Adams County, Wisconsin


Transcribed by Gordon K. Klaus in Nov-Dec 2001 for the Adams County Rootsweb pages

This cemetery is located on 5th avenue beween Dyke and Duck Creek avenues in Lincoln Township, Adams County, Wisconsin. This appears to be an abandoned cemetery, though someone does cut the grass in the summertime. The headstone are read from the north to the south. This cemetery was documented in November 2001 by Gordon K. Klaus. BAKER, Varranus Born on 31 May 1815 and died on 26 September 1857. THURSTON, Anna Wife of Peter Thurston. Died on 5 January 1856. Aged 57 years and 1 month. EMRELL, John Son of L.S. & P. Terry. Died on 20 February 1856. There may be more on the part of the headstone that is buried under ground.

Donated by Gordon Klaus 2001

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