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Adams County is located in the central plains region of Wisconsin. The County Seat is Friendship. Friendship's twin town, Adams, is the only other incorporated settlement in the county.

Adams County, Wisconsin is bounded
On the east by:

On the south by: On the west by: And on the north by:

The rural townships of Adams County Wisconsin are:

  • Adams
  • Big Flats
  • Colburn
  • Dell Prairie
  • Easton
  • Jackson
  • Leola
  • Lincoln
  • Monroe
  • New Chester
  • New Haven
  • Preston
  • Quincy
  • Richfield
  • Springville
  • Strongs Prairie

Some of the unincorporated settlements of Adams County are:

  • Arkdale
  • Big Spring
  • Brooks
  • Cottonville
  • Davis Corners (Glen)
  • Dellwood
  • Easton
  • Grand Marsh
  • Monroe Center
  • New Rome
  • Plainville
  • White Creek.

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