Adams County Wisconsin Cemeteries


The following is a list of cemeteries located in Adams county.
The blue links are the cemeteries that have been transcribed and/or photographed by volunteers in the past few years. Some cemeteries listed in black, below, still need a volunteer to record them.

Commemorative Flagholders and Plaques
Examples and Explanations of flagholders and plagues that may be seen on cemeteries. (off-site link)

Translations of Words Found on Tombstones

Adams County Cemeteries Appearing in the US Geological Survey Database
List Donated by Jessica Davis

Adams County Wisconsin Cemeteries in the USGS Database
Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
5th Avenue Cemetery Lincoln Twp - - -
Big Flats Cemetery Big Flats Twp - - -
Big Spring Cemetery New Haven Twp - - -
Colburn Leola Cemetery Colburn Twp - - -
Coloma-Leola Cemetery 440920N 0893734W Coloma NW
Cottonville Cemetery Preston Twp 440316N 0894936W Roche A Cri
County Poor Farm Cemetery Jackson Twp (off site link) - - -
Davis Corners Cemetery Jackson Twp - - -
Dellwood Cemetery Strongs Prairie Twp 435844N 0895618W Dellwood
East Arkdale Lutheran Cemetery Strong's Prairie Twp 440131N 0895237W Arkdale
Easton Cemetery Easton Twp 435023N 0894654W Easton
Edwardson/Danish/Engum Cemetery Strongs Prairie Twp 440314N 0895451W Arkdale
Fish Cemetery 440318N 0893646W Coloma
Fordham Cemetery Adams Twp - - -
Goodbear Cemetery Preston Twp - - -
Gould Rock Cemetery New Chester Twp 435336N 0894117W Grand Marsh
Hamilton (Old Holiday) Cemetery Leola Twp

- - -
Herrigus/Old Dell Prairie Cemetery, Section 25 Dell Prairie Twp - - -
Holliday Cemetery 441015N 0894120W Coloma NW
Indian Cemetery 440242N 0894317W Coloma SW
Lakeview/Crooked Lake (Vroman or Jackson) Cemetery Jackson Twp 434555N 0893640W Oxford
Monroe Center/Spring Creek/Monroe Twp Cemetery, Section 18 Monroe Twp 440706N 0895701W Arkdale
Mount Repose Cemetery Adams Twp 435824N 0895009W Adams
New Chester (Brooks) Cemetery New Chester Twp - - -
New Rome Cemetery, Section 22 Rome Twp - - -
Niebull Cemetery Big Flats Twp

440736N 0894512W Arkdale NE
Old Adams Center/Pioneer Cemetery Adams Twp

- - -
Olin Cemetery Springville Twp

434411N 0895002W Wisconsin Dells North
Plainville Cemetery Dell Prairie Twp - - -
Pine Grove Cemetery Lincoln Twp 435628N 0893930W Grand Marsh
Quincy (Hadlock) Cemetery Quincy Twp 435237N 0895654W Dellwood
Ramsey Cemetery New Haven Twp - - -
Richfield Cemetery Richfield Twp - - -
St. Ann's Catholic/Brooks/Mount Calvary Cemetery New Chester Twp - - -
St. Leo's Cemetery Adams Twp

435825N 0895018W Adams
St. Methodius/Pilot Knob Cemetery Lincoln Twp

- - -
South Arkdale/Old Lutheran Cemetery Strongs Prairie Twp 440037N 0895507W Arkdale
South Burr Oak Cemetery Richfield Twp 435908N 0893703W Westfield West
Spring Branch Cemetery Rome Twp

441319N 0894639W Arkdale NE
Springville/Townline Cemetery Springville Twp - - -
Strongs Prairie Cemetery Strongs Prairie Twp 440339N 0895906W Arkdale
Tanner Cemetery Jackson Township - - -
Townline Cemetery 434748N 0895019W Easton
West Arkdale/United Lutheran Cemetery Strongs Prairie Twp 440128N 0895502W Arkdale
Tuttle Cemetery Adams Twp

- - -
White Creek Cemetery Easton Twp

- - -
Woolsey Cemetery Easton Twp - - -
County Poor Farm Cemetery, Section 34 Jackson Township (SE 1/4 of NE 1/4), Corner of Hwy G & Fur Drive.

Hamilton Cemetery (see Holliday, above), on Aspen Ave. in Leola Twp.

White Creek Cemetery, Section 36, Easton twp. cemetery page for directions.


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