The Adams County and surrounding counties' newspaper titles are presented
here to help you in your quest for old obituaries, wedding announcements and news items about
your ancestors. You may be able to borrow these newspapers Inter-Library-Loan for use at your
area's library. Some public libraries do not provide inter-library-loan service to their
patrons. If they do not, you will need to visit the State Historical Society of Wisconsin
or hire someone to do this for you. If yours does provide ILL service, you will need to first
find out whether the newspaper was in print and preserved for the time period of your study.
Type in the title at WISCAT, a composite catalog of nearly all of Wisconsin's public and
school libraries' holdings. The State Historical Society of Wisconsin  newspaper page  says that there
is a $15 fee to loan 1 to 6 reels of microfilm at any one time outside of Wisconsin. The 
titles below are provided to help you in your quest. I have listed all of the newspaper 
titles available for all counties except Columbia, which has dozens of titles preserved on 
microfilm. Titles listed for Columbia county are those most likely to carry Adams area 
residents' obits.

A few last thoughts. When you borrow microfilm to search for your ancestors, please consider 
typing extra obits for the obit boards, or sending them to be typed. 
Second, if you are someday cleaning out an old attic or cedar chest and find some old 
newspapers, before tossing them in the trash PLEASE consult your state's historical society 
to see if those issues have already been preserved on microfilm. If they haven't, you can 
save someone's history from the dustheap of time. 
Third, there is a growing nation-wide network of volunteers who will search for obituaries 
for free or a small donation to cover costs. You can check the obit look-ups web page 
and/or become a volunteer in your own area by clicking this link.


The Adams Advertiser (Adams)
Adams County Press (Friendship)
Adams County Reporter (Friendship)
The Adams County Times (Adams)
The Dells Reporter (Friendship)
Friendship Reporter (Friendship)

COLUMBIA COUNTY NEWSPAPER TITLES (selected list, not all-inclusive)

The Advance (Randolph-Courtland Twp) Badger Blade and Wyocena Advance (Rio) Badger Blade (Rio) The Rio Journal (Rio) Badger State (Portage) The Breeze (Pardeeville) Cambria Journal (Cambria-Randolph Twp) The Randolph Advance (Randolph) The Randolph Enterprise (Randolph) The Randolph Reveille (Randolph) The Pardeeville-Wyocena Times and the Cambria News (Pardeeville) Wisconsin Mirror (Wisc Dells) The Fall River New Era (Fountain Prairie Twp) The New Era (Fall River-Ftn Prairie Twp)


The Central Union (Westfield) Marquette Independent Marquette Weekly express (Oxford) Oxford Weekly Express (Oxford) The Oxford Republican Express (Oxford) The Oxford Times (Oxford) The Republican Express (Oxford) Oxford Shopper's Newsletter (Briggsville) The Sun (Montello) The Marquette County Tribune (Montello) Montello Express (Montello) Montello Weekly Express (Montello)


The Almond Press (Almond) Amherst Advertiser (Amherst) The Amherst Advocate (Amherst) The Central City Herald (Stevens Point) Central Wisconsin Herald (Stevens Point) Gwiazda Polarna (Stevens Point) Plover Herald (Plover) Plover Times & Republican (Plover) Plover Times (Plover) Rosholt Echo (Rosholt) Rolnik (Stevens Point) The Rosholt Community Press (Rosholt) The Rosholt Journal (Rosholt) The Rosholt Review (Rosholt) Stanton Times and Republican (Plover) The Stanton Weekly Times (Stanton) Stevens Point Daily Journal (Stevens Point) Stevens Point Democrat (Stevens Point) Stevens Point Journal (Stevens Point) Wisconsin Eagle (Stevens Point) The Wisconsin Lumberman (Stevens Point) The Wisconsin Pinery (Stevens Point)


The County Herald (Redgranite) The Hancock News (Hancock) The Hancock-Coloma News (Hancock) The Independent (Wautoma) Pine River Argus (Pine River) The Pine River Times (Wautoma) Plainfield Times (Plainfield) Redgranite and Lohrville Herald The Redgranite Herald (Redgranite) Redgranite Herald (Redgranite) Redgranite Herald (Lohrville) The Redgranite Times (Redgranite) Sun-News Press (Plainfield) The Sun (Plainfield) The Waushara Argus (Wautoma) Waushara County Argus (Wautoma) The Wautoma Journal (Wautoma) The Wild Rose Herald (Wild Rose) The Wild Rose Times (Wild Rose)


Centralia Enterprise (Centralia) Centralia Enterprise & Tribune (Centralia) Das Wochenblatt (Marshfield) Daily Leader (Grand Rapids) The Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids) The Grand Rapids Daily Tribune (Grand Rapids) The Grand Rapids Leader (Wisconsin Rapids) The Grand Rapids Tribune (Grand Rapids) Grand Rapids Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids) Marshfield Demokrat (Marshfield) Marshfield News-Herald (Marshfield) The Pittsville Record and the Yellow River Pilot Pittsville Record (Pittsville) The Pittsville Record (Pittsville) The State Center (Vesper) The Vesper Pioneer (Vesper) Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids) Wisconsin Valley Leader (Grand Rapids) Wood County Reporter (Grand Rapids) For more information about South Wood County (Wisconsin Rapids area) newspapers, check this page

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