Index to the 1855 State Census

Adams County, Wisconsin

Source: 1855 State Census of Adams County Wisconsin. For answers to some
questions about the census, please check this page

This Index was compiled from the 1855 Wisconsin State Census and contains the
names and places of residence for those found in the Wisconsin State Census of Adams County, Wisconsin. This Index is intended as a guide to help you in your research, and records found on this page have not been verified against the original copies of the census.
Index to the 1855 Census of Adams County, Wisconsin
ACKERMAN D. Springville
ACKERT J. L. Quincy
ADAMS Ozias Lemonweir
ADAMS Richard Lindina
ADDERLEY William Necedah
AGUSON Lorena Lindina
AHRTSON E. G. Chester
ALBERT C. E. Waucedah
ALDRICH Adin Grand Marsh
ALLCOTT Robert Plymouth
ALLEN Hiram Jackson
ALLEN J. M. Lindina
ALLEN Robert N. 3rd District
ALLS Isaac Lisbon
ALLWORTH Joseph Grand Marsh
ALTON Valentine Lindina
ANDERSON A. Grand Marsh
ANDERSON John Grand Marsh
ANDERSON Knute Necedah
ANDERSON Peter Big Spring
ANDERSON Thomas Springville
ANDERSON Thorn Quincy
ANDREWS Alonzo 3rd District
ANDREWS Ralph Springville
ANDREWS Russel Lemonweir
ARDWICK J. Necedah
ARMSTRONG C. W. Dell Prairie
ARMSTRONG Eli Dell Prairie
ARMSTRONG William Lindina
ARNTS Peter Waucedah
ASH Jesse Lindina
ATCHISON W. Dell Prairie
ATCHISON W. J. Dell Prairie
ATKINS Horace Grand Marsh
AUSTIN C. F. Germantown
AVERY ----- Grand Marsh
BABCOCK Derrick Chester
BABCOCK L. C. Lindina
BABCOCK O. Chester
BACON J. D. Quincy
BACON Samuel Grand Marsh
BADGER J. S. Lindina
BAGGOT Martin Big Spring
BAGNELL Richard Big Spring
BAILLY Nathan Lindina
BAILY T. B. Lindina
BAILY T. T. Lindina
BAILY Truman Lindina
BAIRNSON Bairn Necedah
BAKER Abraham Lemonweir
BAKER M. M. Plymouth
BAKER S. Grand Marsh
BALDWIN John Jackson
BALDWIN M. Jackson
BALFOUR M. G. Lindina
BALL Morris Plymouth
BARKER William Dell Prairie
BARKER William Quincy
BARKER William F. Quincy
BARLOW John Lisbon
BARNES Denny P. 3rd District
BARNETT G. Lindina
BARNEY Daniel Lemonweir
BARRATT Joseph Dell Prairie
BARRES Emerson Plymouth
BARRINGER ----- Big Spring
BARTHOLOMEW R. Springville
BASSETT A. J. Big Spring
BATES Jackson Quincy
BAXTER James Germantown
BAXTER John Germantown
BEADLE James L. Lemonweir
BEEKE Y. V. Lisbon
BELDEN John Lindina
BENSON Nitse(?) Lindina
BENSON Peter Necedah
BENT D. E. Lisbon
BENTLY William Grand Marsh
BERRY John Chester
BEST ----- Big Spring
BEST John Big Spring
BEST L. Big Spring
BETTIT Levi Grand Marsh
BIDWELL Jacob Chester
BIGALOW D. A. Lisbon
BILLINGS Charles Jackson
BILLINGS D. D. Springville
BILLS Lyman Big Spring
BIRES Joseph Lisbon
BISBEE L. A. Lindina
BISHOP Joel Plymouth
BISHOP Mark Dell Prairie
BLAKE A. Necedah
BLAKE L. E. Grand Marsh
BLANCHARD Isaac Necedah
BLISH Cornelius Lemonweir
BLISH Harvy Lemonweir
BLOOD Ephraim Waucedah
BOARD George Plymouth
BOARDMAN George Grand Marsh
BOGARD Joel Lisbon
BONHAM B. Lisbon
BONNEL C. P. Springville
BOOCE Nicholas Big Spring
BOON Charles 3rd District
BOOTH H. M. Lindina
BOOTHE E. Quincy
BOVEC Josias Big Spring
BOWSMAN B. W. Lindina
BOYLE B. Lemonweir
BRADISON Kale Necedah
BRADISON Ole Necedah
BRADISON Peter Necedah
BRADISON Peter JR. Necedah
BRANT A. B. Dell Prairie
BREWER John 2ND Lindina
BREWER John Lindina
BREWSTER John Lisbon
BROAKS W. L. Necedah
BRONSON Lewis 3rd District
BRONSON Lewis Necedah
BROSNAHAN M. Dell Prairie
BROTHER J. Necedah
BROWN E. R. Jackson
BROWN Edmond Lemonweir
BROWN Henry 3rd District
BROWN James Necedah
BROWN Joel Grand Marsh
BROWN Robert Plymouth
BROWN Thomas Jackson
BROWNEL Seymour Big Spring
BRUSNAHAN John Big Spring
BRUSNAHAN Thomas Big Spring
BRUSNEY Timothy Big Spring
BRYANT A. Grand Marsh
BRYANT William Lemonweir
BUCHAMIAN Timothy Necedah
BUCHANAN Job Necedah
BUCK William Springville
BUCKLEY Matthew Big Spring
BUDGE John Lindina
BUEL William Germantown
BUELL John Chester
BULLIS Ansel Dell Prairie
BULLIS C. J. Dell Prairie
BULLIS William Germantown
BULLOCK Alonzo Big Spring
BUNCE J. A. Lindina
BURK John Dell Prairie
BURK Michael Germantown
BURK Stephen Dell Prairie
BURK William Dell Prairie
BURNE W. Lindina
BURNHAM D. Jackson
BURRINGTON ----- JR. Springville
BURRINGTON Joseph Springville
BURROWS Stephen Quincy
BURROWS William Waucedah
BUSH Fred Germantown
BUSSEL John W. Quincy
BUTCHARD John 3rd District
BUYINGTON H. D. 3rd District
CADY C. Lisbon
CADY William Lindina
CALKIN Levi Lemonweir
CALKINS Welden Lindina
CAMPBELL James Jackson
CAMPBELL Robert 3rd District
CAMPILD William Jackson
CANNAN W. L. Necedah
CANNON ----- Grand Marsh
CANPBELL John Chester
CARD Levi Lemonweir
CARLEW E. D. Lindina
CARPENTER Orson Big Spring
CARRIER Lauron Lisbon
CARRIGNE Patrick Lemonweir
CARRINGER William Grand Marsh
CARTER Franklin Lindina
CARTER H. W. Dell Prairie
CARTER J. Grand Marsh
CARTER L. L. Dell Prairie
CARTER L. S. Dell Prairie
CARUS Ole Necedah
CARY Dennis Germantown
CARY J. Grand Marsh
CARY Patrick Germantown
CARY Phillip 3rd District
CARY William Germantown
CASE Samuel Quincy
CASIDY K. Lemonweir
CASS A. Lindina
CASTLEO P. Lemonweir
CASWELL William Big Spring
CAY Luicnos(?) 3rd District
CAY Arthur M. 3rd District
CHADWICK J. Lemonweir
CHAFFE John Chester
CHAFFY Verrone Chester
CHAPMAN Stephen Dell Prairie
CHASE David Chester
CHASE Moses Quincy
CHENG Thomas Grand Marsh
CHILD Obed Lindina
CHILDS Franklin Lindina
CHILSON J. O. Plymouth
CHRIST----- James Grand Marsh
CHRISTEN John Necedah
CHRYSTIE A. Grand Marsh
CHURCH N. C. Lindina
CLAPPEL Jacob Dell Prairie
CLARK Clavin Grand Marsh
CLARK Elias Big Spring
CLARK John Lemonweir
CLARK John Lindina
CLARK R. J. Lisbon
CLARK S. Dell Prairie
CLARK William Big Spring
CLARK William B. Chester
CLEARY John Lemonweir
CLEMENT J. T. Plymouth
CLOUGH Chester Big Spring
CLOUGH Moses Big Spring
CLOVER Chris Plymouth
CLUTE B. S. H. Waucedah
CLUTE Dow Waucedah
CLUTE Jacob Waucedah
COBB Benjamin 3rd District
COBB Benjamin Waucedah
COGGINS James Grand Marsh
COLBY J. C. Chester
COLE Elias Lindina
COLE Levi Lindina
COLE M. M. Waucedah
COLE S. A. Big Spring
COLLINGHAM William Grand Marsh
COLVIN H. Lisbon
CONNER Charles Big Spring
COOK Reuben Jackson
COOK S. G. Jackson
COOLE Nathan Grand Marsh
COOPER William Grand Marsh
COPLER James Lemonweir
COPP Samuel Waucedah
CORBAT P. Lemonweir
CORKINS R. Lindina
CORNISH Silas Germantown
CORSLEY A. A. Springville
CORY C. R. Springville
COTINGTON James 3rd District
COTTER James Lindina
COVILL S. Grand Marsh
COVY George Lindina
COWLES Albert Lindina
COWLES Rufus Lindina
CRAIG James Necedah
CRAIN George Lindina
CRAIN William Lindina
CRANE A. D. Grand Marsh
CRANE Obediah Grand Marsh
CROSBY E. T. Springville
CROSBY William Springville
CROUSAR Henry Germantown
CULBERTSON William Waucedah
CUMMINGS James Springville
CUMMINGS Joseph Springville
CUSACK Edward Big Spring
CUSACK William Big Spring
CUTTER Norman Grand Marsh
DANIELS J. H. Plymouth
DARCY Edmond Lemonweir
DARE John Lemonweir
DARE Patrick Lemonweir
DAREY Charles Lindina
DARROW Phineas Grand Marsh
DAVENPORT Stephen Germantown
DAVIES Elias Dell Prairie
DAVIS C. Necedah
DAVIS C. A. Plymouth
DAVIS George Dell Prairie
DAVIS Lewis Dell Prairie
DAVIS W. A. Jackson
DAVIS William F. Lisbon
DAWS M. Necedah
DAWS Robert Necedah
DAY J. O. Lemonweir
DAY Philip 3rd District
DEAN Enos Jackson
DECKER G. W. Plymouth
DEERHAM ----- Grand Marsh
DEJANE L. C. Waucedah
DEJEAN Martin Grand Marsh
DENISON C. H. Dell Prairie
DEWEL Margrett Lemonweir
DEWEL William Lemonweir
DODGE J. Lisbon
DODGE Joel 3rd District
DOEING Almon Lindina
DONALD Timothy Lemonweir
DORWIN V. Jackson
DOUGLAS James Quincy
DOUGLAS John Grand Marsh
DOUGLASS ----- Springville
DOUGLASS F. Springville
DOUGLASS William Quincy
DRAWLEY Harriet Waucedah
DSON J. C. Dell Prairie
DUFFIELD P. Grand Marsh
DUFFY Thomas Grand Marsh
DUGLESS Lewis 3rd District
DUKE E. M. B. Necedah
DULAHENTY D. Lemonweir
DUNCAN Ellis Quincy
DUNN Albert A. 3rd District
DUNNING Michael Waucedah
DUTTON Willard Lindina
DYER Lyman Lindina
EATON ----- Chester
EATON George Waucedah
EATON Sylvester Lisbon
EDMONDS Joseph Dell Prairie
EDSON H. W. Lindina
EDSON J. L. Dell Prairie
EDWARDS F. L. Big Spring
EDWARDS J. A. Lisbon
EGGERMAN A. Dell Prairie
EIGHMER Daniel Big Spring
ELDRIDGE Elizabeth 3rd District
ELDRIDGE Timothy P. 3rd District
ELDSWORTH Jonathon Plymouth
ELGER William 3rd District
ELINGSER Andrew Necedah
ELLERY John 3rd District
ELLICOTT T. D. Grand Marsh
ELLIS Curtis Big Spring
ELLIS John Big Spring
ELMER Herman Waucedah
ELMER John Waucedah
ELWELL Webster 3rd District
ELWELL Webster Lisbon
ELWOOD Malice 3rd District
EMERSON Ruben Germantown
EMMERSON Isaac Necedah
EMMONS E. Lisbon
ESLEROW Tedman Necedah
ESTABROOK Noah Grand Marsh
ESTER H. J. Germantown
EVANS William 3rd District
EVERETTS Daniel Dell Prairie
EVERTS William Dell Prairie
FACOKOW Gabriel Lisbon
FAGLE Cornelius Jackson
FALANA J. W. Quincy
FANER James 3rd District
FARGUSON John Lindina
FASBINDER Enoch Lindina
FEDERLY Henry Chester
FEIGBE John Quincy
FENNER Jacob Chester
FERGUSON J. Lemonweir
FIELD H. A. Dell Prairie
FIELDS Orin Lindina
FINCH John R. Waucedah
FINCOUT L. Springville
FINDLEY J. H. Lisbon
FINE P. A. Waucedah
FINEL John Grand Marsh
FINLEY Joseph H. 3rd District
FINN Thomas Lemonweir
FISH James Grand Marsh
FISH Willaim Lindina
FISHER C. L. Dell Prairie
FISK J. M. Lindina
FLANO Henry Lindina
FLANO Isaac Lemonweir
FLEMMING James Lemonweir
FLOR Henry Waucedah
FOGLE John Lemonweir
FOLLEY M. Lemonweir
FOLSOM G. Jackson
FORBUSH Cheber Chester
FOSGATE Edmer Chester
FOSTER Eben Chester
FOWLER D. M. Plymouth
FOWLER John Plymouth
FOWLER R. A. Plymouth
FREEBORN Thomas Lisbon
FREELAND William Necedah
FULLER Albert Lindina
FULLER Denis Lindina
FULLER Isaac Lindina
FULLER Otto Lemonweir
GAFFRONSON Iver Grand Marsh
GAIGE W. B. Germantown
GAINER Owen Big Spring
GALLOP Andrew Lindina
GALLOP Gideon Lindina
GARDINEAR Peter Jackson
GARDNER C. P. Lisbon
GARDNER Lewis Lisbon
GATES Arabell Dell Prairie
GATES Leroy Dell Prairie
GATHWAIT Elias Chester
GEACHART John Germantown
GEE WILLIAM R. Grand Marsh
GEINYEN Christ J. Waucedah
GEORGE Daniel Germantown
GEORGE Frank Germantown
GEORGE L. R. Lisbon
GERHEART John Waucedah
GERMAIN John Lindina
GERMAIN S. Necedah
GIBSON Abigail Dell Prairie
GIBSON Collin Grand Marsh
GIBSON Dustin Lindina
GIBSON John Dell Prairie
GILES D. S. Germantown
GILSON M. Germantown
GLESON Ransom Necedah
GLIDDON Charles Lisbon
GLIDDON D. E. Lisbon
GOFF Freeman Springville
GOLD William H. Chester
GORDEN Joseph Lindina
GRACE R. H. Jackson
GRAGAS Francis Waucedah
GRAHAM O. Dell Prairie
GRANT J. S. Lisbon
GRANT John Plymouth
GRANT Joseph 3rd District
GRAY ----- Grand Marsh
GRAY C. C. Springville
GRAY Harmon Lindina
GRAY Lewis Lindina
GREEN Abigail Dell Prairie
GREEN G. B. E. Dell Prairie
GREEN John 3rd District
GREEN M. Grand Marsh
GREGORG John 3rd District
GREGORY John Lindina
GREGORY John 3rd District
GRENWOD Thomas J. Quincy
GRIFFIN James Lindina
GRIFFITH Joseph Dell Prairie
GRIFFITH Stephen Springville
GRINES Josephus 3rd District
GROIN John Chester
GROVER George Lemonweir
GUMILLACH Jacob Germantown
HAFORD Walter Jackson
HALE B. B. Germantown
HALL F. H. Dell Prairie
HALL Shelden Lindina
HAMMEL James Lemonweir
HAMMON Charles Plymouth
HANCITT John Lindina
HAND ----- Grand Marsh
HANES E. B. Chester
HANSEN Hans Necedah
HANSEN Hans Necedah
HANSEN Joseph Lindina
HANSEN Ole Necedah
HANSEN Severn Necedah
HANSON L. T. Lindina
HARPER O. S. Plymouth
HARRINGTON M. Dell Prairie
HARRIS Amos Lisbon
HARRIS Jerry Springville
HARRIS L. S. Grand Marsh
HARTSON Gilbert Jackson
HARTSON Horatio Chester
HARTSON John Chester
HARTSON John Lisbon
HASINGTON Albust Lindina
HASINGTON Haman Lindina
HASKELL G. G. Lindina
HASKINS Harvey Lindina
HATCH D. M. Big Spring
HATCH N. Dell Prairie
HATCH William Grand Marsh
HAUSE William Lindina
HAWKINS ----- Grand Marsh
HEACOCK Epraim Jackson
HEATH Charles Lisbon
HEATH Ely Lisbon
HEFFRON J. C. Lisbon
HEM Alexander 3rd District
HENLEY Thomas Plymouth
HENRY David 3rd District
HERBERT Margaret Big Spring
HERLER J. L. Grand Marsh
HERN Alexander 3rd District
HERNIMAN William Lisbon
HERPS Jacob Waucedah
HICKS Edward Chester
HICKS Levi Chester
HICKS S. J. Germantown
HIGBIE H. M. Dell Prairie
HIGBIE J. M. Dell Prairie
HIGBY Benjamin Germantown
HILL Alonzo Plymouth
HILL H. A. Lindina
HILL Ludlow Plymouth
HILL M. W. Dell Prairie
HILL O. R. Plymouth
HILLS E. N. Lindina
HILTON Patrick Germantown
HIND C. H. Lisbon
HINTON T. Lisbon
HITCOCK B. D. Lindina
HODGDON J. C. Lindina
HODGE Jonathon Lindina
HOLBROOK George Quincy
HOLLENBECK N. Germantown
HOLLENBECK T. H. Germantown
HOLLYHAN D. Dell Prairie
HOLM R. Necedah
HOLNES H. P. Lisbon
HOMES Alfred 3rd District
HOPKINS J. B. Germantown
HOPKINS Samuel Necedah
HOPPER John Grand Marsh
HORN Melissa Dell Prairie
HOSFORD Stephen Jackson
HOSKINS C. Grand Marsh
HOWEL C. Jackson
HOWER William Grand Marsh
HOWLEY Thomas Lemonweir
HOYT William Quincy
HUGHS ----- Grand Marsh
HULTZ Adam 3rd District
HUNTER E. W. Lemonweir
HUNTLEY John Lemonweir
HUNTLY R. Necedah
HURP John Lindina
HURY D. F. Waucedah
HUTCHISON Benjamin Dell Prairie
HUTCHISON Q. Dell Prairie
HUTCHISON William Dell Prairie
HUTCHSON J. Plymouth
HYDE Thomas Lindina
HYNES Thomas Springville
IRISH Abbot Springville
ISACSON Ever Necedah
IVERSON A. Grand Marsh
JACKSON Andrew Quincy
JACKSON Henry Dell Prairie
JACKSON J. Jackson
JACKSON Robert Grand Marsh
JACOBSON ----- Quincy
JACOBSON H. P. Necedah
JAMES -LEN Springville
JAMES George Springville
JAMES Henry Jackson
JAMES J. C. Jackson
JAMES Thomas Springville
JAYNES E. Lisbon
JEFFERS George Lindina
JENKINS David Waucedah
JENKINS James Waucedah
JERRY A. J. Jackson
JOHNSON A. A. Lindina
JOHNSON Aaron Lemonweir
JOHNSON Charles Lindina
JOHNSON E. Dell Prairie
JOHNSON J. Necedah
JOHNSON John Necedah
JOHNSON Lunda Lindina
JOHNSON Ole Lindina
JOHNSON R. J. Lisbon
JOHNSON Solomon Lindina
JONES A. K. Jackson
JONES Chester Jackson
JONES Clement Chester
JONES David Dell Prairie
JONES Edwin Dell Prairie
JONES Henry Plymouth
JONES Morgan Lemonweir
JOYAL Benjamin Springville
JUDD Ezra Lemonweir
KALGESON A. Grand Marsh
KAMNER E. Grand Marsh
KAPP Timothy Grand Marsh
KEEFE Thomas Lemonweir
KELLEY Abram Springville
KELLEY Terrance Lemonweir
KENGTON H. Plymouth
KENYON M. C. Lisbon
KERNER Hiram Plymouth
KERRISER Thor Necedah
KERSHAW William Big Spring
KETCHUM J. Springville
KEUDSEN Ole Big Spring
KEUPH D. Necedah
KEYES B. G. Necedah
KEYES S. J. Necedah
KILLMARTIN Thomas Lemonweir
KIMBALL James 3rd District
KIMBALL Warren Plymouth
KINCAID E. Lindina
KING Dexter Chester
KING Elisha Jackson
KING J. E. Lisbon
KING Susanah Jackson
KINGLEY S. S. Big Spring
KINGMAN W. B. Jackson
KINGSLEY Elias Lemonweir
KINGSTON J. T. Necedah
KINMAN James Springville
KLUMPNAM S. Dell Prairie
KNAPP Elder Lindina
KNEDLE A. M. Chester
KNIGHT E. Necedah
KNOWLTON Elisha Dell Prairie
KNOX George Dell Prairie
KNOX Saul Lindina
KNUTESON Knute Necedah
KNUTESON Ole 2ND Necedah
KNUTESON Ole Necedah
KOLE Filander 3rd District
LAFFINGWELL Hiram Lemonweir
LAFONTON John B. 3rd District
LAFORGE Charles Germantown
LAMB A. Necedah
LAMPHAR Clark Chester
LAMPHAS Elisha Chester
LAMPLAR L. Chester
LANDT Fred Big Spring
LANE William S. Grand Marsh
LANGENDORF H. Germantown
LAPHAM O. P. Chester
LAPHAM William Grand Marsh
LARMER Thomas Chester
LARSEN John 3rd District
LARSON Andrew Necedah
LARSON John 3rd District
LARSON O. Necedah
LARSON Peter Necedah
LARSON S. Necedah
LATHERMAN Blan Grand Marsh
LAURANCE Bradley V. Lindina
LAWSON John Dell Prairie
LEA Thomas Necedah
LEACH James Lindina
LEAMAN Henry Dell Prairie
LEATHERDALE Luke Grand Marsh
LEAVITT John Grand Marsh
LEMMON W. L. Jackson
LENCHEN Thomas Lemonweir
LENCHY Daniel Waucedah
LENTS Fredrick Germantown
LEON James Lindina
LERATHAN Lyman Lindina
LESER William Dell Prairie
LESLER Joseph Waucedah
LEWIS J. H. Lisbon
LEWIS M.A . Dell Prairie
LEWIS Nelson Dell Prairie
LINGSHOT Weibert Waucedah
LITTLE Dudley Lindina
LOCK William Grand Marsh
LONG Andrew 3rd District
LONG Robert 3rd District
LONIE James Lisbon
LOSTETTR Thomas Big Spring
LOUIE William L. Dell Prairie
LOVEL William Quincy
LOVELAND Jeral Grand Marsh
LOW Edward Grand Marsh
LOYED C. Big Spring
LUCY F. M. Lisbon
LUKE A. Plymouth
LUKE Isaac Lemonweir
LUKE Isaac Plymouth
LUKE James Plymouth
LUKE John Plymouth
LUKE William Plymouth
LYNCH John Germantown
MAB Robert Lisbon
MACOMBER H. E. Lindina
MACOMBER John Lindina
MACOMBER Stephen Lindina
MAGOON John Chester
MAHONY Rodger Waucedah
MANDEN ---ion(?) Chester
MANGAM James Quincy
MANNING E. Plymouth
MARK Vande Lemonweir
MARKS W. C. Big Spring
MARLEY Nelson Plymouth
MARSDEN T. Grand Marsh
MARSDEN T. B. Grand Marsh
MARSH Chancy Plymouth
MARSH Mattison Waucedah
MARSHALL Josiah Big Spring
MARSTEN James 3rd District
MARVIN J. E. Plymouth
MASON John Waucedah
MASON Mary Waucedah
MASON Thomas Quincy
MATHEW John Lemonweir
MATHEWS John Lindina
MATHEWS Michael Lindina
MATHEWS William Germantown
MATTISON Ole Big Spring
MAUGHS J. M. Lindina
MAUGHS M. M. Lindina
MC COLLUM William 3rd District
MC GOWER Patrick 3rd District
MC MULLEN Charles 3rd District
MC MULLIN Alice 3rd District
MC NOUN John 3rd District
MCCAFFERTY George Lindina
MCCAFFERTY Samuel Lindina
MCCARTNEY George Grand Marsh
MCCASSIDY Michael Lindina
MCCORMICK John Lindina
MCDONALD M. Big Spring
MCFARLIN A. Grand Marsh
MCFINNIS Patrick Chester
MCGRATH J. P. Lemonweir
MCGROAN Jesse Chester
MCINTIRE John Lindina
MCKAY William Lisbon
MCKEROUN John Lindina
MCKURRICK F. Grand Marsh
MCMILLEN Charles Grand Marsh
MCMULLEN Charles Lisbon
MCMULLEN James Lisbon
MCMURPHY J. Lemonwair
MCPHILLIPS Julia Big Spring
MCTINNIS Patrick Chester
MEAD Jabes Lisbon
MEDBERRY John Chester
MEDONY Zalmon Jackson
MELLIS Hiram Lindina
MERREL John Lemonweir
MERTES Oliver Dell Prairie
METZNE Peter Waucedah
MICHAELSON Andrew Lindina
MICHAELSON Newton Lindina
MIDGBY Robert Dell Prairie
MIDGLY Phillip Dell Prairie
MIDLETON John Lindina
MILAN William Lemonweir
MILAS Patrick Lemonwair
MILES John Necedah
MILLARD J. F. Necedah
MILLER Andone Plymouth
MILLER Conrad Plymouth
MILLS Seth Big Spring
MILNE Thomas Lisbon
MINOR E. S. Necedah
MIX Myron Grand Marsh
MOB Phillip Waucedah
MOE Peter Necedah
MOHRLA Mattus Germantown
MONROE D.J. Lindina
MONSON John Lindina
MOORE D. T. Lisbon
MOORE Phebe A. Dell Prairie
MOREY Almina Jackson
MOREY B. A. Big Spring
MORGAN Harrison Big Spring
MORREY Myron Jackson
MORRILL H. A. Lisbon
MORRIS E. C. Lindina
MORRIS M. A. Lindina
MORRIS Thomas Lindina
MORRISON Daniel Lindina
MORSE Georg W. Necedah
MORSE Isac W. 3rd District
MORSE Mrs. Big Spring
MOSHER James Big Spring
MOSHER John 3rd District
MOULTON Jefferson Lisbon
MOULTON Rial Lisbon
MOULTON Rial 3rd District
MOULTON Rierl 3rd District
MOULTON Samuel Quincy
MOUREY John Germantown
MULLEN Isaac Lindina
MULLOWNEY E. Lemonweir
MUNTAR S. T. Chester
MURPHY Daniel Lemonweir
MURPHY John Lindina
MURPHY Thomas 3rd District
MURPHY Thomas Lindina
MURRY M. Lemonweir
MYRON James Grand Marsh
NEFF C. B. Chester
NEFF Jacob Chester
NELSON Andrew Necedah
NELSON Cath S. Lisbon
NELSON Charles F. 3rd District
NELSON Nels Lindina
NELSON Seth S. Lisbon
NELSON Sever Necedah
NESBIT James Grand Marsh
NESBIT James Necedah
NEVE James Waucedah
NEWMAN N. Springville
NICHOLAS James Jackson
NICHOLS Anson Lisbon
NILES Mrs. Quincy
NILES Stillman Quincy
NILES W.D. Quincy
NOBLE A. J. Lemonweir
NOBLE A. T. Dell Prairie
NOBLE David Dell Prairie
NORTCOTT Richard Lisbon
NORTON Thomas Germantown
NOUN John M. 3rd District
NUTTALL Joseph Lindina
NUTTALL William Lindina
OBERT Henry Springville
OBRIEN J. Lemonweir
OBSON George Lindina
ODELL M. Jackson
OLDSON James Grand Marsh
OLDSON Torra Grand Marsh
OLESON Andrew Necedah
OLESON Christan Necedah
OLESON Erasmus Necedah
OLESON Loren Lindina
OLESON Nels Grand Marsh
OLESON O. Necedah
OLESON Ole Necedah
OLESON Ole Necedah
OLESON Ole Necedah
OLESON Torkal Necedah
OLESON William Necedah
OLESON Z. Necedah
OLIVER William C. Grand Marsh
OSBORN Leonard Jackson
OSBORN Orceinus 3rd District
OTTMAN M. Grand Marsh
PAIGE David Lindina
PAINE E. J. Grand Marsh
PALMER Nathaniel Jackson
PALMER Thomas Grand Marsh
PALMER William H. Necedah
PARELY Hervy 3rd District
PARKER Elias Plymouth
PARKS John Lisbon
PARKS L. W. Jackson
PARKS Thomas Lisbon
PARSHALL A. Springville
PARSHALL J.J. Waucedah
PARSONS George E. Lisbon
PASELY Hervy 3rd District
PATRICK John Grand Marsh
PATRICK Ralph Chester
PATTEN A. F. Germantown
PEAR Samuel Grand Marsh
PEARSALL Luman Plymouth
PEARSON Hills Waucedah
PEASEY Benjamin Grand Marsh
PECK E. T. Grand Marsh
PECK William Necedah
PERHAM Vidos Plymouth
PERROL Samuel Plymouth
PERRY Calvin Springville
PERRY Daniel Plymouth
PERSON William Lindina
PERVIS John Lindina
PETERSON James Big Spring
PETERSON Niles Necedah
PETERSON Ole Big Spring
PHELPS A. G. Lisbon
PHELPS Chesteraldrich A. Grand Marsh
PHELPS Clark Grand Marsh
PHELPS E. D. Grand Marsh
PHELPS Roswell Grand Marsh
PHELPS S. Grand Marsh
PHILLIPS ----- Big Spring
PHILLIPS H. K. Big Spring
PHILLIPS Marvy Big Spring
PHILLIPS R. C. Jackson
PHILLIPS Ross Plymouth
PHILLPS Sanford Plymouth
PHINNEY Nelson Grand Marsh
PIC----- Thomas Grand Marsh
PICKARD William Big Spring
PIERCE E. S. Big Spring
PIERCE William Big Spring
PIERSON J. Grand Marsh
PIERSON Nathan Chester
PIKE Moody Big Spring
PIKE Robert Big Spring
PIKE Thomas Big Spring
PIKEL Ira Chester
PILING Charles 3rd District
PILLS Jerannah Grand Marsh
PLATT Henry Lemonweir
PLATT Roman Plymouth
PLUMMER James 3rd District
POMEROY A. W. Springville
POOLER Silas Springville
PORTER William Lindina
POSEY Washington Big Spring
POTTER Jerome Lemonweir
POTTS Edwin 3rd District
POWERS A. G. Chester
POWERS G. C. Lindina
POWERS John Lemonweir
POWERS M. Lemonweir
PRATT D. Plymouth
PRENTISS A nson Dell Prairie
QUIN Andrew Dell Prairie
QUINCE Benjamin Lindina
RAFTER Patric 3rd District
RAGLE Phillip Germantown
RALB Job Chester
RAMSEY James Big Spring
RAMSEY Robert Big Spring
RAMSEY William Big Spring
RANDALL Benjamin Lindina
RANDALL Ira Lindina
RANDALL J. Lemonweir
RANDALL Lewis Lisbon
RANSON H. T. Jackson
RAY Dudly Lemonweir
RAYMOND A. Jackson
READ Mr. Big Spring
REED Hugh Jackson
REED Isaac Dell Prairie
REMINGTON E. P. Lemonweir
REMMINGTON George Lindina
REW E. Lisbon
REWEN Thomas Lisbon
RIC----- Oliver P. Lemonweir
RICE D. B. Big Spring
RICE R. B. Lisbon
RICH Elijah Dell Prairie
RICH Thomas Dell Prairie
RICH William Lindina
RICHENST Johnson Lisbon
RICKER Edward Grand Marsh
RIDER William S. Grand Marsh
RIGHT John 3rd District
RIPLEY Caswell Springville
ROBERTS Ed Grand Marsh
ROBERTS Thomas Jackson
ROBERTSON Henry Lindina
ROBERTSON William Lindina
ROBINSON J. L. Necedah
ROBINSON Joshua Dell Prairie
ROBINSON William S. Grand Marsh
ROCKWOOD S. Lemonweir
RODGERS A. Grand Marsh
RODGERS J. T. Lindina
RODGERS Jacob Waucedah
RODGERS Reuben Lindina
RODGERS Samuel Waucedah
ROGERS Jacob 3rd District
ROLISON William Dell Prairie
RONLEY Nathaniel Jackson
ROSS Edward Grand Marsh
ROSS John Lindina
RUGGLES E. D. Grand Marsh
RUSH Daniel 3rd District
RUSSEL Eliza Dell Prairie
RUSSEL John Big Spring
RUSSEL Thomas Dell Prairie
RUSSEL William Lindina
SAGRA B. Necedah
SALMON M. Dell Prairie
SANBORN J. B. Lisbon
SANBOURN Benning Quincy
SANBOURN John Lemonweir
SANDUS A. Necedah
SANFORD John Lisbon
SAXTON James Necedah
SAXTON L. E. Lemonweir
SAYER W. J. Springville
SAYER William Springville
SAYIRE Stephen Quincy
SCANLOW Thomas Lemonweir
SCHAFER Soloman 3rd District
SCHOONOVER ----- Chester
SCHULT R. A. Lisbon
SCOT T O. B. Chester
SCOTT L. A. Plymouth
SCOTT Maran Plymouth
SCOTT Philander Springville
SCRIBBINS Thomas Lisbon
SCULLEY Edmond Lemonweir
SDANOW William H. Necedah
SEEKINS Thomas Grand Marsh
SEVERSON Halver Necedah
SEVERSON Lewis Necedah
SEWARD E. Jackson
SEXTON Aikin Dell Prairie
SEXTON William Dell Prairie
SEYMOUR William Jackson
SHADDOCK Benjamin Dell Prairie
SHADY Patrick Grand Marsh
SHAFFER J. F. Waucedah
SHAFFES Peter Jackson
SHANE James Springville
SHEDEN John 3rd District
SHELDEN Z. S. Plymouth
SHELDON George Grand Marsh
SHELL John Lindina
SHERMAN Bissol 3rd District
SHULTS Casper Necedah
SHULTS William Necedah
SHURBER S. C. Quincy
SILSBY Elias Germantown
SIMPSON John Waucedah
SLOCUM E. Dell Prairie
SLY Hiram Dell Prairie
SLY James Grand Marsh
SLY John Dell Prairie
SMART William 3rd District
SMITH A. C. Necedah
SMITH A. D. Big Spring
SMITH Andrew Germantown
SMITH Christian Springville
SMITH Christopher Springville
SMITH Curtis Springville
SMITH Edwin Lemonweir
SMITH F Rank Dell Prairie
SMITH Giles Dell Prairie
SMITH Giles Lindina
SMITH H. P. Necedah
SMITH Hugh 3rd District
SMITH I. J. Dell Prairie
SMITH James 3rd District
SMITH James Lindina
SMITH John Lisbon
SMITH Merrill Big Spring
SMITH R . A. Lindina
SMITH V. E. Quincy
SMITH W. J. Lisbon
SMITH Wright Lindina
SNOAD William Dell Prairie
SNOAP Anton Waucedah
SNYDER A. Big Spring
SODORAS Samuel Lemonweir
SPAIN William H. Quincy
SPALDING Benjamin Jackson
SPEARS Daniel Grand Marsh
SPOONER J. Dell Prairie
SPROUT C. N. Lisbon
SPROUT Cornelius N. 3rd District
STACY James 3rd District
STAFFERD John Big Spring
STAFFERD John Jr. Big Spring
STAFFES Peter Jackson
STAMFORD George Lindina
STANIFORD George 3rd District
STANTON Patrick 3rd District
STEADMAN E. Springville
STEAR Anton Waucedah
STEARNS E. D. Lisbon
STEARNS W. S. Germantown
STEEL C. M. Grand Marsh
STEPHEN Daniel Plymouth
STEPHENS Acy 3rd District
STEPHENS Alexander 3rd District
STEPHENS Joseph Lindina
STEWARD Titus Waucedah
STEWART William 3rd District
STEWART William Lindina
STILLSON Lyman Lindina
STILLSON S. Lemonweir
STODDAR S. Grand Marsh
STONE Lester Big Spring
STONSON Ole Grand Marsh
STORM Edward Jackson
STOWELL George Big Spring
STOWELL James Lemonweir
STOWELL Marcus Big Spring
STOWELL W . C. Big Spring
STRONG Chancy B. 3rd District
STRONG James Lemonweir
SUART Daniel Dell Prairie
SULIVAN Patrick Lemonweir
SULLIVAN John Waucedah
SUNNELINE Conrad Jackson
SUTTON F. Springville
SWANSON ----- Grand Marsh
SWEET J. N. Big Spring
SWEET Josiah Big Spring
SYLVESTER William Grand Marsh
TARBOX Beulah Grand Marsh
TARBOX Bethana Quincy
TAYLOR William Lemonweir
TEED R. K. Springville
TELFER Alexander Plymouth
TERRY L. S. Grand Marsh
THOMAS Eli Jackson
THOMAS John 3rd District
THOMPSON A. A. Lindina
THOMPSON B. B. Plymouth
THOMPSON C. G. Plymouth
THOMPSON Hiram Waucedah
THOMPSON Josiah Lindina
THOMPSON Ole Necedah
THOMPSON Reuben Dell Prairie
THOMPSON Robert Germantown
THOMPSON Seth Quincy
THORN Thomas Quincy
THURSTON E. E. Grand Marsh
THURSTON Peter Grand Marsh
TIBBITS J. J. Lisbon
TIBBITTS William Lindina
TIFFANY L. L. Lindina
TIPSON Samuel 3rd District
TOWLE Jacob Waucedah
TOWLES John R. Waucedah
TRAGUM William Grand Marsh
TRAIN William Lindina
TRAINER James Waucedah
TRAINER Robert Waucedah
TRANER James 3rd District
TRAY M. Lindina
TRAYER William S. P. Grand Marsh
TRESWOLD J. W. Lindina
TROSS S. M. Grand Marsh
TROUT John Lemonweir
TULLY John Chester
TURNER R. P. Plymouth
TUTTLE Hezekiah Lindina
TWIGISM James 3rd District
TWIMING Thomas Springville
THOMAS ---- Springville
TWIST ----- Grand Marsh
TYLER Charles 3rd District
TYLER Charles Dell Prairie
TYLER S. W. Dell Prairie
VANALSTINE John Waucedah
VANCE Robert Dell Prairie
VANPATTEN F. P. Springville
VANWIE A. Springville
VANWIE H. A. Springville
VANWIE L. Springville
VEIR John Waucedah
VINCENT F. M. Grand Marsh
VRONMAN J. Jackson
VROONMAN J. W. Jackson
VROONMAN William Jackson
WAINER John Big Spring
WALES George Germantown
WALKER G. W. Waucedah
WALRATT John Springville
WALSH James Lemonweir
WALTERMAN Andrew Springville
WALTERS Wiley Germantown
WARD Ira Lindina
WARD Ira Waucedah
WARD Samuel 3rd District
WARD Samuel Big Spring
WARD William Lemonweir
WARD William Lindina
WARD William Springville
WARDEN T. C. Big Spring
WARNER David Lindina
WARNER John 3rd District
WARNER S. W. Lindina
WARREN Thoma Chester
WARRING John R. Necedah
WARSINGTON John 3rd District
WASHBURN Andrew Chester
WATKINS ----- Quincy
WATSON William N. 3rd District
WEAVER Joseph Waucedah
WEAVER Phillip Grand Marsh
WEBSTER J. C. Waucedah
WEBSTER J. H. Waucedah
WEBSTER John C. 3rd District
WEEKS E. J. Dell Prairie
WEEKS James E. Lisbon
WELCH C. Germantown
WELKER Johnathon Lindina
WELLS George Necedah
WELLS Martin Necedah
WELLS S. Big Spring
WELLS William Waucedah
WELTON R. Big Spring
WESCOTT Jarvis Chester
WEST ----- Grand Marsh
WEST John Grand Marsh
WEST Sylvester Germantown
WESTON Thomas 3rd District
WESTON Thomas Necedah
WHARTON J. W. Dell Prairie
WHATLEY John Grand Marsh
WHEELER Charles Dell Prairie
WHEELER J. C. Big Spring
WHEELER M. Dell Prairie
WHEELER W. Springville
WHICHER Daniel Lisbon
WHITE Francis Jackson
WHITE Jacob Lisbon
WHITE William C. Grand Marsh
WHITNEY H. Grand Marsh
WILCOX George Lindina
WILKENSON Zenas 3rd District
WILKINS E. C. Springville
WILKINSON R. Grand Marsh
WILLARD George Plymouth
WILLCOX J. Lindina
WILLIAMS A. G. Lindina
WILLIAMS Albert Chester
WILLIAMS B. Grand Marsh
WILLIAMS Joel 3rd District
WILLIAMS Joseph Chester
WILLIAMS Joseph Lisbon
WILLIAMS Richard Grand Marsh
WILLSON ----- Grand Marsh
WILLSON William Grand Marsh
WILSON James Quincy
WINCHELL A . B. Waucedah
WINCHELL J. M. Big Spring
WINCHESTER Chester Chester
WINEGAR S. C. Grand Marsh
WINER Gabriel Chester
WING Joseph Grand Marsh
WINKLER J. K. Lisbon
WINN William B. Quincy
WINSOR F. Lindina
WINSOR R. Lemonweir
WIX Chancy Springville
WOOD Benjamin Quincy
WOOD J. H. Springville
WOOD Jason Waucedah
WOOD M. D. Lindina
WOOD Samuel 3rd District
WOODFORD A. C. Big Spring
WOODLY Richard 3rd District
WRIGHT Isaac Jackson
WRIGHT Orson Lindina
WYCOFF Peter 3rd District
YERK M. M. Chester
YOUNG B. Chester
YOUNG Daniel Quincy

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