Questions Asked on the 1905 State Census

The 1905 Census Column Headings Asked the Following Questions

1. Number of Family in order of visitation. 
2. Name of each person whos eplace of abode on June 1, 1905 was in this family, include every person living on June 1, 1905 and omit children born since June 1, 1905.
3. Relationship of each person to the hea dof the family.
4. Color or race
5. Sex
6. Age at last birthday
7. Whether single, married, widowed or divorced
8. Place of birth of this person
9. Place of birth of parents of this person
10. Occupation, trade or profession of each person fourteen years of age and over.
11. Months employed
12. Home owned or rented
13. Home owned free of mortgage?
14. Farm or Home?

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