Adams County Area G.A.R. Members

From the Oct 7, 1899 Adams County Press, Page 5

The G.A.R. Bean-Bake

Transcribed by Joan Benner

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Printed in the Saturday Oct 7, 1899 Adams County Press, Page 5
Friendship, Wisconsin

The GAR bean-bake, held under the auspices of the Ennis Reed Post at White
Creek last Wednesday was one of the pleasantest affairs of this kind ever
held in this county. The dinner was sumptuous and abundant...brief and
interesting addresses were given by JE JONES of Kilbourn, SW PIERCE, Rev
CHAMBERS, Major GC PIERCE, Commander ARMEAH of Kilbourn Post, CH ANDERSON,
HH MASON and Ralph ZENTNER. The following is a list, with the age of each,
of the old soldiers present:

NAME          COMPANY        AGE

Chas ANDERSON, Co K 25th Wisc 59
John ARMEAH, Co B, 13th NY    55
JA BIDWELL, Co K 38th Wisc    62
A BROWN, Co K 38th Wisc       71
JC CARTER, Co K, 32nd Wisc    57
EO CLAPP, Co K 25th Wisc      59
WA EDDY, Co K 38th Wisconsin  57
C FORBUSH, Co G 19th Wisc     65
GW GARTHWAIT, Co K 25th Wisc  54
JA HENRY, Co M 4th Cav Wisc   53
Frank HIGBEE, Co B 64th NY    57
HA HOWARD, Co A 28th Wisc     55
FM JENCKS, Co K 38th Wisc     66
JE JONES, Col, Co C 2nd Cav   50
Wm LUMBY, Co H 32nd Wisc      70
NJ MARBLE, Co K 38th Wisc     74
HH MASON, Co D 10th Wisc      63
SA MCCAUSTLAND, Co K 25th Wis 59
JD MILLER, Co G 12th Wisc     82
MM MORLEY, Co F, 20th Wisc    50
GC PIERCE, Major, 4th Cav Wis 60
SW PIERCE, Lt, Co K 38th Wis  68
TJ PISHION, Co K 25th Wisc    56
ES SHADDUCK, Co D 19th Wisc   57
EL SHAFER, Co K 38th Wisc     51
Eugene STEELE, Co D 5th Conn  60
Wm STEVENS, Co I 2nd Wisc Cav 80 
WH TWIST, Co M 4th Wisc Cav   51
H WALRATH, Co K 25th Wisc     54
M WING, Co B 32nd Wisc        64     
R ZENTNER, Co K 2nd Wisc      52

Transcribed by Joan Benner

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