Questions Asked on the 1880 Mortality Schedule

The 1880 Mortality Schedule Column Headings Asked the Following Questions
1. Residence Number corresponding to the family of the deceased on 
the regular population schedule
2. Full name of the Deceased
3. Age at time of death
4. Gender
5. Color (W = White, B = Black, Mu = Mulatto, Ch = Chinese, I = Indian)
6. Single
7. Married
8. Widowed or Divorced
9. State or Country of Birth of the Deceased
10. State or Country of Birth of Deceased's Father
11. State or Country of Birth of Deceased's Mother
12. Occupation
13. The month in which the person died
14. Didease or other cause of death
15. How long a resident of the county?
16. If the disease was not contracted at place of death, where?
17. Attending Physician

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