Harold Warp


From the Adams County Times, Thursday Oct. 12, 1950, submitted by Alma W Thurber

Parents of Harold Warp Receive News of his Death in Korea

Adams County lost another boy on the Altar of Freedom, when Harold Warp, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Almer Warp, Arkdale, was killed in the Korean conflict on Sept. 24th. 
He was in the 25th Infantry Division in the big push to get the Communistic Koreans 
back into their own territory. 

His parents received the sad telegram on Sunday morning notifying them of the death 
of their son.

Harold was born on September 18, 1923 and was only 6 days past his 27th birthday. 
He grew up in Adams County, and when only 19, heard his country's call in the second 
World War and on February 11, 1943, he offered his services to the United States Navy 
and was accepted. For over four years and nine months he was in the midst of some of 
the toughest fighting in the war.

It was on January 6, 1945, he was assigned to the USS Alan M. Sumner, on which he stayed 
until his discharge in 1947. Many crossings of the Pacific were made and always the 
ship was sent to the hard fighting areas. Once the ship was struck by a Jap suicide 
plane and so badly damaged that many soldiers were killed and many were wounded. In 
this conflict, Harold was badly wounded in the leg.

Although the ship was damaged, the men fixed it up so that it limped into Pearl Harbor. 
There it was repaired enough so that it was sent on many more valuable missions. However, 
it was one of the first ships put in moth balls after the war, and Harold was on her 
until the last.

After his discharge, he worked in Adams County for a time and then enlisted in the Army 
in September, 1948. He was a physical instructor at Fort Knox. While there he met Miss 
Jean PUCKETT of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and they were married on October 5, 1949.

On July 21, 1950 he was notified that he could spend a week with his family and then must 
be in Fort Lewis Washington by July 28.

Since that time, a baby daughter has been born to the couple, Bonita Lynn on August 26, 
whom the father had never seen.

From Fort Lewis, he was flown to Japan where he remained until August 17, when he left 
for Korea.

Besides his wife and infant daughter, he leaves his sorrowing parents and six brothers and 
two sisters: Arden of Westfield; Sgt. Orlando, stationed at Curtis Wright Field, Milwaukee; 
William of Coloma; Mrs. Irma KRAMER of Dellwood, Eilef, who has had his physical and is 
awaiting his call in the army, Alma, Sam and Almer Jr. at home.

**A Photo accompanied this obituary**

Donated by Alma Warp Thurber 2002

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