1855 Wisconsin State Census of Chester,

Adams County Wisconsin, June 1, 1855

Transcribed by Joan Benner

Source: 1855 Wisconsin State Census of Chester, Adams County Wisconsin, Wisconsin Historical Society Microcopy. If you find your family below and wish to see the original census record, before leaving these pages, you will need to note the County, township, column number, and names so you can quickly find your family on the microfilm at a large library that holds Wisconsin State census microfilm or by renting the film at an LDS Family History Center. For answers to more questions about the census, please
check this page

At the top of the census sheet it reads: 1855 Wisconsin Census - June 1, 1855 in the town of Chester, Adams Co., WI.
66 Heads of Families, with an aggregate population of 136 white males and 136
white females, and 29 foreign born persons in the township. Column 1 begins B Young, Column 2 begins John Campbell, Column 3 begins with Andrew Washburne, Column 4 begins with Elisha Lamphar. This is a complete transcription of this
census and no other information is available on the original.
1855 Wisconsin State Census of Chester, Adams County Wisconsin
BABCOCK Derrick Column 2
BABCOCK O Column 2
BERRY John Column 1
BIDWELL Jacob Column 3
BUELL John Column 3
CANPBELL John Column 2
CHAFFE John Column 4
CHAFFY Vernon Column 2
CHASE David Column 1
CLARK Wm B Column 2
COLBY J C Column 3
EARTHWAIT Chester Column 1
EATON --- Column 1
FEDERLY Henry Column 1
FENNER Jacob Column 4
FORBUSH Cheber Column 3
FOSGATE Edmon Column 2
FOSTER Eben Column 2
GARTHWAIT(?) --- Column 1
GOLD Wm H Column 2
GROIN John Column 4
HANES E B Column 4
HARTSON E B Column 4
HARTSON Horatio Column 2
HARTSON John Column 3
HICKS Edward Column 1
HICKS Edward Column 4
JONES Clement Column 1
KING Dexter Column 1
KNEDLE A M Column 3
LAMPHAR Clark Column 3
LAMPHAR Elisha Column 4
LAMPLAR L Column 2
LAPHAM O P Column 4
LARMER Thomas Column 2
LOLLY John Column 3
MAGOON John Column 1
MANDEN --ion(?) Column 1
McGINNIS Patrick Column 4
McGROAN Jesse Column 3
MUDBERRY John Column 1
MUNTAR S T Column 4
NEFF C B Column 4
NEFF Jacob Column 3
PATRICK Ralph Column 4
PIERSON Nathan Column 3
PIKEL Ira Column 2
POWERS A G Column 4
RALB Job Column 2
SCHOONOVER --ey Column 1
SCOTT O B Column 3
WARREN Thomas Column 2
WASHBURNE Andrew Column 3
WESCOTT Jarvis Column 1
WILLIAMS Albert Column 3
WILLIAMS Jos Column 2
WINCHESTER Chester Column 4
WINER Gabriel Column 3
YORK M M Column 2
YOUNG B Column 1

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