana (Atchey) Vogt's 50th anniversary April 18, 1956 Source & Description: Picture of John Edward Vogt and Laura Delaney (Atchey)Vogt's 50th wedding anniversary on April 18, 1956 in Adams. The lady to the left of this couple is their daughter Gladys (Vogt) Faulkner, to the right of the couple are their sons Leroy Vogt and Edward John Vogt. Contributed by Robert Schieber David Wallace Family This is a picture taken in 1918 of some of the “Wallace Clan”. David & Nancy Wallace are buried in the Dellwood Cemetery, James and Clara are buried in Mt. Repose cemetery in Friendship. Back row: David Joseph Wallace (B: 5 Nov 1854/29 Jan 1927), Clara Cooper Wallace (B: 22 Apr 1889/2 Feb 1963), James Michael Wallace (B: Mar 1882/1948) Front row: Arthur Wallace (B: 1907 or 08), Nancy (Fugate) Wallace (B: Mar 1864), Ruth Wallace (B: 1903 or 04), Sarah/Sadie Wallace (B: Oct 1891). David & Nancy are my Great Grandfather & Great Grandmother, and James and Clara are my Grandfather and Grandmother. Photo contributed by Mike Wallace. Almon Webster and Family Source & Description: Contributed by Jaimee Hedlund. Left to right is Almon Webster, William Lathrop, and Erwin Rider, who served together in Company E 16th Inf 6th Division. Almon Webster my 3 grt Grandfather married Rosella Ruth Lathrop Oct.7, 1859 in Adams. He was in the Civil War and died from his wounds April 26, 1862. Almon and Ruth lived in Richfield,Adams in 1850 and 1860. William was Rosella Ruth Lathrop's brother. Their sister Susan married Erwin Rider, also in this picture. William was brother-in-law to both Almon and Erwin. Marietta Jane (nee Green) Whistler Source & Description: Contributed by Jaimee Hedlund. This was George Greens daughter, Marietta Jane Green/Whistler. In George's Civil War diary when he got letters from her he wrote that it was from his "little mother Mary Jane" She must have been telling him how to take care of himself or something of that nature! Cute..She was pretty and had blue eyes like him. A real hugger. Mr & Mrs Clarence White, 50th Anniversary Source & Description: Contributed by Sally Traver from her husband's grandmother's (Ethel Viola Burr) scrapbook from an unknown newspaper, possibly the Adams/Friendship paper. Mrs. White was the former Cora Wade, and Clarence held the position of Big Flats town treasurer for a number of years. Wilson Family of Springville The Wilson family of Springville from left to right back row: Henry Robert born 6 Nov 1895, Fannie Frances born 17 Oct 1892, William Walter born 19 Sept 1890, Alice Mary born 30 May 1886 front row:Emma Raud born 20 Sept 1903, Frances Angelia born 3 June 1858, Oliver George born 4 Sept 1900, William born 2 Feb 1856 Tempsford, Bedford, England, Daisy Emily born 9 Sept 1897. William Wilson came to Springville in 1879. He was the son of William and Emma (nee Rand) Wilson. He married Frances Dunn 11 Jan 1882 in Springville. Frances was the daughter of Robert and Fannie (nee Fee) Dunn of Jefferson County NY. William and Frances are buried at Townline Cemetery Springville. Photo contributed by Donna Wilson. Woolsey Home and Family Adams Wisconsin circa 1887 Source & Description: Jackie Cairns' gr gr grandfather, George Woolsey and family at the Woolsey homestead, Easton, Adams Cty, WI. George Washington Woolsey is on the far left. George Washington Woolsey Source & Description: Jackie Cairns' gr gr grandfather George Washington Woolsey. Late 19th century, and he lived in Easton, Adams County, WI

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