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Grant County, Wisconsin Genealogy and History

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Established: 1836
County Seat: Lancaster
Parent: Territorial County

* Records before the establishment of the county may be in the parent records.

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From: Handbook of Wisconsin by S. Silas, 1855

pg. 71-73

Population 23,130; in 1850,16,169; increase 6,961 (1855).

This County is in the south-western corner of the State, and one of the oldest. The first settlers, after the Indian traders, located in this County, and its lands were the earliest surveyed and brought into market. In consequence, in accordance with law allowed to on page 11, all the lands, in that County are offered to settlers at 50 cents per acre. There has been, since that law went into effect, a very large sale of lands in that County, and consequently an increase of population. The largest portion of the public lands is in the northern part of the County. The lands are nearly all good, there being less marsh than in any other County in the State.

The first settlers of Grant were attracted there by its richness in mineral wealth. A large amount of lead is sent from this County, but in what quantities, there are no means of ascertaining accurately. In a recent letter, written by Dr. Percival, our State Geologist, who has been for some time a resident of that region, he states that it was difficult to ascertain either the amount of mineral raised, or of wheat grown, information which can only be fully obtained by a thorough examination by the census taker, our constitution requiring the census to be taken in 1855. He states further that the amount of produce raised is much larger this year than heretofore, the miner finding agriculture a more sure employment; but that there has been but little grain exported, the whole surplus being required to supply the immigrants into this and the Counties north.

A large portion of Grant County cannot be surpassed by any other portion of the State, either in the richness of the soil or beauty of its scenery. Unfortunately, either a desire for change, or a wish to seek other localities where they can for the present be nearer market, has induced many of the proprietors to offer their lands for sale. It presents, therefore, strong inducements to purchasers who wish to cultivate their own farms, nor is the time far distant when the lands of Grant County will bring a larger price than any other in its neighborhood.

Lancaster is the County Seat. Population, 1,614.

Platteville is a place of the largest business, and has a good Academy established some years since, which is under excellent management. Population of the Village, 1,425.

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Vital Records

Birth, Death, & Marriage Records:
Earliest Registration Dates*:
Births 1870
Deaths 1876
Marriages 1842

Grant Register of Deeds
130 W. Maple St., P.O. Box 391
Lancaster, WI 53813
Telephone: (608) 723-2727

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