Immigrant Youth of 1861

Observes his 100th Birthday

Contributed by Jan Roos
SOURCE: We believe that this article was published in the Chicago Tribune, February 20, 1937. Nels Quam, of 1405 North Keeler Avenue, [Chicago] celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday. Born in Norway, he came to this country 76 years ago--in 1861--on a sailing vessel, spending a month on the ocean. He settled near Strongs Prairie, in Adams County, Wisconsin, when there were "mostly Indians" living near there, he said. He still owns a farm there, but has lived at the Keeler Avenue address with his son, John, for 15 years. He said his hobbies are still fishing and farming. Mr. Quam has eleven children. Two sons were with him to celebrate the birthday. The other is Julius, also of Chicago.
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