1850 Mortality Schedule, Adams County, Wisconsin

Causes of death and names are spelled in the Index as found in the original record. The Mortality Schedule is found at the end of the population schedules for Sauk County on the State Historical Society of Wisconsin's original (second) copy of the census. This original manuscript volume can be found at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library at Madison, Wisconsin. The inside cover of The State's original copy of the 1850 Census has a typed note taped inside the front cover which says that "apparently there was no separate enumeration for Adams County in this census, and it is represented as District No. 3 in the Census Enumeration of Sauk County. The Mortality Schedule for District No. 3 is found on Page 106, Sauk County".

Persons Who Died Within the Year Ending 1st June, 1850, in District No. 3, in Sauk County WI
_EWWAY ___ 22 F S New York February Congestion Heart 12 Days District No. 3
BAXTER Amanda 20 F M New York September Consumption 36 Days District No. 3
CLARKE Arabella G. 1 F S Wisconsin March Bronchitis 6 Days District No. 3
FOOTER Ira 43 M M Vermont January Farmer Inflam. Lung(?) 2 Weeks District No. 3
HATHAWAY Florace A. 6 Mo. F M Michigan March --River 6 Days District No. 3
HOWARD Daniel 22 M S New York January Farmer Lung Fever 30 Days District No. 3
LELEY Betsey Ann 17 F M New York May Confined 10 Days District No. 3
MILLER William 5 Mo. M S Wisconsin April Croup 2 Days District No. 3
OSBORN Daniel 57 M M New York September Merchant Old 30 Days District No. 3
PARRISH Walina 19 F S New York September Consumption -- District No. 3
PARRY Orin 48 M M Wales April Shoemaker Drowned -- District No. 3
WELCH Davis 72 M M Switzerland August Farmer Consumption Year District No. 3