Ole Olson


From the Adams County Press, Saturday March 16, 1912, Page 4

Ole Olson, a pioneer resident of the town of Strongs Prairie, died at 
his home in the village of Arkdale on Wednesday, February 29th, aged 84 
years, 9 months and 16 days.

Mr. Olson was born in Christiansand, Norway on May 13th, 1827, and at 
the age of 22 years emigrated to this country, coming to Milwaukee, 
where for a year he worked his trade (shoemaker). He then moved to Green 
Bay where Otto Tank had organized a colony of Moravians. In 1851, he was 
married to Miss Inger Barnson at Green Bay, and shortly after, they moved 
to Stoughton, where they lived about three years coming from there and 
settling on a farm near Arkdale, now owned by his son, Benedict. 

Mr. Olson was truly a pioneer, his was one of the first and best farms 
in the town of Strongs Prairie. He was a tireless worker, a good manager 
and a skillful agriculturalist. A man of the highest character, of a 
kind, neighborly and pleasant disposition, he held a place in the 
respect and esteem of the community scarcely ever gained and held by an 
individual. His was a long, useful life, of duty well performed, of work 

About twenty years ago Mr. Olson sold his farm and lived for a year in 
Portland, North Dakota, then coming back to Arkdale, where he has since 
resided, among his old friends and neighbors, enjoying their society and 
rest and peace in his declining years.

To Mr. and Mrs. Olson ten children were born as follows: Benedict and 
Mrs. Susie Hagen of Arkdale; Mrs. Louise Aanes, Mrs. Marie Hughes, Mrs. 
Celia Iverson and Mrs. Inez Flaten, of Minnesota; Otis of Starbuck, 
Canada; Mrs. Ella McNair Samuel of North Dakota; one son, Arthur, died 
about fifteen years ago. All the children except Mrs. Celia Iverson and 
Samuel, who were detained by illness in their families, were present at 
the funeral. Mr. Olson is also survived by fifty-five grandchildren and 
ten great grandchildren.

Funeral services wer eheld at Arkdale on March 6th, conducted by Rev. 
Borgen of Whitehall, Wisc., and Rev. H. H. Hagen of Arkdale. The community
sincerely mourns with the bereaved wife and children in their sorrow.  


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