Adams County Civil War Veterans in Adams County Cemeteries, 1907

From the Adams County Press, May 25, 1907

Roster of Soldiers of the War of the Rebellion and other wars, for whose graves Badgero Post No. 122, G.A.R. will furnish Memorial Flags

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Mount Repose Cemetery, Friendship

COATS, Oscar M. Private, Company B, 23rd New York FITCH, Charles B. Private, Company B, 16th Wisconsin HARRISON, James H. Private, Company D, 4th Wisconsin and Co. K, 38th Wisconsin HILL, Augustus A. Private, Company D, 8th Wisconsin Cenotaph HOARD, O. B. Private, Company K, 7th Wisconsin HOLM, Andrew O. Private, Company F, 3rd Wisconsin HOUGHTON, Charles H. Private, Company H, 12th Illinois Cavalry HUBBS, Cyrus G. Private, 8th Wisconsin Battery PIERCE, Solon W. Lieutenant, Company K, 38th Wisconsin SCHOFIELD, Frank C. Private, Company G, 37th Wisconsin SIMPSON, Phillip Private, Company K, 38th Wisconsin WITZ, Conrad Private, Company G, 46th Wisconsin WOOD, George K. Private, Company B, 64th New York

Strong's Prairie Cemetery

BASSETT, William A. Private 8th Wisconsin Battery BEESTON, Peter Private 8th Wisconsin Battery BEESTON, Reuben Private Co. E, 16th Wisconsin CHAFFEE, Richard D. Private Co. I, 185th New York HAMMOND, John R. Private Co. E, 16th Wisconsin KEMNETZ, Ferd. Private Co. I, 1st Wisconsin H. Artillery KEYES, Charles Private Co. K, 38th Wisconsin KEYES, Stephen B. Private Co. I, 12th Wisconsin KNIGHT, George W. Private Co. E, 16th Wisconsin, Cenotaph KNIGHT, Lewis E. Private Co. E, 16th Wisconsin, (CW) Cenotaph MILLER, George W. Private Co. F, 11th Wisconsin MORSE, Albert O. Private Co. D, 20th Wisconsin MORSE, Ebenezer Private War of 1812 SHANKS, Henry Private Co. K, 25th Wisconsin SHANKS James W., Private Co. E, 16th Wisconsin VanKUREN, Ebenezer H. Private Co. E, 16th Wisconsin WILLIAMSON George Sgt Co. E, 16th Wisconsin, Cenotaph*

Quincy Cemetery

GREENWOOD, Enos unknown GREENWOOD, Mellen unknown KELLOGG, William Private 10th Wisconsin Battery LUMBY, William unknown McCAUSTLAND, John Private Co. K, 25th Wisocnsin MOREHOUSE, Henry Private 10th Wisconsin Battery MOREHOUSE, Thomas Private Co. D, 4th Wisconsin SCHULTZ, Christian Private 10th Wisconsin Battery

SHIPWAY, H. W. Captain Co. G, 17th Wisconsin STEGERS, John unknown TROEMNER, Conrad Private Co. A, 24th Illinois TRUMBULL Simeon Private 4th Wisconsin Battery

WOOD, Albert unknown

Spring Creek Cemetery

DAWES, James M. Private Co. E, 16th Wisconsin

DUNBAR, Benjamin A. Private Co. E, 16th Wisconsin Cenotaph JOHNSON, Lars Private Co. K, 38th Wisconsin ROGERS, Frank A. Private Co. G, 7th Wisconsin Cenotaph WALKER, George Private Co. K, 25th Wisconsin Cenotaph

New Rome Cemetery

HORTON, Thomas W. (unknown) LYONS, Christopher Private Co. D, 4th Wisconsin

Spring Bluff Cemetery

BROOKINGS, --- Private (unknown) HUTCHINSON, Calvin H. Lieutenant Co. B, 5th Wisconsin PHELPS Willis Private 8th Wisconsin Battery

Rock Cemetery

CLARK, William U.S. Navy MYOTT, Alanson Private 16th Wisconsin and Co. D, 10th Wisconsin SCHIEBER, --- given name not listed in newspaper; descendant believes it is Lorenz or Lawrence (19th Reg't WI Infantry) SMITH, Adelbert Private Co. E, 16th Wisconsin WARREN, Norman (unknown)

New Chester Cemetery

LANE, --- (unknown) McGINNIS, --- (unknown) PERKINS, James Sgt Co. H, 11th Wisconsin RATHBURN, Archie (unknown)

Adams Center Cemetery

SEE, unknown TUTTLE, George W. Private Co. A, 13th Michigan WARREN, Moses Private Co. D, 65th New York

Arkdale Cemetery

MIKKELSON, Mathias Private Co. F, 3rd Wisconsin NELSON, Niles A. Private Co. E, 18th Wisconsin WARP, John Private Co. D, 15th Wisconsin

Fordham Cemetery

SALISBURY, --- (unknown)

Big Flats Cemetery

SHIPWAY, Thomas Private Co. D, 18th Wisconsin WALKER, Philo D. (unknown)

Pilot Knob Cemetery

AYERS, J. B. Private Co. F, 1st Wisconsin

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