Adams County Pensioners on the Roll in 1883

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List of Pensioners on the Roll 1883, Vol. IV

U.S. Government Document Serial No. 2078-2082, Senate Executive Doc. parts 1-5, U.S. Pension Bureau Washington 1883

Name of PensionerPost office
Cause for which
Monthly rateDate of original
Anderson, Charles H.Quincywd. lower part body$14.00

Barnett, JeromePilot Knobloss L. shoulder$18.00Aug., 1867#84,605
Blowers, John J.Friendshipwd. skull and lungs$18.00

Burnham, DavidLittle Lakesurv. 1812$8.00July, 1878
Burwell, KeziahFriendshipwidow$8.00

Chaffee, Sarah AnnStrong's Prairiewidow$12.00Jun, 1880
Christenson, GunildArkdalewidow$8.00

Clapp, Edwin O.Friendshipch. diar. and
dis. of abd. viscera

Clark, WilliamBig Springsurv. 1812$8.00

Dawes, James M.Strong's Prairiedis. feet and legs
and ch. diar.
$8.00beg. Aug. 1882
Dewing, Amanda C.White Creekwidow$10.00beg. Apr. 1881
Dimick, RebeccaPilot Knobwidow$8.00beg. July 18634362
Dixon, PeterSpring Bluffsurv. 1812$8.00

Edwards, PhilipBig Springpart. loss R. thumb$2.00beg. Jan. 1881
Ely, Henry D.Spring Creekwd. L. knee$2.00beg. June, 1882
Fogle, CorneliusDavis Cornersdis. of abdominal
$14.00beg. July, 1877
Haskins, Charles W.Davis Cornerswd. both thighs$2.67

Henry, John A.Eastonch. rheu., dis. heart,
dis. of abd. visc.
and fract. L. leg
$12.00beg. Mar. 1881
Hicks, LydiaPilot Knobwidow$8.00

Higbee, FrankFriendshipampt. R. arm
above elb.

Hutchinson, Calvin T.Spring Bluffwd. R. shoulder
and thigh

Hyatt, William F.Big Springch. diarr.$4.00beg. Dec. 1882
Jones, Edmund L.Plainvillech. diar., res.
dis. abd. visc.
$4.00beg. Apr., 1881
Keyes, John B.Friendshipwd. L. arm$12.00

Magill, WilliamNew Chesterdis. of abd. visc.
and dis. eyes

Marble, Nathan J.Friendshipdis. lungs and rheu.$6.00beg. Dec. 1881
Marshall, Harriet R.Quincywidow$8.00

Morey, Bryar (sic)Big Springfather$8.00beg. May, 1880
Morley, Myron M.Quincywd. L. arm$4.00beg. July, 1882
Newton, William R.Friendshiploss L. arm$24.00

Orton, AmosStrong's Prairiefather$8.00beg. Apr. 1878
Osborn, Arvilla A.Pilot Knobwidow$8.00

Ottman, Andrew F.Big Springwd. R. tibia$2.00

Phillips, Maria M.Davis Cornerswidow$8.00

Pierce, Guy C.Olinwd. L. leg, wrist
and R. arm

Rathbun, Archibald J.Grand Marshwd. L. ankle, fract. bone$4.00beg. June 1882
Reed, SarahWhite Creekmother$8.00beg. Sept. 1879
Rogers, PollyStrong's Prairiemother$8.00

Sanford, Eliza A.White Creekmother$8.00

Sargent, Edmund N.Big Springdis. of abdominal
$4.00beg. June, 1882
Shanks, James W.Strong's Prairiewd. L. shoulder$6.00

Shultz, ChristianQuincyvaricose veins$12.00

Sixbee, RachelPlainvillewidow 1812$8.00

Snyder, Alford L.Big Spring(none given)$18.00

Stowell, ButlerWhite Creekfather$8.00beg. Jan. 1880
Stowell, FranklinWhite Creekwd. R. shr., R. side,
and L. hand
$12.00beg. Sept. 1879
Stowell, RoxanaBig Springwidow$10.00

Sugrue, EugeneWhite Creekwd. R. forearm$6.00beg. June 1881
Tibbits, Jason H.Big Springdis. of abd. visc.
and dis. lungs
$4.00beg. Mar. 1882
Tippets, Roxana D.Monroe Centrewidow 1812$8.00beg. Nov. 1878
Whipple, John A.Davis Cornersphthisis pulmonalis$8.00

Williamson, MarthaStrong's Prairiemother$8.00beg. Jan. 1880
Wood, George K.Friendshipampt. L. forearm$24.00beg. Apr. 186540549
Worden, JosephSpring Blufffather$8.00beg. Sept. 1878
Zentner, RudolphWhite Creekwd. L. foot$4.00beg. June 1881

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