Genealogy Scams on The Internet


There are reputable genealogy sites and for-fee databases available online. Successful for-hire relationships CAN be developed with private researchers online.

These researchers openly divulge their identity, background, and give good advice or occasional look-ups for free to others on mailing lists, etc., in addition to working for hire on larger projects for clients. In other words, they have EARNED our business. They conduct themselves as professionals and frequently donate files to genealogy websites. They do not hide behind aliases such as 'teensycat', etc. or steal webpages from sites like this and claim the work as their own.

There are also Hucksters and Scams.

Anyone holding themselves out to sell products or services to the public should be fully willing to divulge his/her/its identity and qualifications so his/her/its "standing in the genealogical circles," etc., can be apprised out in the open. It is NOT generally acceptable to make a blanket "I'm available for hire" ad or announcement on rootsweb mailing lists or message boards. It is against rootsweb rules to send such a message to dozens of listservs at once to solicit business. When such messages are found, mailing list and site coordinators will remove them whenever possible to protect the researchers. If you have questions, contact the site administrator or see How to Hire a Professional on the Association of Professional Genealogists website. * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


BEFORE giving any money to an online genealogy site, check these sites to see if they are listed as being scams. Genealogy Hall of Shame

Genealogical Web Site WatchDog

Cyndis List

The following are scams I am aware of: Genlocator This service charges, then takes the surname you enter and then transfers you to a free search engine. One of them they use is Alta Vista, a free search engine to use to begin with. So for the $36.00 {on line check} or $40.00 {check through the mail}, they then transfer your search to a free search engine. This service charges then the links that you are presented with are links to free sites such as mine, or steals the pages and adds them to their collection. Same story with this one. It links you to free databases and search engines.

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This site is maintained by Joan

since January 2001 and was last updated
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