Located in Strongs Prairie Township on County Highway Z

Transcribed in 2001 by Sally and Willes Traver for the Adams County Rootsweb Pages

Location: on County Highway Z, South of County Trunk J in Section 5 of Strong's Prairie 
Township, Adams County WI

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Dellwood Cemetery in Strongs Prairie Township, AdamsCounty Wisconsin
Name Inscription and Notes
Anderson Eric Sept 17 1935 - June 7 1995
Ashworth monument  
Ashworth Harold D 1898-1980
Ashworth Ida M  
Ashworth Infant Son 1927-1927
Ashworth Lydia 1904-1933
Asworth monument site  
Bloomfield Harold W 1917-1987 shares stone w/ Delores
Bloomfield Joseph A 1889-1981 father shares stone with William H
Bloomfield Lloyd William Jr infant 1968
Bloomfield M Delores 1918- blank shares stone w/ Harold
Bloomfield William H 1891-1953 mother shares stone with Joseph A
Bolda Harold John Nov 4 1931-Jan 31 1997
Bozeman Vickie K 1958-1995
Campbell Irene 1898-1972 shares stone w/Louis
Campbell Louis 1893-1977 shares stone w/Irene
Canfield Albert E 1883-1958
Canfield Mary S 1894-1992
Carter Frank E 1913-1992 share stone w/Tracy
Carter Tracy M 1921-Blank share stone w/Frank
Clausen Darlene E Feb 20 1927-Blank shares stone w/Elgin Married June 10 1978
Clausen Elgin L Dec 1 1924-Nov 29 1984 shares stone with Darlene Married June 10 1978
Cleven Beate Nov 5 1902-July 8 1982 Mother in Loving Memory
Dittburner Louis 1864-1950 share stone w/Lulu
Dittburner Lulu 1896-1984 share stone w/Louis
Dodd Delores M 1939-1996
Ervin Doris A 1919-1982 shares stone w/Lester A
Ervin Lester A 1919-blank shares stone w/Doris
Evans Christina Dec 14 1882-Jun 1 1956
Evans Gustave Aug 2 1876-Dec 10 1931
Fallos Christian 1842-1882 Father
Fallos Christiana 1845-1929 Mother
Fallos Clara B Jan 29 1879-Aug 3 1955
Fallos Julia C 1880-1946 In Loving Remembrance
Fallos Otto C 1869-1930
Fallos Rubye M 1908-2000
Fallos Willie E 1907-1985
Ford Abner 1905-1999 shares stone w/Mary
Ford Mary C 1909-blank shares stone w/Abner
Garbisch Lillian C 1930-1982 shares stone with Paul married Oct 30 1954
Garbisch Paul C 1932-1995 shares stone with Lillian married Oct 30 1954
Hansen Monument  
Hansen Alvin T 1903-1982 son
Hansen Carl C 1875-1920 Father
Hansen Christina 1905-1913 daughter
Hansen Gertrude A 1900-1985 daughter
Hansen Hilda L 1907-1992 daughter
Hansen Rachael S 1865-1946 Mother
Hunter Ida 1897-1981 shares stone w/Wallace
Hunter Raymond W 1920-1998
Hunter Wallace 1886-1973 shares stone w/ Ida M
Jastrzebski Edward B 1925-blank shares stone w Helen
Jastrzebski Helen E 1926-1989 shares stone w/Edward
Johanson Ernst 1891-1967
King Gladys 1896-1978 shares stone with Jay
King Jay 1885-1965 shares stone with Gladys
Klingbiel Margaret E 1914-2001 In loving memory
Koenig Daniel Aug 15 1959-Dec 30 1992
Lent Joseph F May 2 1928-July 12 1993 In loving memory of our Dad
Lund Alice J 1919-1993 shares stone with Wilbert married June 29 1963
Lund Wilbert H 1924- Blank shares stone with Alice married June 29 1963
Marshall Hubert B 1918 - blank shares stone w/Priscilla
Marshall Marjorie I 1909-1998
Marshall Priscilla 1922 - blank shares stone w/Hubert
Marti Alvin J 1897-1957 father shares stone with Clara
Marti Clara M 1896-1987 mother shares stone with Alvin J
Marti Russell L Feb 26 1923 - blank shares stone with Sophia
Marti Sophia Jan 20 1993 - blank
Mathe Clara 1894-1931 mother
Mikoda Anton 1901-1978
Mills Bonilla 1934-1992 shares stone w/Melvin
Mills Melvin 1928-1997 shares stone w/Bonilla
Moshure Barbara 1894-1969 shares stone with Fred
Moshure Fred 1894-1971 shares stone with Barbara
Niebauer Adolf 1867-1934 shares stone w/Anna
Niebauer Anna E 1871-1955 shares stone w/Adolf
Niles Monument  
Niles Jessie L 1889-1923
Niles Oliver  
Niles Perley  
Norrlen Lena 1891-1989
Pantaleo Dominic P Father 1931-blank Shares stone w/ Dorothy Married Nov 21 1953
Pantaleo Dorothy L Mother 1933 - 1991 Shares stone w/Dominic Married Nov 21 1953
Pease Anna E 1905 - 1968
Peterson Monument  
Peterson Anna S 1889-1958
Peterson Edna Children of Mr & Mrs. H Peterson
Peterson Harry S 1887 - 1920
Peterson Herbert W Jul 28 1881-Dec 24 1964
Peterson Ine Children of Mr & Mrs. H Peterson
Peterson Jennie Children of Mr & Mrs. H Peterson
Peterson Johanna C 1852-1934 Mother
Peterson Nels P 1850-1917
Piekarczyk Edward J Sgt US Army WW II Mar 23 1916-Dec 27 1993
Robinson Allie 1884-1972 Mrs. Allie M Robinson
Rolefson Roland B Nov 13 1914-Feb 10 1993 Married July 22 1957
Rolefson Vera V Nov 17 1914-June 11 1993 Married July 22 1957 shares stone w/Roland
Schaffer Anton 1898-1976
Smith Angela R 1918-Blank
Smith Mary L Feb 20 1942-Feb 21 1942
Stankiewicz Walter J IL pvt Co M 129 Inf WWI Oct 3 1893-Dec 19 1966
Stormoen Arthur C 1919-1998 share stone w/Elsie
Stormoen Elsie L 1918-Blank share stone w/Arthur
Sullivan Bernard J Nov 15 1918-Mar 31 1999 Pvt US Army
Sullivan Elizabeth 1921-1992
Sweetie 1931-1994
Tarvid Catherine Anastasia 1966-1975
Tarvid Elizabeth 1962-1975
Tarvid James JR 1963-1999
Tarvid Justin E 1919-1982 shares stone w/Marjorie
Tarvid Maria Theresa 1968-1975
Tarvid Marjorie 1922-blank shares stone w/Justin
Taylor George W 1917-1978 shares stone w/Laverne married Sept 4 1937
Taylor Laverne 1919-blank shares stone with George
Thompson Mons 1860-1955 shares stone w/Ragnhild
Thompson Ragnhild 1857-1934 shares stone w/Mons
Wallace David J 1855-1928
Wallace Nancy L 1864-1922
Whitten Georgia D 1909-blank share stone w/William
Whitten William 1899-1974 share stone w/Georgia
Wood Marshall W 1894-1959 shares stone w/Mary
Wood Mary F 1898-1966 shares stone w/Marshall

Transcribed in 2001 by Sally and Willes Traver for the Adams County Rootsweb Pages

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