Adams County Wisconsin Pre-1907 Marriages

NOTE: The index contained within these Adams Co. pages was created by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Vital Records Division from the marriages filed at the courthouse before Oct 1st 1907, when it became mandatory to register vital events in Wisconsin. It is meant to be of help to the researcher as another means of locating vital record information, but many records included below have not been compared to the originals, and careful researchers will verify information presented by comparing it to the originals. If you find a record that you would like to have, contact Joan, or the Area Research Center for Adams County at Area Research Center-Archives or by requesting a copy using the names and date given from the Adams Co Register of Deeds or the Wisconsin Division of Health, Vital Records, P.O. Box 309 1 West Wilson Street, Rm 158 Madison, WI 53701 (608) 266-1371 (Call for charges which must be prepaid)


This index is alphabetized by the groom's surname. Click on an alphabet letter. Be sure to check alternate spellings

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Following is an index of names by the bride's surnames. Click on an alphabet letter. Be sure to check alternate spellings.:

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If you have corrections or additions for this file, please notify Joan so they can be added.

These are from the WI Vital Records microfiche, (LDS FHL Fiche 6331479, set of 77 fiche).

I matched as many couples as possible into pairs, which is not on the original fiche index. If you find a * next to an entry it means I have proofread this pair against the microfilmed original certificates (LDS FHL Films 1275717 Item 2 and 1275718 Item 1) All of the marriages on these pages have NOT been verified by comparing them to the microfilmed original certificates, and volunteers are needed for this effort (hint-hint).

The transcribing leaves a lot to be desired so look carefully and use a lot of imagination. Some common errors in transcribing are: u and n are hard to tell apart; t's are sometimes not crossed and are mistaken for an l; i and e are often transposed because the dot is over the e instead of the i; o and a; s and c; e and c; h and k; g and q. Also a double s was written with what looked like a p or f. If the surname you are looking for has these letters, try spelling it with the alternate letter. Some of the J's were misread as I's, and some of the S's are in the L's, and some of the P's were read as B's...the capitals sometimes are hard to decipher if you aren't familiar with the surnames. T's and F's can look alike too.

Marriages found in newspapers before Oct 1, 1907 are also part of this file, so if you find an entry that reads something like this "ACPJan131894P5", it means the marriage was found in the Adams County Press, Jan 13, 1894, Page 5. When available, groom's names are linked to any biographies on these pages.

The following marriage names and marriage records were not found on the microfilmed originals or in the Adams Co R of Deeds marriage index:
BLOOM Minnie 9 September 1901 2 329
NELSON Caroline I 1 July 1878 2 83
RISK Mabel ?? --- 18?? 2 999
SEVEMALINE Catherine 21 December 1865 1 111
SHERLING Geo 23 February 1904 5 442
SQUIRES Danett A 27 November 1875 1 67
TAYLOR Mrs Almira 12 October 1875 2 44
WAY Julia 20 July 1862 1 7
WELLS Georgianna M 19 March 1876 1 70
WINGO Steve B 25 July 1893 2 236

Each entry in these index pages is arranged as follows:
LASTNAME--FirstName--Date of Marriage--Volume--Page


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This site is maintained by Joan

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