Location: It is between 9th Drive and 9th Avenue on the north side of Elk Avenue close to the Town of Easton

The cemetery is enclosed in a fence and is located next to a home. The 
cemetery was well cared for at the time of visit on Jul 30, 1997.This is a
complete listing of all visible stones. It is possible that there are other 
unmarked burials. --Kim Ledbetter

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Adams Co obits

Bates, William A., d. 8 Jan 1861, 7 weeks, son of M.J. & J. Bates, Woolsey, Adam, d. 7 Mar 1862, 8 month, 18 days, Child of J.E. Woolsey, Woolsey, Alida L., d. 1 Oct 1861, 36 or 30 years, 5 months, d/o L. & R. Woolsey, Hard to read Woolsey, Edward E., d. 11 Jun 1863, 1 year, 6 days, Child of J.E. Woolsey, Woolsey, James L. Jr., d. 13 Nov 1865, WI Pvt Wis Volunteers, Woolsey, James L. Jr., b. 1861, d. 1865, GAR, Woolsey, Samuel, d. 28 Feb 1863, Wis Pvt Co K 25 Regt Wis Inf Civil War, Footstones A.C.W. E.B.W & A.W. J.L.W., has 'U.S.' centered in a star S.W.

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Contributed by Kim Ledbetter 2001