Adams County Pre-1920 Deaths

NOTE: The index contained within these Adams Co. pages was created by copying the death index at the Adams County courthouse in Friendship, Wisconsin, with permission from the Register of Deeds and the Wisconsin Division of Vital Statistics. It is meant to be of help to the researcher as another means of locating vital record information, but records included below have not been compared to the original death certificates, and finding the record below does not guarantee availability of the original certificate or accuracy of this information. An error could have been made in spelling or transcription long ago, or by the transcriber for these pages. If you find a record that you would like to have, contact the Adams County Register of Deeds to request a photocopy. Call for charges which must be prepaid at (608) 339-4206. THANK YOU to those who sent contributions towards the cost of photocopies for this file: Bill H in Georgia $25 Erin D in Wisconsin $10 Carol K in British Columbia $15 Susan G in Iowa $20 Joan B in Wisconsin $10 Each entry in these index pages is arranged as follows: LASTNAME--FirstName--Date of Death--Volume--Page If a name was illegible, it will be noted with a ? and my 'best guess' in parentheses


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